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Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Choose Store. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! His friends are really worried. But when they find him, Explorer Eagle isn't exactly in good shape. He has been bitten by a werewolf! And that means he'll turn into a dangerous werewolf when night falls! He may hurt somebody, and that is the last thing he wants!

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His friends decide to look for a cure But will Zany help them? And does he really have the cure? Can Explorer Eagle be saved? Or will he be doomed to remain a werewolf forever? I'll swing clubs, knives and machetes at zombies more resilient and powerful than my character. I can cycle through my character's simple weapons with the right bumper.

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She attacks with slashes and swings via the right trigger. I can also aim with the left trigger, then throw my equipped weapon from a distance. Note: This is not a desperate measure. You'll need to throw weapons at exploding Suicider zombies to defeat them safely, for example. First I take my weapons to one of Dead Island 's many workbenches.

Zombie's Bite

Here, I upgrade and repair a diving knife that was just given to Xian Mei by one of the survivors. Repairing blunt weapons and sharpening blades is the simple stuff. And necessary, since weapons will decay and break as players fight off zombies. But players can also spend cash on wilder upgrades, transforming a baseball bat into a spiked nail-bat or a cleaver into an electrified blade that stuns its victims. Having tweaked a few weapons, I set off to find my quest.

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It would be given to me by a man named Dominic, one of the many non-player characters with a job that requires a zombie-resistant hero. Xian Mei passes a handful of tourists and island survivors along the way, NPCs of "varying emotional states," according to Dead Island brand manager Vincent Kummer. Ignoring the NPCs for now, I set off. Dead Island directs players with a simple map in the bottom corner of the screen, a white line indicating their path. Google Maps-style markers highlight people and locations. Soon, I face my first zombies. They're the slower "Vessel" types, but they're still a challenge for me and my Xian.

Her cheap cleaver cuts into a few of them, slicing off arms and heads, but not without a fight and not without that blade breaking after just a few hits. Melee combat in Dead Island is tough. It's not easy to judge just how close one needs to be to land a blow.

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It's not obvious when those zombies will lash out and knock you down, blurring your vision and chipping away at your meager health. Even rank and file shambling undead are a scary prospect. I charge up a mountain path, listening for zombies and sprinting past packs of them to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

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Fortunately, we come across a truck crashed into the side of a bungalow. It works, so I take it, driving it up the road while gleefully running down zombies. It's satisfying, crashing into the undead. Now I'm the more powerful one, even if that vehicle is showing obvious signs of damage and has finicky, realistic driving controls. I reach a gate, which survivors open from the other side.

One of the best zombie comedies to date, this "rom zom com" romantic zombie comedy finds a high school loser on a mission to win back his girlfriend while simultaneously saving the school from a zombie invasion, courtesy of the nearby nuclear power plant.

Zany humor, including a zombie baby and kung fu priest, and over-the-top gore make up this classic early effort from New Zealand's Peter Jackson, later of Lord of the Rings fame. This '80s guilty pleasure features a mad scientist creating zombies to commit robberies in Los Angeles. When an LAPD officer is killed trying to arrest the crooks, he returns as a zombie to track down the suspects--hopefully before he decomposes or before Joe Piscopo has time to deliver another one-liner.

Woefully cheap and unfunny story about rental car agents who lead a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse--otherwise, they run around doing nothing much. Its only claim to fame is its climactic "world's largest zombie scene". Incidentally, there's no moon in the movie, as inexplicably, no scenes take place at night. This is an outrageously fun Norwegian fare about a group of friends at a ski lodge who find themselves the targets of vengeful Nazi zombies.

Clerks meets Night of the Living Dead , with an even lower budget and worse acting than either. Still, this tale of a high school boy whose party to woo the girl of his dreams is ruined by a zombie invasion is smarter and more fun than most micro-budget genre fare. This clever satire of '50s suburbia incorporates zombies as domesticated servants in otherwise idyllic surroundings. Nothing bad can come of that, right? It's good ol' boys versus zombies in this inconsistent but engaging low-budget film about an alien invasion that leads to a zombie uprising in a small Southern town. A teen is killed protecting the girl he loves before he has a chance to tell her how he feels.

But death apparently is easy to overcome if you just want it bad enough, as the boy returns to woo his love while trying to curb his growing desire to feed. Eighties awesomeness in which alien brain slugs yeah, you heard me reanimate the corpses of victims of a fraternity bus crash, and only an LGOC little geek on campus can stop them--with the help of a burned-out cop the hilarious Tom Atkins.

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Like a German version of American Pie with zombies, this low-brow, sex-obsessed flick revolves around three high school geeks who die and are revived by voodoo-practicing goth kids. Being dead isn't so bad, they find, when their social status actually improves post-mortem.

Despite ho-hum, unimaginative humor, it's nonetheless been targeted for an American remake.

Puttin' Some Zom in Your Com

In an Argentine city overrun by zombies, only three men can save the day: a math geek, a failed med student and a. Low budget but entertaining fare channeling the spirit of early work from Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson.