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RSS Feed. Street Craps Rules Players must first identify the player who will be shooting dice — the shooter. The shooter will then need to make a bet followed by the rest of the group in the clockwise direction. The come out roll comes next. The shooter and any other player who bet in favor of the shooter win the game if a 7 or 11 is rolled.

If a 2, 3 or 12 come up when the dice are rolled the shooter and other players who bet for him lose. A Point number, which is a number other than those mentioned above, must be set up. So if the come out roll is not any of those numbers listed above that number will be designated as the point number. The roll is next and the goal is for the shooter to roll the number identified as the point before he rolls a 7. Rolling dice proceeds until a 7 or the Point is rolled. The shooter loses if the 7 comes up and wins if the Point is rolled.

If other numbers are rolled the shooter continues rolling the dice. The round ends only after a 7 or the point is rolled. Street Craps vs Casino Craps Rules of street craps vary from casino craps in several ways. Craps Come Bet Strategy. Craps Bets Explained. Tee says:. September 16, at am. Tim says:. December 19, at pm.

Playing Craps in Las Vegas

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. But if you're going to be really comfortable at a craps table, you should know what's going on around you. The Ultimate Craps Guide describes other wagers in detail, but here are a few to focus on:. Once the point is established, you may back your pass or come bet with an odds bet.

The free odds are paid at true odds, meaning there is no house edge on that portion of your bet.


These are the near opposites of pass and come. Instead of winning when the shooter repeats a point number before rolling a 7, don't bettors win when the 7 comes first.

How to Throw and Control Dice in Craps

One point of difference is that while pass and come bettors lose when the comeout is 2, 3 or 12, don't bettors win only on 2 or 3, while a comeout roll of 12 is a push. Again, these are paid at true odds and there is no house edge. These are multiroll bets that skip the comeout. If you place 6, for example, you win if the shooter rolls a 6, but lose if a 7 comes first.

No other numbers matter. The lowest house edge comes if you place 6 or 8. Other numbers have higher edges. These are some of the best bets at craps and are described in detail, along with other wagers and their house edges, elsewhere in the guide. Craps practically has a language of its own, especially if you get into the slang some dealers use to call out different dice combinations. You'll often hear "Yo-leven," or sometimes just "yo," for 11, but from some dealers you might also hear "six-five, no jive. Once you have the basic knowledge of the game and are ready to try shooting dice in a casino, there are procedures to follow:.

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Once you take your place at the table, the dice will come to you in your turn. When a shooter sevens out, the dice are offered to the next player clockwise around the table.

Learning Craps Rules for Dummies in 3 Minutes or Less

When that player sevens out, the dice go to the next player, and so on around the table. When it is your turn, the stickman will push several dice toward you - the stickman is one of the crew that runs the game.

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He's easy to spot because he has a large stick, curved at the end so he can hook the dice after each roll and bring them back to the shooter. You may pick up dice and choose which two you want to shoot. The dice are identical to manufacturer's specification, but some players just think some dice feel luckier than others. Before shooting dice, you must make a bet on the pass line. When you get the go-ahead to roll, you must roll toward the end of the table that is farther away from you.

The casino wants to make sure rolls are as random as possible. As long random rolls bring up dice combinations in normal proportions, the odds of the game will hold up and the house will make money. Keeping all that in mind, there are several ways shooters go about the physical roll of the dice:. You must obey all the table rules. You must put sufficient arc on your roll to satisfy the boxman and your roll must hit the back wall.

However, hot rolls that make money for players usually involve a streak in which the shooter is rolling fewer 7s than usual. Fewer 7s mean more points made before seven-out. You can win with 7s on comeout rolls, but for players who back their pass bets with free odds, the big wins come by making the points. And you can't make the points when the dice keep landing on 7.

In the good times, you seem to get in a rhythm in which the point numbers are rolling and the 7s are few and far between. The question craps players have been asking themselves for ages is whether there's anything they can do to make the good times come more often. Take the place bets on 6 or 8, as described above. When 7s occur an average of once every six rolls, as they do in a random game, the house has a 1.

But what if 7s don't come up once every six rolls? What if the shooter has a method that will depress 7s so they come up less often? Don Catlin, a retired professor of mathematics and statistics, took on that problem a few years ago. Catlin calculated that a shooter reaches the turning point, taking a slight edge when he can depress the frequency of 7s to 1 in 6. That the gap from 1 in 6 rolls to 1 in 6. But those who practice dice control say they can get there. No one claims to be able to step up to the table to roll 6s at will, or any other number.

Most of the emphasis is on decreasing the proportion of 7s once a point has been established. Some players going to the next level also try to increase the proportion of 7s on the comeout, so they win with more 7s on the comeout and also with fewer 7s after there's a point. The method for doing so sounds easy, but please keep in mind this is a physical skill. Like other physical skills such as shooting free throws in basketball, bowling or shooting billiards, dice control requires a great deal of practice and muscle memory.

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  5. Not everyone who tries it will be able to put it into practice and get an edge over the house. Some players -- perhaps even most players -- will find they're never able to cross the bridge from random results. Even those who are both skilled enough and practiced enough to control successfully will find there are days they're just out of rhythm. On such days, it's best to just walk away from the table.

    In theory, it all sounds easy enough: Swing your arm in a pendulum and release the dice gently so they bounce a minimum number of times. In practice, it's a difficult physical skill that takes time to master. Dice control experts suggest you set aside up to an hour a day to practice your roll, and to practice every day. Given all the time and repetition it takes, you don't want to make casino play all your practice time. When you're playing in a casino, you have money on the line. Besides, when you're waiting for other shooters, you're not spending all that much time practicing your roll.

    To get in enough practice time without the risk of big losing sessions, there are several methods you can use at home. The method that most closely simulates casino conditions is to buy a regulation craps table and practice on that.


    There are several problems with that method. For one thing, in some jurisdictions, private ownership of gambling equipment is illegal. Even where legal, craps tables are expensive and take up a lot of space. Only a few dedicated players with money to spend and plenty of space in their houses can go so far as to install a regulation table.

    This is much easier on both space and your budget than trying to by a full table.