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Possibly even Paris. She wants to be part of the modern world again. Interestingly, I can support this theory with background information. Hence why it looks more like something out of the s despite the many elements from the s being present. Match sticks were invented in Later in the same song, the silverware makes an Eiffel tower, which was constructed in Since Jack and the Beanstalk was written after that, it still fits within the suspected time frame.

During the climax of the battle, Cogsworth is wearing military garments reflective of Napoleonic styles. Napoleon was coronated in until , had a brief return to power in , and eventually died in So this is also congruent to the established time period. As a part of his primary costume, Lefou wears a waistcoat and tailcoats, which came into vogue in the s, namely from the s through the s.

But if the film is set in the s, how can the Beast still be a prince after the French Revolution? So clearly that is not what is meant here.

Ronald Hutton

But the other answer actually does hold a bit of weight. So how is the Beast a prince? Not entirely. Effectively, the Crown Prince, the sons of ruling monarchs. But the title is also given to lords in charge of a Principality, one of the smallest territorial sizes. Clair, Ms. Clair writes 'clean' and inspirational romances. Her books aren't just romances, but a whole lot more. The book is a modern take on a well know story- Cinderella.

The story and character were very believable. The story moved quickly and caught my interest from the first page. The main characters had a few problems but it all works For those who haven't read any books by Emma St. The main characters had a few problems but it all works out in the end [and the mean stepmother and her children get what they deserve. Good Job Emma!! Dec 26, Victoria rated it really liked it.

Book four in the series but you could read it as a standalone, for me I like reading in order as characters in this story have appeared in the previous ones. This story could so be turned into a Christmas cinderella movie! It's got so much going for it I really enjoyed reading it. Good storyline, characters you like and ones you don't and two couples to fall for although a novella of Lucy and Wyatt would be great! I kept trying to guess what would happen next, where the story would go I lov Book four in the series but you could read it as a standalone, for me I like reading in order as characters in this story have appeared in the previous ones.

I loved the character development of Cynder and Xander. A well written story. I am voluntarily leaving this honest review after receiving an ARC. Feb 24, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: clean-romance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Billionaire's Masquerade Ball. Cynder and Xander have both suffered deep losses and are grieving. They meet at a masquerade ball and feel a deep connection. Unfortunately, neither one takes the simple route. As Xander's assistant tells him, "If you like the girl, ask her out. There is a swoon-worthy kiss and a sweet HEA. I love the glimpses of Cinderella.

Don't worry, there are no singing mice or fairy godmothers. If you like the fairy tale, you'll enjoy finding the similarities; if you don't, you can just enjoy the romance. Dec 23, Barb S rated it it was amazing. I'm a sucker for a Cinderella story, so I was excited to read this story. The story line was of course, predictable in it's more basic elements, yet it was unpredictable in so many ways.

I was kept guessing throughout the book, wondering what direction the story was going to take. The dialogue was believable. Along with the complexity of the characters, this story truly came to life. I enjoyed the connection to another of her books, but it's still completely stand alone if you haven't read the o I'm a sucker for a Cinderella story, so I was excited to read this story.

I enjoyed the connection to another of her books, but it's still completely stand alone if you haven't read the other books in this series. It made for the perfect Christmas break reading. Dec 23, Bernadette Cinkoske rated it it was amazing. The Billionaire's Masquerade Ball features Cynder Glass, her step mother, 2 step sisters and step brother.

Add a billionaire rather than a prince. Cynder is still grieving her father's death as she watches her step mother tear apart the event planning agency Cynder built with her father. This is an interesting story where the two main characters refuse to tell each other their true feelings. It is a well written, clean romance that captivated me from the first page.

Jan 07, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. A fairy tale, re-written. I loved this book. Just when you think you've read all possible scenarios for a new Cinderella, along comes Ms. Clair with another twist. The main characters were likeable and had great chemistry. The side characters I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, clean read. Mar 25, Heidi rated it it was amazing. Such a sweet and well written book. One of many thing that I appreciate about this author is how she weaves a believable story that is so easy in the best of ways to read.

The story is sweet without saccharine-just enough salty to cut through. I hope that the side characters get their own books! Dec 22, Lori R rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this modern day romance based on Cinderella complete with an evil stepmonster, two step sisters, and a step brother. Throw in a good looking billionaire, tragedy, and a will and you have a unique twist to the fairy tale. I really liked the main character, Cynder Glass.

I received an advance copy of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review. Dec 24, Janet Graham rated it it was amazing. From Sorrow Grows Joy This is a sweet and clean romance. It is partially poor girl finds a rich boy and partially getting past sorrow to find joy. The plot is fun, witty and entertaining. The characters are excellent with well - defined motivations. This is an enjoyable read and a book you will enjoy reading again and again. It was truly heartbreaking to see his world crumbling around him.

He really thought he had come to terms with his arrangement, but when all of that is exposed he quickly realizes how untrue that is. He really goes into a dark place and cannot see the light and what is in front of him. He has to work through the pain to see the truth of his worth.

It takes a lot of work, heartbreak, and self realization, but he finally finds his new self. Claire Montgomery also is challenged time and time again. Can she get through to Killian before it is too late for them? Claire is so strong and knows what she wants. Her love is relentless and she will do anything to show him a last name means nothing that she wants HIM.

She finds an unexpected friend in Margaux. This is a true Cinderella story you have to read to believe. There are so many trials and tribulations, but love prevails. Margaux also faces some new realizations and shocking life altering events in this book. Margaux was not initially a character that was liked, but she grows on you.

She comes through for Claire and Killian at their lowest points. I look forward to the next few books to see her grow as a person and maybe find her own happily ever after. Definitely add this Series to your list. Apr 14, Amanda Shepard rated it it was amazing Shelves: highly-recommend. Wow, what an emotional read! Book 2 in the Secrets of Stone series was beautifully crafted and had an interesting plot. I loved the book and can't wait to dig into the rest of the series. On a side note, who loves mushrooms but not bacon? Jan 02, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Words said to Claire but meant for Killian.

Reading this book had me from rage to to tears so many times I lost count. Claire was agonizing and Killian was a rogue not the word I want to use. But I loved it. Heart wrenching and all. This book was provided by the author's for an honest review. Claire and Killian are in a whirlwind of romance, lust and love and are blinded by the whole world around them.

They both found a way to make a long distance relationship work, with her in San Diego and him in Chicago. The love birds This book was provided by the author's for an honest review. The love birds can not get their fill of each other, literally. Flying back and forth, only allowing a couple of days here and there together finally takes it toll on them both. As a surprise, Killian wisks Claire off to Rome for a long-awaited vacation where Claire thinks she will finally have the opportunity to get Killian to let his guard down and let her in on his deep, dark secret.

At first, things are going very well for the couple while in Rome, but before they leap to Paris, Claire decides to start nudging Killian about his secret. Killian, already resolved about that matter, digs in his heels and will not open up to Claire.

Killian has played the scenario in his head too many times to count, only to come to the same conclusion that it is not fair to ask Claire to bear his secret. Claire, on the other hand, has confessed her love to Killian and has told him that anything he tells her will not change how she feels about him. As the two go in this Merry-Go-Round, tension and tempers get hotter until they are into full blown fight mode, in Paris no less!

To add the icing to this shit cake, Killian receives a call from his big brother, Trey Stone, who is suppose to be ON the wagon, about a big deal he landed with a company SGC has been trying to get for years! But on that same note, Trey is calling drunk OH NO! Killian realizes this and tries to diplomatically tell Trey congrats but to chill with the celebratory drinks and women, and call it a night.

Trey immediately takes the defensive and blurts out profanities and threats before hanging up on Killian. You little fucker! After all the things Killian has done for Trey, love him, help him, pick him up when he fell, and this is how he repays him! Then sooner than later Killian receives a call from Andrea, the evil step-mother of Claire's who owns the PR Firm on retainer for SGC, that Trey has been arrested and is facing serious charges!

Mind you, they are still in Paris people! OK, they are fighting and have not had the nasty naked fun time, but still, can't people leave them be! While Killian is still beyond pissed, and Claire butt hurt, they have take a conference call from Andrea and the team, to gather and assess the damage and to go about the clean up. Periodically interrupting to grab Killian's attention is none other than the skank, Margaux. Ah yes, our little love to hate evil step-sister is present and accounted for. Continuing the strategizing, Margaux gets in one last blow before the call is ended that tips Claire over to explosive!

As Andrea is saying, "We got this. We won't let you down, Mr. Some of us have to work around here. We aren't all sleeping with the client. Better yet, Drew Barrymore in Fire Starter and light her up and watch her burn like the witch that she is! But only to get pissed all over again because her crumpling ash ruined my favorite shoes!

Once Killian and Claire return to Chicago to deal with the Trey aftermath, they now have to face Killian's secret whether they like it or not because circumstances bring it right to their door as soon as they exit the private jet. Just when I thought this was the plot of the story, the book takes me on a wild ride of As The World Turns with all the back stabbing, and shocking revelations upon Killian's return from Paris. I loved every minute of it! Check out this review and others at www. This book was so awesome. I gotta admit I really enjoyed this book much more then the other book.

Her statement to him in the begining about how she quit running so he nerds to quit hiding was perfectly played!! When the two go away for a European vacation, everything starts to fall apart between them and then the family secrets start to fall outta the closets!! They have to come home to the family home being half destroyed and Killian's "Dads" in the hospital.

When Killian finally admits his truths to Claire then Trey starts his drama again On top of alllllll this stiff, Daddy Stone decides to drop yet another bombshell The 2nd part of the book was were my tear ducts got a work out. Killian and Claire are apart and we are all miserable. WE want these two to be together but Killian is being an epic idiot and then Claire is and then I will say that Mary Stone who you will meet this novel was a character I fell in love for. Hearing her story and seeing her confusion but seeing her smack Killian upside the head was priceless!!

The endin ofg the story was amazing and I am hoping that there will be more to this story because there are some avenues that still can be explored!! Like where is Killians mommy? Whats up wtih Trey? From where book one left off i was fascinated to find out if Killian finally told his secret to Claire. Although they miss each other terribly whilst apart they are making the long distance relationship work!

There's lots of hot and steamy scenes from this passionate couple! Its all going to plan until a tragedy happens, and Killian is forced by his brother to reveal his secret. At this point I just wanted to scratch his brother Trey's eyes out and then smash his and Killians heads together! I was so frustrated by the silly men! Poor Claire ends up alone and heartbroken, I really felt bad for the poor woman. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone so I won't go into any further detail! All I can say is that Claire has the heart of a saint! I thoroughly enjoyed this story even though it riled me up no end!

A highly recommended read that has more twists, turns and steam than the first book. I personally enjoyed this book even more than the first! The passion and love the two main characters have for each other is incredible! I just can't get enough of Killian and Claire, hopefully we'll see more of them soon! First I have to say this book had me on the tops of my toys the whole time. The book leaves of at Claire and Killian.

Your emotions are all over the place, one minutes, happy, sad, then back to happy.

Conclusion: Monarch in a Masquerade

Killian is your typical Alpha man that just makes you swoon of his persona. Ne First I have to say this book had me on the tops of my toys the whole time. New flews!!! You will want to throw your ereader or book during this story, then there are times you want to lick it…. You learn a lot about Trey, his brother and you will not like him at all. This series is great and cannot wait for what is next!!! This book. Part of me doesn't have words.

Well ladies you know we all love the damaged man. The one we want to soothe and take all his problems away. Stone is all that and more. I really enjoyed this book.

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DRAMA is all over this read. So much happens so fast. You will have the book read before you know it. Of course our lovely characters do some things that make us want to throw the book, but that's the drama. With all the action and drama, I couldn't put the book WOW. With all the action and drama, I couldn't put the book down. Claire is a strong character with an undying love. Killian is the self torturing man we all swoon for, but he only has eyes and heart for Claire.

Its a great read that all will love. This is a must read continuation of No Prince Charming. Hot emotional mess and you'll love every moment even when you're so angry at some characters decisions you wish you could strangle them yourself! This sequel was not what I expected at all, but I still enjoyed it immensely. To my utter shock I'm now looking forward to Margoux's book, even though I completely hated her at the beginning.

Talk about character growth. View all 3 comments. Mar 30, Sleepless rated it did not like it. One the worst books I've ever read! The authors totally violated me! Everyone knows what that means! I call BS for this revolting drivel! I really liked book one, but the authors perpetrated a myth that woman will grovel to reconnect with the love of their life!

Unfortunately Killian verbally and emotionally abuses Claire who he claims to love, but reject's her mercilessly!

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The misogynistic authors disrespect their readers with the whole devolution of Killian because he's not born a Stone! A revo One the worst books I've ever read! A revolting insult to women and fan's! I will never read another book by these two author's who think there audience is stupid! The authors want us to believe that Josiah Stone has no will, no adoption papes and no protections in place for his heir apparent! He even has ba brillant lawyer who would have anticipated any loopholes in the Stone family legacy!

Then we are treated to a total rejection of his supposed lifelong love! Yes, he become self deprecaticating, self loathing and derelect!

The Red Princess — whollyrandomram: マスカレード・キス〜危険な駆け引き〜 ・Masquerade

Yes, I cried when Claire and the douchebag met after 4 months of bertrayal, only to have sweet Claire violated again by rejection! However, when the pathetic excuse for a love interest realizes his company is rudderless, then he is quick to respond to a need to protect the interests of the company he has invested his life into! And only then does he want the woman "of his dreams" back again!

And insult to injury, she grovels back to him You insult women everywhere, your faithful readers! I will never read another novel by these disrespectful writers! Torrey Pines beach? Temeculate has some fantastic red wines, but Chardonnay varietal does not grow well in Southern California!