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That was the most unsettling feeling.

Johnny Greaves: 100 fights, 96 defeats, four wins, one fine journeyman boxer

The hard part is just the discipline to do it every day. Getting started was tough, but once I started getting something out of my head and on paper, I was off and running. It was just the discipline to keep doing it every day. That helped, having someone who I was working with that would keep me accountable. It was a good system. The good thing was, we had a framework in place with the blogs, so that was a good starting point. From the time I met with the book agent to the time we submitted the final draft to the editor at Penguin was about six months.

At first it was theme-based, but the editor thought it was read better chronologically, so we had to do a little reorganizing after submitting that final draft. The hardest part for me when the book came out was the fact that not only did I write it, but this is my life.

Was it difficult to recollect some of the old stories? What was the score? What was the date? But once I started going down the road and put myself there, it all kind of came back to me. Also, doing the skates with the Ducks alumni — just being around hockey — helped as well. Everybody wonders about stories in the locker room and the road, and there are some stories.

It was about my parents. It was basically a conversation they would have about whose game they would watch between Chris and me, when Chris was in St. We can stay in the west wing of the mansion. Or we can go visit Sean.

Journeyman: The Many Triumphs (And Even More Defeats) Of A Guy Who'S S –

So, I had a whole chapter on that. I loved it, but I think they thought it took away from the storyline.

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On his time with the Ducks: "It was a thrill. To be part of a team that made the playoffs and the atmosphere of The Pond at the time, was unbelievable. This is a story about one of those losers and what goes on and what it takes to get there. Maybe you might think differently of him and identify with the struggles. The biggest thing I was worried about was how hockey guys would receive it. What do you take away from your time with the Ducks?

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It was a thrill. That whole experience was great, and then the next year when I held out, it was just so completely not what I had envisioned throughout the summer. It was a stressful time, and then thinking that everything you worked for was going to slip away. He is in many respects the classic East End tough guy; a hard exterior masking a private struggle with a soul wracked by doubt and low self-esteem that tortures him from within. There are bursts of bravado, of course, but the vulnerability appears more natural.

Johnny, as his manager, trainer and elder brother Frank puts it, is a glass half-empty man. He fought in search of acceptance and validation that he felt was always beyond his reach outside the ring and he appeared unwilling to stop until he found it. As his record progressed to 96 defeats from 99 fights, the casual observer could be forgiven for assuming that boxing was doing Greaves no favours. That spending six years getting beaten up for the pleasure of a baying, paying public is not going to provide the confidence booster he so desperately needs.

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But to think like that is to misunderstand the essence of the journeyman boxer. Boxing records can lie. They can lie about the ability of unbeaten prospects and they can lie about the talents and skills of seasoned journeymen. Greaves had all sorts of fights.

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There were some in which he was out of his league. Defeat was inevitable against such fighters because they are simply much better boxers. And to educate, a teacher is required. Greaves advanced the career of countless fighters down through the years. He primarily delivered lessons in ring craft and the darker arts of the professional game that amateurs must learn from scratch. But when his skill and tactical nous ran out in a fight, he would show a young buck the importance of heart.

Despite all the advantages his opponents carried with them to the ring, very few managed to stop Greaves before the final bell. Greaves orchestrated the chiming of his own final bell a year ago. Less fitting was the result. He won the fight. It was his th contest. That was the magic number for Greaves. The figure that he believed would make his parents proud and give himself the sense of achievement he so longed for. Using his talents to provide for his wife and kids, entertain punters, give better fighters a run for their money and emerge from it all unscathed should have already had him swelling with pride but regardless, Greaves wanted the century.

As he says, he knows too much to simply disappear from the fight game. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Journeyman: The Many Triumphs (and Even More Defeats) Of A Guy Who's Seen

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