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The word peace as used in the gospels and in Ephesians means to bind together those things that were separated.

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Jesus made peace through the blood of His cross Col. The Holy Spirit produces the fruit of peace in the life of that believer.


And we are to remember that that peace comes from the Holy Spirit. The life of the believer shows proper growth and development when the power of the Holy Spirit enriches that growth in character. All the virtues of the fruit of the Spirit are to be shared with others. The peace of natural man is very different from the scriptural definition of divine peace. In human concept, peace implies mental tranquility, absence of tension, or a settlement of disputes. Peace, the fruit of the Spirit, is the secure and confident repose of the soul in God himself.

Believers have composure of spirit in all circumstances because they are divinely insulated by the Holy Spirit, not from trials, but from the anxiety of life. Tags : fruit , peace , spirit. Category : Spirit , Winter Joy is the natural experience that comes from contemplating our salvation and the blessings that stem from it. Peace is the same as assurance. The quietness of the soul as C. Lenski calls it that is unmoved despite the trials and tribulations here on earth.

It is an experience of the soul that transcends suffering, fear and death. It is a spiritual balance that we attain as we walk in submission to the Holy Spirit. Note that these three love, joy and peace refer to the inner experiences that those who follow the Spirit enjoy.

The Spirit fashions these experiences in us primarily though our increased knowledge of God and our increased understanding of the revelation of Christ contained in the gospel. Knowing of God's mercy and salvation in Christ, and having this truth pressed into our minds and hearts engenders our own God-like love, provokes joy, and establishes within us a peace that goes beyond human understanding.

Love, joy and peace are the initial fruit produced in the soul of one saved by Christ and led by the Spirit. We make all kinds of litmus tests for finding out who are the legitimate disciples of Christ. Sometimes we resolve tricky religious judgments by saying, "Well, only God can see a person's heart" meaning, only God knows who are the real Christians. However, when God looks into a person's heart and finds no love, joy or peace created by faith in Christ, it does not matter what other credentials that person may have religious training, Bible knowledge, position in the church, etc.

You are not "in the Spirit" if the fruit of the Spirit is not in you to the degree that not only you are aware of it, but others are as well. Patience is that quality of being where the mind holds out before giving way to action. Patience is the willingness to bear under trial, inconvenience, unkindness and other forms of personal provocation without losing one's composure in Christ.

There can be all kinds of provocation of one who is patient but the spirit of that person holds out firmly and quietly. Our two eldest children, Paul and Julia, tell me numerous stories about their training in the Marine Corps and how the worst failure was to lose what they referred to as their "bearing. They said that at times their drill instructor would humiliate one of the recruits in order to get the others in that group to react in some way, but even their laughter was considered a loss of bearing and thus a failure on their part.

Of course, this training would become crucial in actual combat where each soldier would have to maintain their composure when surrounded by casualties and chaos. Keeping one's bearing could mean the difference between life and death, victory or defeat. The same is true when it comes to spiritual warfare. Keeping one's spirit in check is often the difference between spiritual life or a fall into deadly sinfulness, and the pain and sorrow that comes with it.

Key Points

Kindness refers to an attitude that is well disposed, sweet and gracious. A synonym for kindness is the word "benign" something that harbors no danger or disease. Kindness is a disposition of character that is best seen in generosity.

Fruit of the Spirit - Early Childhood Lesson 1

Kind people are generous in all things. It is the opposite of being mean-spirited, cheap, legalistic or narrow-minded. The kind person is first aware of what God has done for him and is moved to largesse. Kindness is open and generous with time, affection, reward and encouragement. A kind person has no problem giving in various ways because he realizes that everything has been given to him by God to begin with.

The 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The third virtue listed in the second group is very similar to kindness. The main difference is that "goodness" refers to what a person actually does rather than the level of moral excellence they have achieved. Goodness wants good for others, is interested in the plight of others, does good things for the good of others. Kindness is about attitude, goodness is more about acts.

Patience, kindness and goodness are less about how a person feels and more about one's relationship with other people. Of course, one who experiences love, joy and peace will soon cultivate patience, kindness and goodness because one set of virtues stem from the other set. It is not something we can obtain through our own efforts, nor something that can be taken away by life's difficulties or conflicts.

The Fruit of the Spirit: Peace : The Pneuma Review

In Jesus' words: "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" John Experiencing peace: We can, however, rob ourselves of the peace that Christ offers. That's why we are commanded to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts Colossians By replacing anxiety with prayer and thankfulness. John "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Turn on some music, and let it play quietly in the background. Then give each child a spoon and a pot or metal bowl.

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Tell them to bang on their pots and sing loudly when you say, "Go," and to stop when you say, "Stop. When you are done, gather the noisemakers, then sit and listen to the quiet music. After the noise making and the quiet music, the parent could ask each child which activity was more peaceful. Talk about how the quiet music is like the peace that God gives us.

Trusting God and knowing He's there for us gives us peace. We can have that peace no matter what's happening in our lives. Play Stress Tag. With your hands waving all around your head like a chaotic windmill, say, "Stress, stress, stress. You may only tag those who are not saying, "I have God's peace.

You can't. Afterward, tell your children that God says we shouldn't be stressed or worried about anything Matthew Remind them to talk to Jesus and ask Him for peace and calmness when they're having a bad day.