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Erotic Stories : Farm Boys, Part 1, Tractor Trade - A Gay Sex

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March 5, Retrieved March 5, Forest Lawn Cemetery. Retrieved June 19, I could hear the tractor coming up the road towards my house. My heart pounded as it neared because I was waiting for the neighbor boy to head to the nearby fields where he worked everyday.

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I stood by the window hoping he would see me drying myself after my shower. I had seen one of the Rickie brothers going by my place for several days now. I knew he drove by here each day on his way to one of the nearby fields to plow. I was still in high school and my cock seemed to be always hard and ready to go. I knew I had an attraction to men because I already had sex with several of the boys my own age, a few cousins, my brother-in-law and a few of the boys in my church youth group.

I was very active at this age but was always looking for a new adventure. Now I was cruising one of the hot young high school boys that lived in my neighborhood.

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I went to the public schools but the Ricky brothers went to the catholic school. The one that pass my house each Saturday was one of the older ones. Now I was trying to get his attention and I was nervous about it. I let my towel move away from my body and exposed my hard cock to him as he drove by in the tractor.

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  • He glanced quickly and saw me standing there completely nude then he was gone. I was trembling at the excitement and immediately jacked off and shot my load all over the floor. Later on that day I heard his tractor coming up the road from the other direction and once again my body temperature went up as well as my cock but this time I was dressed. I heard the tractor slow down and saw him glance again at the house where I had been before.

    The next Saturday I waited for him to come by again but thought I would keep on my cloths and set on the porch to watch him.


    Here he came up the road once again with his tractor and this time was pulling a field cutter. As soon as he got even with the house he slowed down to a stop and hopped off his tractor and went to the field cutter to adjust the blades. He glanced over to me then nodded slightly. I nodded back as my mouth became dry with anticipation.

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    • He messed around for a few minutes then motioned for me to come out to the tractor. I wondered what he wanted. Perhaps he was going to call me names or hit me so I slowly came up to him and waited. How ya doing? I forgot to do it before I left the house.

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      Help yourself. He was a senior in High School. He stood about 5 foot 11 inches tall. His hair was a dark brown and he had dark brown eyes and a deep dark tan. I knew he was one of the 6 brothers in his family. I heard he had 2 older brothers in a Catholic seminar that were studying to be priest.

      A Helping hand

      He looked back at me standing by the roadside and said. Would you like to drive over to the field near by while I drop this hoe? What do you say? Come on.