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Fabi's grandmas were too. They told her not to worry about the money. Her grandmas entered a contest to win for 'Quince Dreams', a tv episode where if you send a letter on why you should have the opportunity to win, and if they like your story they choose you and they pay for everything. Fabiola's grandma Trini and Alpha decided to write the letter themselves so Fabi didn't have to worry about a thing. While they waited to get the call a couple days later they got a call saying they won.

The cast flew from L. A to film Fabi and her quince. After, Fabi needed a chambelan. She met a boy named a boy named Daniel who seemed very charming.

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She was so into him and he made it seem that he was too. While on the other hand, Melodee was already finished planning her party. It was all set for Saturday, she was so sure she was mint going to shave her head. Fabi, was asking herself why did she win? What did her grandmas say in the letter. When she asked to see the letter, Trini pulled back and didn't let her until Fabi was able to snatch it. She was in shock, she didn't know what to say. It read that Fabi was going to die, she only had one month left to live because of a "disease" not even the doctors knew what it was.

Fabi cried, why would they lie? She ran and ran until she couldn't anymore, she sat on a field, noticing Daniel playing ball. He saw her upset and asked what was wrong. Fabi told her the truth, he was in shock, she had already asked him to be her chambelan, would he say no? All he told her was that she had to tell the tv cast. Fabi felt better and did try to tell. On the day of Melodee's party, Fabi noticed Daniel beside her as she said that was her boyfriend. Fabi was in shock, she broke down there. Melodee walked over and told the camera guy the whole truth.

Fabi had nothing to do but run away. Her grandma came to find her and pleaded her for a forgiveness of what they've done, Fabi thought that it was okay after all they tried to help. When the cast went to talk to Fabi the lady said it was okay and she also had problems when she was her age and never had a quince because they were so poor, she said they still wanted to do her quince.

Her big day came, it was a success. Everyone enjoyed it, Daniel wanted to come back to her but she just rejected him. Melodee was shocked, she knew she had lost, she knew her party wasn't as well as Fabi's was. In the end, Fabi enjoyed her day and didn't let her come between anymore. The title 'Quince Clash' relates to the story because it relates how the girls are fighting for who has the best Quince.

The point of view is mostly 1st person and a bit of 3rd person because Fabi and family member speak in the story but the author sometimes explains their emotions and what they're doing. I was surprised when Daniel ended up being Melodee's boyfriend. It shocked me because this meant that Melodee had set Fabi up.

She made Daniel act like he liked Fabi when he really just wanted to get information out of her to tell Melodee. I give this book a 5 out of 5 because I really liked it and it was able to relate to many things. The author taught many lessons and explained the story well. Oct 27, Diana Bermejo-Lazo rated it it was amazing. They all have different but in some similar personalities. No one is compared to Melodee though, she's cruel, annoying, rich, and a bully.

Fabiola, however, has a very nice, caring, hard working, shy personality. Santiago, is her cousin, and he can light up a room with one sassy remark. He is funny, caring, and serious when needed too.

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Grandma Trini is amazing!!! She has a loving, funny, and crazy fun personality. Grace, the one who's making it happen, with the quince, is nice, hard working, and very understanding. In some parts of the book she surprised me. Milo, is Fabi's friend. They are very close but they start drifting apart when the show was going on. He has a nice, sassy, caring, and funny personality. Alexis, is Fabi's sister, and is any other sister. She is annoying, loving, caring, and nice. Abuelita Alpha, is amazing. She has such a straight up attitude but other than that loving.

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Like me, Fabi never really wanted a quince. She wanted to use her money for something better. Like me, she wants to leave and go some place new and beautiful. She wants to go to New York with her best friend and have an amazing time. The argument was about who would've had a better quince, and that's how a competition was created. They sent a message to show called, "Quince Dreams" hope that they get their attention.

They do, and things end up going great.

She meets a boy named, Daniel who seems cute and nice, but turns out he played her and everything gets ruined because of him. During Melodee's quince, she outs how Fabi got on the show and yeah. During the middle of the book, nothing much happens honestly, just family problems, because her Dad ended getting sick but feels better in the end.

Things turn out great during Fabi's quince, but she danced with the devil. She literally danced with the Devil, but he was disguised as a handsome guy. It creates tension, and her grandma kicks him out with a broom and he goes out by the window, but first he blows a kiss to Fabi. Later that day, they found the footprints, and Fabi was shook. The conflict is that Melodee created a competition.

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The competition is about who will have a better quinceanera. Melodee or Fabiola? Sounds intense, but the real intense part is that Fabi can't afford a quinceanera, because her family isn't as rich as Melodee. Knowing Melodee, she will do whatever it takes to win, no matter what the expenses are. What will Fabi do? The problem is solved by her sister, Alexis, her grandma, Trini, and her friend, Milo.

They heard about a show called, "Quince Dreams" who help girls make their dreams come true. They pay for everything for your quinceanera, and you don't have to worry anything about money issues. They also film you throughout the whole experience of planning your quince. But going back to how they solved the problem was, they sent a message to the show, and they hoped that they chose Fabi out of many other girls.

I think a couple days later, they called them to let them know that they have been chosen. So the problems went away. However, after Fabi finds out how she got on, she gets upset, and realizes she has to tell Grace the truth, and hope that they will still film her.

She got on the show because when Alexis and Trini sent the message, they lied about some things. They lied about Fabi dying and that she only had one month to live. However, when Grace finds out, she's disappointed, but understands what she is going through. When Grace was young, her family couldn't afford all the expenses for the quince.

To me the overall meaning is the importance of love a family can give. There wasn't many moments with her family, but every time there was, it was beautiful. Her family isn't rich, but they're rich by heart. Every family goes through hard times, but it's okay. Family will always be there, even when you don't knowledge it. I think something that is all common to people is a love from someone. I would recommend this book to people, because it has a great plot. I also recommend it to people who love reading fiction books.

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Jan 07, Camryn Lunsford rated it really liked it. This book was suprisingly interesting. I never knew what to expect, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! It reminds me of when I would read the Bulfor High series in seventh and eigthn grade. Throughout the book I felt a ton of different emotions, such as sadness, shock, fear, happiness, and often times confusion. This book was funny and I would definetly read the rest of the series.

What I really enjoyed about this book was how much Fabi's family cared for her and how they want Fabi to This book was suprisingly interesting. What I really enjoyed about this book was how much Fabi's family cared for her and how they want Fabi to have the best quincenera ever with a little bit of help. When I figured out what Alexis her sister and her Aunt Trini did for Fabi, i was shocked but i also understood why they did it. Fabi evolved throughout the story. In the beginning she was shy and sort of reserved, she acted this way because Melodee would bully her and she was afriad to stand up to her.

Then lated in the story she started to get confidence. She did not let what happened to her at Melodee's quincenera get the best of her on her special day.

Quince Clash (Border Town, #2) by Malin Alegria

Email or call for price. Description In Dos Rios, Texas, life is all about borders -- and what happens when you cross the line. A fresh new series in the tradition of Bluford High explores what it's like to grow up on the edge. A quinceanera for the record books? Lo straordinario potere delle donne. Recruiting, Retaining and Releasing People: Managing redeployment, return, retirement and redundancy download. Redemption: Book Three of the Cyrenian Chronicles download.

Border Town #2: Quince Clash (Paperback)

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