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Guy Lagorce born 12 January in La Bachellerie Dordogne is a French journalist and writer, winner of the prix des libraires. Biography Guy Lagorce is a former French sprint international athlete m, m and member of the French team. He has 13 team selections from France. In addition, as a writer, several films and TV films have been made on television and in films from his books, in particular by Jacques Ertaud and Yves Boisset.

It has since been translated into several European languages. Olmi has published a dozen plays and half a dozen novels. She is a founding member of the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society. Biography Irene Frain was born into a very close but destitute family. Her first book was a history of the golden age of maritime Brittany titled Quand les Bretons peuplaient les mers When the Bretons inhabited the seas published in From to she taught classics at different high schools in Lagny-sur-Marne and Champigny-sur-Marne and finally Jacques Decour in Paris.

Awards started in 1970

The novel's plot was about a small Breton cabin boy who became a mogul in India. This epic tale of 18th century India was a success, and her subsequent novels honed further he. Katherine Pancol born 22 October is a journalist and bestselling French novelist. Her books have been translated into some 30 languages, and sold millions of copies worldwide. Life and career Katherine Pancol moved from Casablanca to France when she was five.

Quand le soleil était chaud

She studied literature and initially became a French and Latin teacher before turning to journalism. While working for Paris-Match and Cosmopolitan, she was noticed by an intuitive publisher who encouraged her to begin writing fiction. Following the success of her first novel Moi D'abord in , Pancol moved to New York City where she spent the next decade pursuing creative writing and screenwriting classes at Columbia University while producing three more novels La Barbare in , Scarlett, si possible and Les Hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues.

Deforges was the first woman to own and operate a publishing house in France. Over the years, she has been censored, prosecuted, and heavily fined for publishing "offensive" literature Louis Aragon: Irene's Cunt. In , it was made into a television series. A story of love, obsession, and survival set during the turmoil of World War II, it developed into a successful series of seven books.

In the initial ruling, Deforges was found guilty of plagiarizing Margaret Mitchell's famous novel Gone with the Wind. Biography Maalouf was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and grew up in the Badaro cosmopolitan neighborhood,[3] the second of four children. His parents had different cultural backgrounds. His mother was an Egyptian of Turkish origin[4] and his father was from the Melkite Catholic community[4] near the village of Baskinta in Ain el Qabou.

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He worked as the director of the Bei. Jean Raspail born July 5, is a French author, traveler and explorer. Many of his books are about historical figures, exploration and indigenous peoples. Internationally, he is best known for his controversial novel The Camp of the Saints, which is about mass third-world immigration to Europe. During the first twenty years of his career Raspail traveled the world to discover populations threatened by their confrontation with modernity. He led a Tierra del Fuego—Alaska car trek in —52 and, in , a French research expedition to the land of the Incas.

Clavel was born in Lons-le-Saunier. From a humble background, he was largely self-educated. He began working as a pastry cook apprentice when he was 14 years old. He later had several jobs until he began working as a journalist in the s. After the war, he worked for the social insurance, and he could not dedicate himself to literature until He has lived and worked in many places and lived in Savoy until his death. His first novel was L'Ouvrier de la nuit Night Worker, He later published works for young people and numerous novels, at times organised into series: La grande patience The Great Patience, 4 volumes — — , Les Colonnes du ciel Heaven's Pillars, 5 volumes — — , or Le Royaume du nord Northern Kingdom, 6 volumes — — The narrative has two timelines: the time of Benedict XIII, the last antipope of the Avignon Papacy, and contemporary times, when the Catholic Church tries to discover Benedict's successor, as it turns out that his line of papacy has continued in secret throughout the centuries.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Prince Pierre Foundation. He has written several novels about ancient Egypt, notably a five book series about pharaoh Ramses II, a character whom Jacq admires greatly. This inspired him to write his first novel. By the time he was eighteen, he had written eight books.

His first commercially successful book was Champollion the Egyptian, published in As of , he has written over fifty books, including several non-fiction books on the subject of Egyptology. Jacq has a doctorate in Egyptian Studies from the Sorbonne. He and his wife later founded the Ramses Institute, which is dedicated to creating a photographic description of Egypt for the preservation of endangered archaeological sites.

Paradis, Suzanne

His novels have been translated into numerous languages. He is considered to have been one of the most innovative French writers of the 20th century. His father took his family along on the many foreign trips his work required, stimulating his son's interest in travel and cross-cultural relations that came to define his writings. His father is a polytechnicien who became an officer of the colonial army, reaching the rank of general at retirement and his mother, a housewife, is a self-taught reader.

It's his father's poetry buff that will give him the taste for books that he will quickly devour in the family library or at school[2] After studying in Nice he became a teacher. In a piece for Le Monde, P. It tells the story of a grand conspiracy between world leaders in order to hide the existence of a contagious virus which makes humans immortal. It was published in English in , translated by Eileen Finletter. You love the traditional Millefeuille? You'll love our greedy version! Swiss, French or even Italian, this great lady dressed all in white, gives air and cracked many desserts!

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