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Martha decides to show that she's even more perfect than the perfect pet, so Helen won't replace her with a mechanical mutt. If that fails, can she work with Nelson to get rid of Dynamo? March 20, [5]. Ronald gives Helen his old Gamekid, and pretty soon she's hooked!

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She forgets to walk Martha, neglects her homework, and becomes completely preoccupied. When Helen forgets to feed Martha and Skits again, and misses the field trip because she forgot her permission slip , she turns to Martha for help. Can Helen break the habit? Every spring, Martha gets an urge to dig that she just cannot control. When Martha's habit gets her in trouble with the whole neighborhood, the family decides they need to put her desire to dig to good use. April 6, [6]. Helen is sad when her drawing doesn't win the art competition, so Mom decides to bake her a cake to cheer her up.

But when a last—minute order comes in at the flower shop, Martha and Skits decide to take over. Do two dogs with no thumbs and a cookbook have what it takes to bake? Always on the lookout for a way to avoid bathing, Martha decides TD's dad OG should invent a perfume that will cover up her doggy scent.

After a few tries, he concocts the perfect pooch perfume. So why is Martha begging for a bath? April 7, [7]. Demson hates dogs and blames them for everything, which is a problem since she lives right down the street from Martha. But she changes her tune after Martha witnesses an accident that destroys Mrs. Demson's lawn furniture. Now Mrs. Demson will do anything to get Martha to appear as her witness in court.

Something smells bad and it's Martha. Faced with yet another bath, Martha makes a stand for her right to, well, stink. But if Martha is going to stand up for her rights, Dad says she can do it outside. Will Martha be an outside dog forever? April 8, [8]. TD thinks it would be funny to put Martha's name on the list for substitute teachers. What started out as a joke, turns into a nightmare for Helen, Alice, and TD, when Martha gets the job and takes it very seriously.

TD swears he'll start working on his report just as soon as he watches the "Harry Blotter, Boy Wizard" movie marathon, all nine parts! As Helen predicted, TD winds up in a panic until he has a moment of inspiration. Thus, he might pull off his project in time. April 9, [9]. Helen's mom and dad are starring in the community theater production, and Helen's the stage manager.


Even Martha gets a part When the big night finally comes, Mom and Dad get trapped in their dressing room. The play must go on, but now the bull is the bullfighter and the bullfighter is What will they do for an encore? When Helen leaves Martha off her family tree, Martha decides to make her own pack. However, the call of the wild becomes the call of the can opener for her pack mates, and soon Martha is left alone at Doghead Lake, hunting for dinner. April 10, [10]. Martha is secretly trapped inside Pablum and Weaselgraft's hideout. She manages to call Helen and tell her how to get there by smell.

For the same story from a different sensory perspective, Martha once again finds herself trapped in Weaselgraft and Pablum's lair, but this time she leads Helen and TD to their hideout by describing what she hears. It sounded like a good idea Why is Martha so grumpy? She's offended just about everybody with her insults. Truman figures out that she's saying the exact reverse of what she means to say.

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But can they figure out the cure before she ruins Grandpa Bernie's birthday party? Truman and TD both wish they had a brother. If Skits and Martha can be sort of siblings, why can't the two of them? Helen and Alice bet the boys that they can't keep the brother thing up for a week, because they do not exactly have a lot in common. Martha hosts a TV show where she helps people understand their animals better by explaining what they're saying. Unfortunately, the only viewers are Martha and her friends, so the producers try a new format, Crime Scene Doggie.

Martha and Skits don't want to share their newest, coolest dog toy. Their bickering is driving Helen nuts, and now TD and Alice have taken sides. Can't they all just get along? Martha becomes a hospital therapy dog, spreading cheer among the patients. But trouble brews when Mrs. Demson, who claims a horrible allergy to dogs, is admitted for an invisible rash. Can Martha sneak in to help the other patients without Mrs.

Demson knowing? Ralph, the wounded duck from the lake, has settled in at Martha's house to convalesce. Pretty soon, it feels like the duck is taking over. How long does it take for a duck's wing to heal anyway? Is it possible that Ralph has gotten a little too comfortable? Where has Truman been and why is he acting so weird?

He's hiding in the garage, lurking in the shadows. He finally agrees to tell the whole gruesome story, but will it be too horrible for them to bear? Skits loves to watch Malcolm, the blue monkey on TV. In fact, he loves Malcolm so much he wants to be Malcolm, and he starts wearing a polka dot bowtie. Martha is mortified to be seen with him in public.

How long is this phase going to last—or could it be permanent? What's gotten into Bob? He's off his chain and he's chasing Truman all over town. Can Martha figure out what's bothering Bob? Season finale. It's sweltering hot and everybody is miserable. To distract Jake from the heat, Martha tells him about Goldi—Martha and the Skits Hatter and Little Red Riding Helen and their adventures among giants, queens, and a very familiar fire—breathing cat.

Martha's family has a birthday surprise — a new dog bed! After a few sleepless nights, the family realizes that Martha misses her stinky old chair. But Mrs. Demson bought it and has plans of her own for the chair after she sees one just like it on Antiques Roadshow. Does T. The zoo is in danger of closing! Helen and T. But it turns out animal painting isn't exactly what they thought Granny Flo is hosting a variety show. Helen and Carolina team up to perform a pantomime, Alice practices her tap dance routine, and Truman perfects his water glass symphony, but T. Will they ever find their voice?

Someone keeps stealing the zoo's peanut supply. All clues point to Jeffy the elephant, but Martha and Skits are determined to prove his innocence. Can their crack crime-fighting team — a lemur, a bat, a penguin, a baby tiger, and Jeffy — help them outwit the thieves? After Martha accidentally eats a secret code, it's really, really hard to understand what she's saying. Now Martha's lost and she's leaving Helen coded phone messages. Can Helen break the code and find out where she is? Martha's family is going to Montana on vacation and Martha doesn't want to be left behind.

But that cargo hold where dogs have to travel sounds scary. Can Martha find her ticket to ride? Martha is excited to go on a cattle drive. Cookie the cowhand isn't so sure that Martha is fit for the trip and he might be right. Can Martha show Cookie that she has what it takes to be at home on the range? Stuck in a traffic jam, Helen's father tells the story of the day Jake was born, and how Martha was able to help Helen's mother get on the hospital on time. Truman tells Martha the story of Balto , the heroic Alaskan sled dog. Now Martha wants to become a sled dog, too! Weaselgraft and Pablum overhear her desire to mush.

Will "Malto" deliver herself right into their hands? When Martha gets a piece of glass in her paw, Everyone realizes that littering hurts more than the environment. But what can they do about it? As Alice, Helen and T. Teddy, a neighborhood dog, is sick, and the vet doesn't know why. When Martha is called in to consult, even she can't diagnose the patient.

Enlisting the help of the dog pack, they scour the yard for hazardous materials — when the cause of the problem could be right under their noses. Inspired by an old Tarzan-style movie, T. Under Martha's tutelage, he begins his lessons. Clusky asks the class to present projects on the solar system, but T. Can he save the Planet of the Dogs from evil space cats and still get his homework in on time?

Inspired by T. Skits is afraid of hockey pucks, but why? Helen tells the story of how puppy Skits chased a puck onto thin ice, and how quick thinking by Martha saved the day. When Helen and Martha discover a dog locked in a hot car on a sweltering summer's day, they snap into action. While they try to track down the owner, it becomes almost impossible for them to keep their cool. May 11, [11]. Truman is worried that his mom doesn't think he's special anymore.

She's too busy taking care of the babies at her daycare. Martha knows just how he feels. She felt the same way when the family got that cute puppy Skits. Helen is shocked to find that someone has eaten the cookies she was supposed to sell for the school fundraiser.

Feeling stuffed and guilty, Martha knows just the thing to raise the money: a dog circus! Crabby Mrs. Demson is suddenly friendly, cheerful, and fun. What could be wrong with her? Martha sets out to get to the bottom of the mystery. When Carolina reads about a dog inheriting millions, she's appalled. What could a dog do with all that money? Martha discovers that it isn't who spends it, but how you spend it, that matters most. Everyone is excited for Carolina's birthday, everyone, that is, except Carolina. She still has not used her gift certificate from last year's birthday, and it is going to expire the following night.

She and Helen rush to the store to pick out the perfect gift. When Truman sends away for a science kit, he dreams about all the new inventions he will create. But can reality really live up to his big dreams? TD thinks dogs have it easy — no school, no homework, no schedule — but Martha begs to differ. When the two decide to switch roles for a day, they discover that life can be surprisingly tough in someone else's shoes or tail. When Martha begins to sniff out leads for Carolina's paper, the news is not fit to print.

Can Martha redeem herself before she puts the paper out of business? With The Ronald Report as her new competition, Carolina needs stories, big stories, to keep her paper afloat. But then she finds a story that's stranger than she bargained for. According to Martha, dogs gave humans lots of stuff: fire, philosophy, physics, art, and even language. Could this explain why Shakespeare's hero is named Hamlet? The gang has borrowed a video camera from the library so they can film their very own Wild West production.

They each tell their versions, featuring pioneers, outlaws, and TD has found the best birthday gift of all time for his cousin CD: He's going to put on a magic show at his party. He wants to really "wow" the crowd, so the bigger the trick, the better. But what happens when his magic gets out of control?

To escape a storm, the kids and dogs retreat into the Boxwood's house.

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TD, Alice, and Helen decide to tell spooky stories to pass the time. But as spooky things start happening in the house, they wonder if their stories might be a little too real. An opera contest! Sounds boring! But before you know it, the kids have cooked up their own ideas of what an opera should be. Bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft have a plan to freeze people at a charity concert by using the power of very strange music.

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Can Martha turn down the volume on their evil scheming before it's too late? Everyone's too busy to play with Skits. While he's moping around the neighborhood, he meets Milo, a lonesome newcomer who just moved to Wagstaff City. The two bond, but when they tell their respective families about their new companion, no one believes they're real. Truman is afraid to try out his new sled on the town's steepest, scariest, lumpiest hill.

His friends are convinced that Truman is braver than he seems. Is he? Boxwood offers Martha a part in Alice in Wonderland, and Martha is thrilled at her new chance to become a star of the stage. But when Martha finds out what she's cast as, she's horrified. Martha wishes she could help solve crimes like Rascal the police dog, and she's in luck!

Officer O'Reilly lets Martha fill in while Rascal is away. Out patrolling, Martha smells a rat. Can she convince them that there's something rotten in the rutabaga? Helen wishes she could be a kid detective just like her favorite book character, Curious Crystal.

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When Helen and Martha find a business card for "The Whistler" with "You've been warned" written on the back, they think their career as super sleuths has begun. On a rainy, boring day, the gang does what everybody does on a rainy day: act out Greek myths!

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  • And, as always, they are really better with dogs! TD isn't satisfied with any Greek myth, so he decides to write his own version. With the help of Martha and Truman, he puts on a performance that exceeds everyone's expectations Using sun, wind, and pond scum, the gang gathers at the starting line. Who will win the trophy, and most importantly, how?

    Who has been stealing things from the local junkyard? When Detective TD announces the identity of his main suspect, everyone is shocked. The gang is camping out. The tent is pitched, they have played a hundred hands of Go Fish, and they've even eaten all the s'mores — but they still aren't tired. When TD suggests they tell science fiction stories, no one expects this story to end as it does: to be continued! A shadow on the outside of the tent inspires still more stories. With humans shrinking to the size of ants, and ants growing to the size of humans, everyone has something to contribute.

    See also: Gulliver's Travels. For TD, summer always goes by too quickly, so he decides to spend this summer in the only place where the days never end: school. But is sitting alone in an empty classroom the best way to spend summer? Helen watched a horror movie right before she went to sleep; thus she has nightmares. Martha helps her understand that things are not always what they seem. Everyone is going to a pool party, including Alice. However, a side effect of a sunscreen she was using dyes her skin orange, embarrassing her. Carolina adopts a new puppy, and she is so excited as the puppy's size matches her purse!

    But when the gang points out the pup will not stay pocketbook-sized for long, she regrets her impulsive adoption. Thus, they need to be able to find a home for Lily. Helen's family friend Kit Luntayne is upset. She's had to leave her lovable dog, Cora, at home while she travels with her acting troupe. Backstage at the theater, Martha meets Ham Johnson, an actor who admires Kit and wants to impress her.

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    Together they hatch a plan to reunite Kit with her dog. What could possibly go wrong? Confusion ensues as Martha and Ham cross paths with a troupe of circus dogs who all look exactly like Cora. Can our heroes find the real Cora before she's sent off to perform in the big top? Or before Kit finds out about the mess they've made? Billy Collins writes great poems about dogs, and Martha thinks she knows why.

    Obviously, the former poet laureate must be a canine himself! When Martha meets Billy Collins she's in for a few surprises When Milo reads in front of other people he gets nervous. The whole gang gets excited about helping Milo. Maybe too excited. Can Milo find the Reading Buddy who's perfect for him? Using her unique superpower to control people with verbs, Martha sniffs out trouble and defends the town from evil.

    Weaselgraft and Pablum have a new invention that is sure to make them rich again. The Adverbalizer activates adverbs — giving the user the ability to make things happen completely, sloppily, instantly Of course, T. Part 1: The Bookbots are back and faced with a new nemesis: The Announcer. Part 2: The Announcer is still at large and has put the city into grammatical peril.

    Truman becomes more and more certain that his activity partner T. Milo is super-excited to go to Camp Winnetka this summer — he's been packing since Christmas. But when Truman discovers that Camp Winnetka is closing, he takes it upon himself to cheer Milo up — by showing him how miserable and grueling camp can be. Helen's hefty schoolwork load leaves her with little time left to spend with Martha. At loose ends, Martha finds a friend in Professor Monkey, whose wacky inventions propel Martha into a world of new adventures. When Carolina chastises Martha for her doggish mannerisms, Martha wishes Carolina could just see things from her point of view.

    That night, Carolina goes to sleep, only to awake as What will happen when she's forced to take on a furry, four-legged perspective? Part 1: When Martha learns that Helen's extended family will be coming for Thanksgiving, she decides to search for her own long-lost canine siblings. Tails begin to wag as the family reunites, but where is Martha's mother? Part 2: Still in search of her mother, Martha digs into her past to uncover the reason why they were separated. The kids can't come to an agreement, so T.

    He uses a time machine to bring a dinosaur back from the late Cretaceous period. Let the competition begin. The Wagstaff Dogs are tired of losing every game. In their search for new leadership, the gang is shocked to discover a fanatical coach in Can the girly-girl protect her image and still bring the team to victory? When Martha is asked to sing at an animal rescue fundraiser, she's thrilled. But on the day of the concert, Martha gets mixed up with another dog, a dog belonging to a lady named Jennifer.

    Can Martha help Jennifer locate her missing pup before it's time to sing? Martha's constant pursuit of snacks has added some extra pounds and the vet says she needs to lose some weight. The family resolves to help Martha control her portions and maintain a balanced diet, but when Martha learns what this means, she's pretty fed up. No more late night pizza? Martha pitches in to run Tio Jorge's market while everyone else is busy. Will Martha and her canine coworkers be able to satisfy their customers' needs? Or is a staff of dogs in a store full of food a recipe for trouble? Burger Boy, the gang's favorite childhood restaurant, is going out of business.

    Can Martha and Friends' advertising campaign save their local eatery? Or are they doomed because of competition from the newest burger chain in town, Big Burgertorium? Milo and Truman visit the museum to save the fossil exhibit before it closes its doors. Martha and Skits both decide to be the tooth fairies for puppies, but this proves to be easier said than done. When Martha figures out one about superpowered puppies, Laslo thinks that it's real, so Martha tries to clear things up.

    It's the first day of spring! Everyone wants to play kick-up but the ball is missing, so the gang tries to remember who had the ball last. Martha thinks that adding another puppy to the family would be a good idea. However, the family disagrees, so she teaches Jake how to be her puppy. Unfortunately, the family worries that the lessons are causing Jake to regress.

    After T. The gang and Truman's cousin Stanley try to prevent Louie Kablooey and Jimmy Gimmie from robbing the jewelry store again. When garbage cans across the city are being knocked over, Mrs. Dempson tries to propose a leash law. This prompts Martha, Skits, and their fellow canines to find who really knocked the trash cans over, but tensions run high when Martha and Skits begin to suspect each other as the culprit. Martha and Helen help a border collie herd an easily distracted sheep to attend the herding festival.

    Martha and Skits meet with a bully dog named Jaws and they must find the best way to avoid from that dog. Bookbots are back for the third time but they're out of shape! So, they try to exercise before stopping a suspicious villain. Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished and achieved when Martha swallows Hamlet. Never was a dog's desire for meat so artfully expressed. It's the Town Crier deadline and Carolina needs a headline.

    Hot on the trail for a story, and a biscuit, Senior Canine Reporter Martha stumbles into a scoop that screams front page: the whereabouts of Big Minnie. When Alice tells the story of how she got Nelson, her class is confused. She ate pizza while playing hockey in an animal shelter. And that is the experiment that tells exactly what conditions you have to use in order to be careful and control everything in an experiment with rat-running.

    I looked into the subsequent history of this research. The next experiment, and the one after that, never referred to Mr. They never used any of his criteria of putting the corridor on sand, or of being very careful. They just went right on running rats in the same old way, and paid no attention to the great discoveries of Mr. Young, and his papers are not referred to, because he didn't discover anything about rats. In fact, he discovered all the things you have to do to discover something about rats. But not paying attention to experiments like that is a characteristic of cargo cult science.

    I learned a way of expressing this common human problem on a trip to Honolulu. In a Buddhist temple there, the man in charge explained a little bit about the Buddhist religion for tourists, and then ended his talk by telling them he had something to say to them that they would never forget — and I have never forgotten it. It was a proverb of the Buddhist religion:. To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell. What then, is the value of the key to heaven?

    It is true that if we lack clear instructions that enable us to determine which is the gate to heaven and which the gate to hell, the key may be a dangerous object to use. Ages on ages before any eyes could see year after year thunderously pounding the shore as now. For whom, for what? On a dead planet with no life to entertain. Never at rest tortured by energy wasted prodigiously by the sun poured into space. A mite makes the sea roar. Deep in the sea all molecules repeat the patterns of one another till complex new ones are formed.

    They make others like themselves and a new dance starts. Growing in size and complexity living things masses of atoms DNA, protein dancing a pattern ever more intricate. Out of the cradle onto dry land here it is standing: atoms with consciousness; matter with curiosity. Stands at the sea, wonders at wondering: I a universe of atoms an atom in the universe. Now, we scientists are used to this, and we take it for granted that it is perfectly consistent to be unsure, that it is possible to live and not know.

    Our freedom to doubt was born out of a struggle against authority in the early days of science. It was a very deep and strong struggle: permit us to question — to doubt — to not be sure. I think that it is important that we do not forget this struggle and thus perhaps lose what we have gained. How can all that be going on in that tiny space? So I have often made the hypotheses that ultimately physics will not require a mathematical statement, that in the end the machinery will be revealed, and the laws will turn out to be simple, like the chequer board with all its apparent complexities.

    There are a number of possibilities. Another possibility is that it is the same damn thing over and over again—that Nature has only one way of doing things, and She repeats her story from time to time. A third possibility is that things look similar because they are aspects of the same thing—some larger picture underneath, from which things can be broken into parts that look different, like fingers on the same hand.

    Many physicists are working very hard trying to put together a grand picture that unifies everything into one super-duper model. But, fortunately, it's been useless for almost forty years now, hasn't it? So I've been wrong about it being useless making bridges and I'm glad those other people had the sense to go ahead. I was scared green.

    I replied in an equally mean voice, "Get out of my way, or I'll pee right through ya! No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated. Neither may a government determine the aesthetic value of artistic creations, nor limit the forms of literary or artistic expression. Nor should it pronounce on the validity of economic, historic, religious, or philosophical doctrines. Instead it has a duty to its citizens to maintain the freedom, to let those citizens contribute to the further adventure and the development of the human race.

    The reason for telling you about him now is that his excellence is so well known, both at Princeton where he worked before he came here, and to a not inconsiderable number of "big shots" on this project, that he has already been offered a position for the post war period, and will most certainly be offered others. I feel that he would be a great strength for our department, tending to tie together its teaching, its research and its experimental and theoretical aspects.