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Discoveries have revealed a settlement that was a port site that facilitated the movement of goods upstream to Naucratis investigated by the British Museum and the capital at Sais investigated by the University of Durham. It was also a naval and military base defending the region against attack. And finally, it was a hugely important religious settlement with extensive evidence of ritual practise, sacred canals and religious offerings.

Despite the extensive amount of investigation undertaken at the site and the remarkable finds discovered including over 64 shipwrecks, the reasons why it became submerged beneath the waters of the Mediterranean have only recently been fully understood. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

His son, Telemakhos, was a new-born infant then. By now, the Greeks have all sailed back from Troy -- except for Odysseus.

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Where is Odysseus? No one knows, or even if he is alive or dead. Now a young man, Telemakhos bitterly complains that his father is lost at sea:. To lose a parent is disorienting. If we are young, like Telemakhos, it can feel as if the floor has fallen out from under our feet.

Our sense of who we are is changed in a confusing way. With time, this passes: we move on, and live life in a new way.

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How much worse to be Telemakhos. He longs to move on, but he can't. The Greeks felt threatened by the sea's power to leave a person unaccounted for. We have our modern versions of this fear; for many, recent events have made them a reality.

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In the end, Odysseus survived the sea, and his skill at telling stories helped to save him. Shipwrecked on the isle of the Phaeacians, he earned his passage home by entertaining them with tales of his adventures. Perhaps, in times like these, hearing stories can also be helpful. Stories cannot take away our fears, but they can comfort and console us -- most of all when they show us that our fears are not new, unique, or isolated; stories can show us that we are in fact living out human patterns much older than we are.

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I'm Hilary Mackie, interested in stories as timeless testament to the ways in which inventive minds work. Excellent translations of the Odyssey are available by Robert Fagles Viking, ; now also available in paperback [Penguin] , Robert Fitzgerald Noonday, , and Richmond Lattimore Perennial [reprint of edition]. Each has different strengths.

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I like Lattimore because it seems so close in sound and spirit to Homer's Greek. However, many readers especially like Fagles' translation, which makes the poem highly readable and accessible to the modern ear. Fitzgerald's translation captures especially well the sense of magic and enchantment that pervades much of the poem.

George Chapman's translation, which may be read online , was first published in and has become a classic in its own right. Her interests include Greek poetry, myth and folklore, oral tradition and performance, heroic literature in particular, Homeric poetry and the Icelandic sagas , the Victorian novel, the classical tradition, and children's literature.

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