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Learning about him. Walking with him. Knowing him.

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As Paul said, everything else is loss compared with knowing Christ see Phil. So a growing personal faith, commitment, and witness for Jesus Christ is the first thing necessary for a fruitful lay ministry. Jesus — name above all names, Word above all words, the way, the truth, and the life, who makes all things new. The Good News that we just have to share.

Thanks for your Jesus-centered leadership! Even the most literate person may stumble through one of St. Regardless of the specific content, reading in a public setting is not as simple as one might expect. But this is all the more reason to evaluate the way we read the Bible in church. Of course any of us may read the Bible at leisure in our home or virtually anywhere. The Bible is the best-selling book in the world, and there is no shortage of websites and smartphone apps that put the Scriptures at our fingertips.

7 Keys to Effective Ministry Meetings

But the Church has always privileged the public reading of Scripture as an act of worship. When we hear the Bible being read on a Sunday morning or at any of the other offices , this is what the Spirit is saying to the Church right now. We should listen. This is also why lay readers should consider their responsibility for what it is: a ministry.

And like all ministries, serving as a reader involves more than simply showing up. It should also be seen as an opportunity for evangelism. The way we read the Bible in Church is a reflection of how seriously we take the Bible in the life of the Church. The Rev. Stewart Clem is an assisting priest at St. Approach reading as an act of devotion. Look over the text before Sunday morning.

Take the time not only to read the passage but also to meditate on it. Say a prayer before reading, and ask the Holy Spirit for illumination. If you have time, read a little bit of the text before and after the assigned passage for a better sense of the context. This kind of preparation will enhance your ability to worship throughout the liturgy.

You may be surprised to find connections in the hymns or in the sermon that you would not have noticed otherwise. This is less about your mindset than the nuts and bolts of public reading. It helps to read the passage out loud when you practice. When we read silently, our minds make subtle corrections as our eyes skim the text. Read aloud, noting your speed, tone, and enunciation.

Jesus: First "Word" for a Fruitful Lay Ministry

Be sure to pause at appropriate points, and enunciate your words more deliberately than you would in everyday conversation. If making disciples is the key issue for the church, and if laity are the primary ministers of the church, then the primary role of laity is to invite their friends to Christ. Here is the weak link in the chain. I think so.

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Your thoughts would be appreciated. I think the scripture you are referring to is the one about Stephen and the widows and orphans, which left the leaders to spread the Gospel, not care for the congregation. The pastors role is to equip the saints for the work of ministry- ministry is taking care of the people. You and I just have different opinions on what leadership is all about. The only thing i can tell you is every great church Ive seen, large or small, that is expanding the Kingdom has a pastor who is in charge of the staff, not some committee. If you want a small church that has little effect on the community, let the laity do the hiring and firing.

Laity hate to fire someone they like and has sat with them in the hospital even though they know that person is a liability to overall working of the church. Instead of firing that person, they will overlook the faults, and in the process the church continues to decline, while taking good care of a handful of people. Ive seen this over and over in my consulting ministry. But this willnot happen when you have a pastor who is committed to growing the church and the Kingdom.

The role of leadership is to lead and transform.

Lay Ministers: Be Skilled AND Holy!

If you want to grow a church that makes a difference in the world, then you need to lead, and leading involves hiring and firing. My guess is you also dont believe the pastor should know what everyone gives. The problem with mainline Christianity is that we have too many pastors taking care of the flock instead of leaving the 99 to find that one lost sheep out in the wilderness. We are too focused on caring, and not enough focused on transforming. Twitter Facebook Instagram. Previous Next.

The results are debilitating for the church. One day a year, Laymen take over the Sunday worship. Just think what that says about ministry.

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We have made domestic house pets out of laity and they seldom leave the sandbox. This is an immoral situation.

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  • Laity are the most incredible people on the planet. You give yourself without any pay. Instead of fulfilling their primary role, too many laity become sidetracked into irrelevant offices and tasks. Instead of fulfilling their primary role of being the priesthood of the believer, they waste time going to or running administrative meetings, representing the congregation at denominational events, or leading responsive liturgies.

    Spiritual leaders do not want to do any of those things, and congregations who insist that these are their primary tasks end up appointing power brokers instead of servant leaders. The Great Shifts of Our Time The effective and faithful church is realizing that the roles of clergy and laity are rapidly changing in those churches that are producing for the Kingdom. In a nutshell, it is this: Pastors are the Elders of the church and should have primary spiritual and administrative oversight for the congregation. Acts Also we see in the Jerusalem Conference that Peter and James were the primary decision makers in the church.

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    Laity are the ministers. The role of the laity is to be the priesthood of God, serving one another and ministering to the unchurched. The ministry of the laity is no different than that of the clergy. Both are equally called by God.