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Parking area is available. The house is very bright and a 9 minute walk from the Roman ruins. Our guests will be able to use, just for themselves, an entire floor of the house. The floor has a big and sunny bedroom, a full furnished living room In the living room there is a small kitchen and a second double bed when booking is for 4 people and a refined bathroom The apartment is air-conditioned, to give you optimal comfort. In addition, our guests, will be able to get some Sun using our sunroof, that they can use whenever they want. It's always a pleasure for me to welcome new guests and I will always available to pick them up from the station Pompeii or Naples or from Naples airport Capodichino.

Gaze over stunning degree views of Lago Maggiore from the expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows of this lovely, year-old rustic stone villa. Most of the area's main attractions are visible including the three islands, Villa Taranto gardens and Santa Caterina monastery. Comfortable furnishings in timeless styles perfectly complement the historic architecture.

The peaceful garden and hammocks are great for relaxing in and on hot days you'll find plenty of shade. There is also a large trampoline for children to let off some steam. In addition, as the house is set back from the road it is incredibly quiet even in summer. The only sound is the distant murmer of boats on the lake. Casa Lavender, situated in the tiny village of Someraro, just a couple of kilometres above Stresa, makes the ideal location for your holiday. It offers the following advantages: degree views over the lake and islands, including all of Lago Maggiore's major places of interest including the three famous islands, Villa Taranto, Stresa, Villa Pallavicino and Santa Caterina Monastery; also over 50 town and village churches are visible from the house.

There is a telescope in the master bedroom allowing you to check out all these sites before visiting them. Total peace and quiet, being set some 50 metres away from the road. A spacious garden with hammocks and sunbathing areas. Natural air-conditioning, meaning that even on the hottest day, the patio on the northern side of the house overlooking the lake, remains cool. A fabulous location, close enough to Stresa and its station and boats but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of a busy tourist town.

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The village of Someraro allows you to experience the real Italy. It is three kilometres above Stresa but much more authentic as Someraro is not a tourist village. There are two restaurants. A car is essential as the road down is quite long and steep. Casa Lavender makes the ideal location for your holiday, close enough to Stresa and its station and boats but far enough from the hustle and bustle of a busy tourist town and the lakeside road.

Picturesque, Historic Villa with Island Views. Apartments in a villa with a big garden located in Mulinetti, close to Recco. The apartment is brand new and the furniture is high quality. There are a wide terrace and a small private garden with an astonishing view on the sea and Portofino mount. The villa has been totally refurbished in and all is new.

The Apartment is on the ground floor of a tree floors villa and has a 20 sq. Recco is well known for its street food and its restaurants. Focaccia col formaggio and the classical focaccia with virgin olive oil are worth testing. Scent of lemon. An idyllic secluded retreat far from everyday buzz yet on Siena's doorstep and a short ride from Florence and the seafront.

No real rush here. Private converted barn for up to guests, with exclusive pool overlooking the Tuscan rolling hills. Montechiaro Wine Estates is a historic stately home where you can still experience the old Chianti lifestyle as it once was, slow and calm just like years ago. A private idyllic retreat for the discerning traveller who wants to leave it all behind and find peace. Here, a 10th generation family still patiently grows organic grapes and olive trees.

The main Villa was built in and is still inhabited by its original owners, who preserved most of its ancient features whilst modernising the art of welcoming their discerning guests. The Wine Estate villas are on the same grounds. You will be staying in ancient buildings that were passionately renovated just two years ago, which offer a breath-taking view of the medieval town of Siena.

The historic centre is just a minute drive away. You will take the time to breathe the seasons passing by through the wild flowers' scent.

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You can witness mesmerising sunsets over manicured grass leading to your private pool. The Villa grounds, the orchid gardens, the ancient greenhouse, the vineyards, the cellar and the old oil mill, the original wooden oven, la Signora Beppina and her hen house, everything here is still run in the authentic Chianti way.

The Villa can be reserved entirely by groups, families, for that special weekend, or a company retreat. Please inquire with us. If you book for less than 10 guests, one room every two guests will be prepared. The price indicated is per night per room. Should you wish to book the entire grounds please do not hesitate to contact us: we shall be delighted to assist! Exclusive wine tastings, private suppers, castle excursions are just some of the additional services offered for our guests to book.

Idyllic Siena Retreat-Splendid View. Surrounded by nature and very close to the historical center of Perugia, ideal for visiting the most beautiful places in Umbria, but also to relax in a hammock by the pool or with a glass of good wine in the Jacuzzi.

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The apartment is equipped with washing machine, fridge, oven, coffe machine, microwave oven, internet TV, air conditioning and much more. The classic-style double bedroom is air conditioned and comes with parquet floors and wooden furnishings. It also has a TV in the bedroom and private bathroom. It also features: - a relaxing outdoor area with private garden; - covered patio to eat outside; - BBQ facilities; - Swimming pool; - Jacuzzi area on request, up to 6 people ; - free internet access 10 Mbps wired and wireless ; - private parking inside the property; - air conditioning; - italian style breakfast;.

Thanks to his location, it is an ideal place to visit the most visited spots of the region: Assisi, Deruta, Spello, Bevagna, Spoleto, Montefalco, Orvieto, Gubbio Villa with swimming pool in Perugia. Fontececi is a traditional Umbrian stone house set among organic olive groves. All rooms have openings to large terrace shaded by two impressive mulberry trees overlooking the peaceful valley. Fontececi has been restored maintaining the original style with terracotta floors, exposed woodden beams and traditional funiture. Its stone walls keep it wonderfully cool in the summer months. Guests are hosted on the ground floor and during their stay they will have the property for themselves.

The spacious living room has fire place, a selection of books and TV and a pool table. A corridor leads to the single bedroom, the large eat-in kitchen with a wonderful cooking hob made with antique Italian tiles. A stone archway with curtains separates the kitchen from the main bedroom and the bathroom. Fontececi sleeps three comfortably and is children friendly.

Free wifi is available. On the patio a large outdoor table with comfortable sun beds. The property is part of a 20 acres organic farm producing an excellent extra-virgin olive oil. Fontececi is wonderfully located for sightseeing in both Tuscany and Umbria. In the surrounding area you can taste many gastronomic specialities of both regions.

Traditional stone house in Umbria. Trattandosi di un palazzo storico abbiamo cercato di mantenerne l'anima originaria, intervenendo solo per rendere "nostri" gli spazi. E gli interni sono stati arredati con opere d'arte contemporanea e di design collezionate in questi anni. La camera ha un grande letto matrimoniale al quale, se servisse, si possono aggiungere altri due letti singoli. Dista da Firenze circa 50 km, 40 km da Siena e 18 km da Arezzo.

Villa con piscina in posizione esclusiva sulla scogliera Toscana. Un contesto unico fra sole, mare, cibo e cultura. Villa con piscina sulla scogliera. Equipped with all comfort including panoramic swimmingpool, located in Cassano delle Murge, between Bari 28km and Matera 30km.

Due to the strategical point you are very close to all the main popular cities and beaches but also all those hidden ones that we can advice you to check out. The villa is located in a nice and quite neighbourhood away just 7 mins by car from Cassano delle Murge city where you can find restaurants, supermarkets, bar, pubs, pharmacy and any other store. There is also a beautiful forest surrounding the Villa that I recommend you to see if you are a nature lover.

Ideal for families with children and for all guests who want to experience an atmosphere in complete relaxation. Located in an exclusive residential area of Terracina, it is one of the few facilities with a swimming pool for both adults and children. Located near the tourist port of Badino. Jacuzzi tub with whirlpool, comfortable for both adults and for your children. Outdoor shower hot and cold water. Barbecue at your disposal with wood and tools Private parking inside the Villa.

This magnificent villa is located on a picturesque hill overlooking the seaside town of Polignano a Mare, the Pearl of Adriatic Sea. It stands amid almond groves and ancient olive trees that have witnessed the passing of centuries. Inside, you will find a large living room with panoramic windows and a fireplace, as well as a dining area and large modern kitchen complete with every amenity.

Three bedrooms include a master bedroom with seaviews. Two bathrooms, plus a laundry room with sink and toilet.

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A large lawn and two acres of land around the property, with many different fruit trees will allow you to merge in a relaxing rural framework. With the possibility of two additional beds, the villa can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. Being the villa in the countryside, a car is recommended. Nearest airports: Bari 40 kms , Brindisi 55 kms. Superb villa with pool and great seaview. Fienile da Primo is and old Tuscan hayloft which nowadays is used as a Luxury Villa.