Manual Zwei Wünsche zu Weihnachten (German Edition)

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Source: Europarl. It is in everyone's interest that a transitional system enters into force by Christmas.

German-English translation for "weihnachten"

Thank you for listening and Merry Christmas. After Christmas, the work now begins again. In China, Christmas is another holiday for consumption. In China ist Weihnachten nichts weiter als ein Konsumfeiertag.

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Source: GlobalVoices. This traditional holiday rivals Christmas in importance. Dieser traditionelle Feiertag ist in den Niederlanden ebenso wichtig wie Weihnachten. Thank you and happy Christmas. We have a ludicrously small amount of committee time between now and Christmas to deal Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7.

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Source: News-Commentary. One day, Miriam disappears without a trace. But patients do walk away from rehab time and again, so no one suspects foul play—no one except Alicia.

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Determined to conduct her own search, she asks for help from a chemo-ravaged police detective, Chris Winkler, who jumps at a chance to put his dormant expertise to use in the investigation. Online translation says it means make a wish.

"Weihnachten" English translation

I am not yet sure how to interpret it. Is it something like "I wish you something"?

Weihnachtsspecial!! Was wünscht du dir zu Weihnachten? #Wünsche

Why is "dir" there? No, it means that one should wish something for oneself.

Lesson Wishes on Special Occasions | Yes German

I think the translation make a wish is a pretty good fit. Information about the conjugation of the verb can be found on several websites, for example the duden.

But without context I don't know the song one would normally assume the meaning mentioned in the first answer. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Perhaps you're referring to this song: en.