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A refined and subtle fragrance combining notes of bergamot, rosemary and cedar wood allowing you to make an impression without going over the top.

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For an odour protected style. New Advanced Protection with 48 hour protection. A sharp, icy fresh fragrance to kickstart your day.

Charge Up Protection gives a new burst of freshness every time you up your game. Shower Gel. A refined and subtle fragrance combining notes of bergamot, pear and cedar wood allowing you to make an impression without going over the top. Hair wax. Go modern or give it a retro finish, the options are endless.

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Medium hold - Shiny finish - For short to middle long hair. Give your hair some attitude. Craft sharp, structured styles with precise definition. Medium hold - Natural finish - For all hair lengths. Good huh, but unfortunately it is not possible unless you wanna end up in jail, in AXE we will set up the whole office for you with all the computers and printers that never works properly, and you will unleash the Savage in you by destroying everything, this room is great for teams of up to 5 people.

This Room is designed for couples who wants to end up their fights in the Cowboy way, a big room that is separated to two areas, one is the kitchen where the lady goes, and the second is the living room for the Gentleman, separated by a glass barrier, where both can throw things against each other to take it all and say all they want to, friends and family can watch from a big window outside and heat up the discussion if they want to! Great for groups! With a standing glass container that is designed to hold the Groom or Birthday person in place while his friends throw things on him, all caught on cam and given for free to each participant!

  • Army Doctrine Reference Publication ADRP 5-0 The Operations Process May 2012;
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Want to destroy things and take off your anger but not a fan of the big mess that it creates? Before entering Any of our rooms, you must wear a complete safety gear that is available at AXE to ensure you rage safely.

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There is a waiver of liability you must sign before entering the rooms, we made everything in a safe way but still it is a procedure must be carried on. Smash To The Max. Smash Things Now. And What the is Rage Rooms exactly?!

Target Axe Throwing – Grand Rapids' first axe throwing location.

Class Room. Book This Room. Freestyle Room. Kitchen Room. Office Room. Couples Room.

AxE Alliance VS Empire Live - 2 ชั่วโมงแรกกับเกมสงคราม ภาพสวย ตบกันมันสไปรัวๆ