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For Life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask, But once you have set the wages, Why, you must bear the task. Sometimes we take two steps forward And one-step back.

Who Was Rumi?

Some of us take baby steps Some of us take giant steps. Learn from backward steps And keep on stepping forward in this dance Called Life!

Every soul that touches yours — Be it the slightest contact — Get there from some good; Some little grace; one kindly thought; One aspiration yet unfelt; One bit of courage For the darkening sky; One gleam of faith To brave the thickening ills of life; One glimpse of brighter skies — To make this life worthwhile And heaven a surer heritage. With our family, life we share, They love us back, they truly care. I love life, for the little things, When a little child sings. If you want it to be meaningful, you have to think outside the box. Have you ever driven down a road?

Just to drive with no destination in mind. But still you strive for another tomorrow Hoping that in the long run Everything will turn out alright Just like the road though It must come to an end. The old dog barks backwards without getting up. I can remember when he was a pup. A Death blow is a Life blow to Some Who till they died, did not alive become— Who had they lived, had died but when They died, Vitality begun. Still must I climb if I would rest; The bird soars upward to his nest; The young leaf on the tree-top high Cradles itself within the sky.

I cannot in the valley stay: The great horizons stretch away; The very cliffs that wall me round Are ladders unto higher ground. I am not glad till I have known Life that can lift me from mine own; A loftier level must be won. A mightier strength to lean upon..

Life is curved in the shape of a flower, a curved trajectory that loops back on itself repeatedly until the last petal falls. I keep on dying again. Veins collapse, opening like the Small fists of sleeping Children. Memory of old tombs, Rotting flesh and worms do Not convince me against The challenge. The years And cold defeat live deep in Lines along my face.

They dull my eyes, yet I keep on dying, Because I love to live. It seems to us that since these people became famous because of writing, they probably knew more about this life than we do and their poems are definitely worth reading. I shall imagine life is not worth dying, if and when roses complain their beauties are in vain. What are heavy? Sea-sand and sorrow; What are brief? Today and tomorrow; What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth; What are deep? The ocean and truth.

The Life we have is very great. The Life that we shall see Surpasses it, we know, because It is Infinity. Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. The love that I have Of the life that I have Is yours and yours and yours. A sleep I shall have A rest I shall have Yet death will be but a pause For the peace of my years In the long green grass Will be yours and yours and yours. Let me but live my life from year to year, With forward face and unreluctant soul; Not hurrying to, nor turning from the goal; Not mourning for the things that disappear In the dim past, nor holding back in fear From what the future veils; but with a whole And happy heart, that pays its toll To Youth and Age, and travels on with cheer.

I am not jealous of what came before me. Come with a man on your shoulders, come with a hundred men in your hair, come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet, come like a river full of drowned men which flows down to the wild sea, to the eternal surf, to Time! Bring them all to where I am waiting for you; we shall always be alone, we shall always be you and I alone on earth to start our life! The chances that you will be able to put everything you know about life and everything you feel about it just in a few words are miserable. Frankly, if someone can explain what life is in a poem consisting of 3 or 4 lines, well, that person is a genius, agree?

In his conception wretched; from the womb so to the tomb: Curst from the cradle, and brought up to years, with cares and fears.

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Who then to frail mortality shall trust, But limns the water, or but writes in dust. What is it then to have no wife, but single thralldom or a double strife?

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Our own affections still at home to please, is a disease: To cross the sea to any foreign soil, perils and toil: Wars with their noise affright us: when they cease, We are worse in peace: What then remains, but that we still should cry, Not to be born, or being born, to die. O Life with the sad seared face, I weary of seeing thee, And thy draggled cloak, and thy hobbling pace, And thy too-forced pleasantry! But canst thou not array Thyself in rare disguise, And feign like truth, for one mad day, That Earth is Paradise?

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  • I count each day a little life, With birth and death complete; I cloister it from care and strife And keep it sane and sweet. With eager eyes I greet the morn, Exultant as a boy, Knowing that I am newly born To wonder and to joy. O that all Life were but a Day Sunny and sweet and sane! What mettle are you made of my son? From what fiber have you been cast? In glass, or wood, or iron are thee?

    By your life are these questions asked. You may learn much about a man By his fortitude and his grain, Only in time will each be tested Under stress, through fire, or disdain. Now a man of glass can be seen through With simply a look or a glance. Ignorant before the heavens of my life, I stand and gaze in wonder.

    Oh the vastness of the stars. Their rising and descent. How still. Do I have any share in this? Have I somehow dispensed with their pure effect? Let me put aside every desire, every relationship except this one, so that my heart grows used to its farthest spaces. Better that it live fully aware, in the terror of its stars, than as if protected, soothed by what is near. Life is like a river, constantly flowing, Life is like a tree, constantly growing. Life is like the desert, constantly changing, Life is like the oceans, constantly re-arranging, Life is accepting, both others and yourself, Life is understanding, and believing in oneself, Life is committing, and doing the best you can, Life is believing, and being your own very best fan.

    Life is for loving, and also for caring, Life is for helping, and giving and sharing. Life is the seeds that you plant each day, Life is creating a better world in which to stay. As a way of expressing oneself, poems have always been popular. If I should die and leave you here a while, be not like others sore undone, who keep long vigil by the silent dust. For my sake turn again to life and smile, nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do something to comfort other hearts than mine. Complete these dear unfinished tasks of mine and I perchance may therein comfort you.

    Your glory of life lies in Your glory of life lies in the way You conduct things for yourself See the life you want to see Be the freedom to express in be Be the sun that shines so bright Be the moon with the radiance and light Be the change you want to be Everything you want to see Be the master of your own life You will not have to struggle or strive Be the happiness in all times Be the life that cheer you wise The life that would be so nice!

    Life is full of ups and downs Life is full of ups and down You win some in the way my friend Sometimes you just lose the crown Do not look back into the past Future is waiting and it is so vast Live the moments that make you smile You will be happy all the while Stay as you are and unveil All the things that time you will feel Life is a wonderful thing happened to you Cherish it all from your heart Feel special and feel along This is just your awesome start Life is wonderful you have to see Life is beautiful and pretty! An unsaid feeling Life is an unsaid feeling, The feeling is unthinkable, The many things we share, Over the top and uphill, Makes us a better person, Life is truly a way, Do explore with your right and say!

    Be Strong! There are times when things go wrong, But, you need to be strong, Because it may be a temporary tide, So be all out and don't you hide, Because you are really strong!

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    Celebrate your life Celebrate the spirit of life For it gives you so much you may never know It gives you love of your family It gives you your peace of mind It lets you have your say, And be the one of a kind Celebrate each day of being For this time will never come again So just live your life to fullest And don't you pretend! Endure The Pain Apart from all the ups and downs, Life is always fun in the end, Because your pain only, Becomes your biggest strength, This helps you to lead your way! Enjoy and Always Smile You should enjoy the little things that you have in life, Because when you look back in time, Those things will also look big to you, So, enjoy and smile always!

    Feel the joy within Feel the joy in your heart as life is so short Time will not stay for you always You have to take a stand and make it alive You have to play your part well So leave all the stress of yesterday And leave the things of dwell Just look ahead to the bright new day As it's a new day and a new way Of life per say!

    From all the things From vice things which control the mind, To good thoughts, being one of the kind, From everlasting bliss and happiness within, To all the sorrows, anguish and sin, From living to be a complete human being, To believe the other side of what one is seeing!

    Life is just a name of being! If you think good about life If you think about life You will dwell more in to it So give it your peace and all your stress will cease Be sure of what you really want Then you will be able to flaunt Life may be complicated at times It may be really bad But it's not the same each day So there is nothing to get or say Life changes its routes So you also do!