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IEEE-USA Salary Service

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    Newsletter Categories. View the Digital Edition. March Table of Contents:. In recent years, employee satisfaction surveys for a number of my clients have pointed to a disconnect between top management and staff. Poor leadership scores in employee satisfaction surveys suggests leaders may not have the capacity to drive ongoing and effective strategic change. It is a cultivated capability that enables an organization to respond in a timely, effective and sustainable way when changing circumstances require it.

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    If unaddressed, distrust of senior management can generate a case of real-world employee cynicism: negative attitudes and disparagement based on the belief that the organization lacks integrity. When attitudes toward leaders are negative, how should the messengers—the quality managers—avoid the scenario presented in the last frame of the Dilbert cartoon?

    Salary Survey Report: Systems & Control Industry - Edition

    There are a number of things they can do to best handle these sensitive situations:. Remind executives that responding to an employee satisfaction survey is an act of faith that change is possible. When employees respond to a satisfaction survey, they expect the organization to use that information to make a positive change. Employees want to be heard and to see results. At the same time, they fear participating. If trust is an issue, guarantees of confidentiality and freedom from retaliation are essential.

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