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Archived from the original on July 22, The Futon Critic. Episode Title: "Breaking Glass". Dailymotion August 11, SpoilerTV August 28, Using deleted scenes in previously on's you did it in 4.

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The scene appeared in a previously on but never aired. Kitsis: It's between that and Boston. It's writer's pick that it's in New York. Adam's from Manhattan. And it's the same reason why Emma spent foster home time in Minnesota because that's where I'm from. So sometimes it's just giving a shout-out to those you love. Archived from the original on May 17, Psychic Library.

"Breaking Glass"

Retrieved on February 3, Mounts of Mars. Edo Jacket Cropped Denim Jacketa. Xivents June 21, Retrieved on June 28, They only used it because they were shooting with the green screen and she was wearing blue. We basically would have seen her face. Just her face. Archived from the original on February 17, Google Maps May The alley way behind the market seen in the Google Maps view above matches the alley way behind the convenience store as Lily's father chases after them FileHeey!.

Utter solitude. More than once, I think. I think the b Sealord wrote:Idea: If the problem is they are not a species or living characters you can create a page similar to the one used to descr Categories :. This episode needs a finished recap! You can help out the Once Upon a Time Wiki by finishing or improving the recap. If you have any questions, please see our policies. Once Upon a Time : Season One. The following factors should be considered:. Note: Ensure that the individuals who create the accounts are not the ones reviewing the audit trails since this can be a source of abuse.

Pre—staged accounts need to be carefully managed to provide timely access when needed.

Break—glass requires that the emergency—account details be made available in an appropriate and reasonable manner. These details may be provided on media such as a printed page, a magnetic—stripe card, a smart card or a token. Some distribution possibilities for break—glass emergency accounts include the following:. A best—practice would place the pre—staged emergency accounts into the responsible care of an individual. This Emergency Account Manager would be someone readily available during operating hours and one who understands the sensitivity and priority of the emergency accounts e.

The distribution procedure would include a sign—out method requiring that an acceptable form of identification be provided. This identity would be recorded before the accounts are made available. Following such a procedure assures that activities performed using the emergency account may eventually be associated with an authorized individual, creates accountability and can assure non—repudiation.

The use of emergency accounts needs to be carefully monitored. The audit mechanisms should be used and a procedure defined to examine the security audit trails on a regular basis to identify any use of the emergency accounts. In addition, systems can alert the security administrator in the event an emergency account is activated.

These enhanced capabilities are highly desirable, but they are not required for the break—glass mechanism to work. If the system or application software cannot provide an audit trail that shows simple account activity like login attempts, then the use of break—glass needs to be carefully considered before implementing. Break—glass may still remain a valid system, but it will require the use of a manual e.

Documentation should describe the intended use of such accounts and the consequences of their inappropriate use.

Will These 7 Car Glass Breakers Save You?

Details should be clearly documented and then communicated to the relevant workforce. It should be clear that all use of emergency accounts is closely monitored. I got the bulk of the songs written in a week or so. Will You was already done.

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I'd been upset after reading about a man who popped into a shop for a sarnie and was blown to pieces by an IRA bomb. When I met Tony, I sang it to him live over a cassette recording of me playing the piano — just like the scene in the film.

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Things that had been happening in my life started being incorporated into the script by Brian Gibson , the writer-director. The lead character, Kate, became a composite of myself and my experiences. She'd been ripped off and was feeling militant but also vulnerable. I'd never acted before, but Phil Daniels , who played my lover and manager Danny, was very helpful.

He'd just finished Quadrophenia and would come in all jack-the-lad and bubbly, still in his mohair mod suit. I'm dyslexic and was terrified of reading my lines. But then, at one point, Phil read out "Viola, Kate — a new flat! The chemistry kicked in from there.

The Breaking of the Glass Under the Chuppah - Marriage

The hardest scene was when I was at the piano in tears with Danny comforting me. I couldn't cry. So my acting coach told me to access some emotion from a real-life situation. As a teenager, I'd been raped and had run away from home. All this came flooding back and the tears flowed.

The way Kate and her costumes changed was meant to echo Bowie and Ziggy Stardust. She went ever more over the top: black lipstick and mad outfits, including a silver alien costume inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis.