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Need help? The Scripps family wealth was derived from the industrial advances that made possible a revolution in printing and circulating newspapers; it also depended on the urbanization and industrialization of the Midwest. In , James E. Scripps and his brothers founded The Evening News in Detroit, at that time a port on the route of cargo vessels carrying goods between Lake Erie and the Upper Lakes. Scripps newspapers expanded its working class readership by moving into existing and developing markets such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo, and St.

Her younger brother E. Louis Chronicle. I wanted to get as far away from the detestable temper as possible. Scripps began to reflect on their roles as industrialists following the publication of a controversial novel, Looking Backward: , by Edward Bellamy. His protagonist, a young Boston gentleman, goes to sleep in and wakes up more than one hundred years later at a time when individuals have put aside their self-interest in order to work for the good of the whole.

When you read it, did you not feel that you were being attacked and justly attacked for your selfishness and your folly? Did you not feel your own hands dripping with the blood of your murdered victims? I did. I feel now that I am doing altogether wrong. I have not yet decided whether I can do entirely right but I am sure I can do a great deal better than I am and I am going to try.

Philanthropists from Illinois

This photo was published on the cover of The Fourth Estate, the number was not greater considering the weekly newspaper trade magazine, May 11, She once asked E. But, after all, what is it we are doing but amassing money and becoming monopolists? I see that Carnegie in the North American is discussing the duties of a monied man.

The question of benefitting mankind should have been considered and solved at a time and in a way that Ellen Browning Scripps, ca. She under- stood all too well the emotional dynamics created by wealth and poverty within a family—and by extension the human family—and believed that money could and should help people take steps towards self-sufficiency. It was not until their sister Annie headed to Califor- nia that the Scripps family found an excuse to leave for the Golden State.

Annie Scripps went to California in in search of a remedy—both spiritual and physical—for crippling rheumatoid arthritis. Horace Bowen. I feel that I am just where my God has placed me having used my very weakness as you term it for the further development of my soul. In , the latter intended to travel to Cali- fornia to investigate the situation but, instead, remained in Ohio while his wife recovered from diphtheria.

She found the family members that Ellen B. Scripps spoke of with affection. Wilkinson, Mahn Center for Archives and water. Behold a country town set on a marsh, low one-storied buildings basely painted and adorned with gingerbread carvings around the porch awnings, muddy streets, shabby sidewalks. Annie, however, seemed remarkably happy even if physically frail. The latter worked as a journalist for several Scripps papers before joining the staff of the San Diego Sun.

They crossed by ferry to Coronado and spent their first morning wandering around the hotel grounds.

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Photo shows the southeast corner of Fifth Street, ca. The rocks here are undermined with caves washed out of the softer parts of the rocks by the action of the waves. She also visited Mission Gorge where a cousin, Lida Scripps, had a ranch. In fact, she knew many families from her hometown of Rushville, Illinois, who had moved to Southern California, invested in real estate, and lost thousands of dollars.

She was surprised by their continued belief in the virtues of the West. Affects to regard Monrovia as a Paradise and is trying to inveigle his friends into this Garden of Eden. She told E. However, there is plenty of land and water here, and there should be a steady growth towards prosperity. He had endured a serious illness—either malaria or rheumatic fever—in the early s and, like his sister Annie, suffered from aching and swollen joints. Moreover, he had failed in several businesses, most notably the management of the family farm, and was looking for a fresh start.

Ellen told E. He gives as the main reason his health. The climate agrees with him.

A Genealogical History of the Scripps Family and Its Various Alliances (1903) (Hardcover)

His rheumatism he has scarcely felt. At this time, La Jolla had summer visitors but few permanent residents. People were bathing in the sea today. Open windows are a luxury. The sky is as blue and cloudless as that of Southern Italy; the dust 10 inches deep. Since Fred continued to pursue the idea of buy- ing land in San Diego, E. In , he married Fred—and wanted to ensure that they spent money in twenty-one-year-old Sarah ways that he approved. Ellen accompanied her brother Emma Jessop whose family owned a tract of land near Miramar as far as Alameda but did not return to San Diego.

Her father Joseph E. Instead, she stayed with her sister Annie who still suf- Jessop , a jeweler, fered debilitating episodes of arthritis. He worked with Fred costume of a caballero, presumably thinking it appro- to build Surr dam at Miramar priate attire for a would-be landowner in the former Ranch, completed in Mexican California. Having trans- formed an old way of life, Americans did their best to hold on to what remained of Spanish and Mexican culture, restoring missions, preserving neighborhoods such as Old Town in San Diego, even reinventing traditions such as the Mexican fiesta that appealed to tourists.

This was hardly just a California phenomenon; the re-appropriation and commoditization of indigenous cultures took place all over the world. Like most of their contemporaries, E. In fact, their travel experience gave them the opposite opinion. Having taken several trips through Spain, Ellen viewed it as neither picturesque nor pros- perous.

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The cheap print dresses that the women wear are fresh with soap and starch. No one seems to be lounging about. Everyone is busy. The peeps we get into the interior of the houses, even of the poorer sort, show models of comfort and neatness. Not only the sidewalks but the streets are kept clean by constant sweeping. Instead, he believed that commercial landowners in Southern California, like their counterparts in Mexico and Latin America, would control vast amounts of prop- erty because of the large amount of capital required to build irrigation systems. He told his sister that a decline in the profitability of manufactured goods would lead people to invest in property in the West and South.

Scripps and, possibly, Annie if the latter could be persuaded to leave the Remedial Institute. The storm was so bad that railway tracks washed away, roads became waterlogged, their tents blew over, and all their personal effects were soaked with water. Scripps drew a sketch of Miramar Ranch cal of San Diego, particularly showing, at top, the location of the proposed house and stable. It is just such a short easy ride as we can make in an hour or less with a good horse—to see the sun set of an evening and get back before the twilight goes out.

In August , E. However, he modified the plan by adopting the structural footprint of a villa or rancho with four one-story wings around a central courtyard. At left, workers clear land around the house for what E. The west wing, built in , contained a primitive kitchen, dining room, and several bedrooms. There was little furniture. By the time the house was completed in , it had forty-nine rooms—most with their own fireplace—run- ning water, and a telephone line. Miramar was more than just a house; it was a utopian experiment in family living that E.

Symptoms included: headache; acute sensitivity to touch, light, or sound; inability to con- centrate; drowsiness; a feeling of hopelessness; insomnia; and physical symptoms such as back pain. Neurologist George M. In the s, however, most American doctors believed that neurasthenia was caused by external factors that could be changed. As a result, people focused their attention on altering the environment in which they worked and lived.

Scripps and her brother Will typically played chess after dinner at Miramar. In theory, separate wings permitted family members to live and work in the same house without coming into constant contact—or conflict. In the spring of , Fred was indicted by a grand jury—though never brought to court—for hav- ing sexual relations with a fourteen-year-old girl, Mary Benoit, who lived in the neighborhood.

Are there any two of us as a family who could live happily and contentedly together? Scripps at Miramar, ca. I feel sometimes as though I would like to go and bury myself in the desert, out of sight and hearing and knowledge of everybody I belong to! She acknowledged the fact that Will and Fred needed a greater degree of independence than the ranch could provide. The former returned to his property in Altadena while the latter was helped to buy a acre tract adjacent to Miramar.

Ellen consoled E. I suppose the generation to come will rise up and call you blessed. He fights and licks Pablo and every other dog not more than double his size…He no longer poses as a beautiful statue, but rolls around in the dust and dirt, basking in the sunshine. She began to feel more indepen- dent, both financially and emotionally. In the past, she had lived with other family members in either Detroit or Rushville, worked in The Scripps family gathered together at Miramar in early April before the death of their brother George H.

Left to right: E. Scripps, Fred Scripps, and E. Scripps care of small children, and with son Robert on his lap. Photo fragment. She was, after all, one of the proprietors of Miramar Ranch. Why should she not purchase land of her own? In , she began to consider buying a cottage in either La Jolla or Del Mar, having visited a seaside bungalow with her twenty-four-year-old niece, Floy Scripps Kellogg.

The latter spent much of the winter in La Jolla while her two small daughters visited their grandfather Will at Miramar. Floy and her new friend arranged to rent a cottage, the Green Dragon, and invited Ellen to take tea with them. There is a very large, deep fire- place with a crane and pot and trivet.

I am thinking of having a cottage of my own. The town developed slowly after the real estate boom-and-bust of the late s but the beauty of the scenery and the abundance of sea life continued to attract tem- porary residents. At the hotel, she met Mrs. Grant, Jr. Lida and her friend vacated the cottage and Ellen helped them fill it with flowers for their arrival.

They were really lovely and were greatly admired by the guests, who came in numbers during the day. Scripps Kellogg in The eldest daughter of William A. Scripps, she married Frederick William Kellogg in Scripps often spent the evening at the Green Dragon Colony listening to music. Anton Reif and John Stannard to draw up plans for a large cottage on Prospect Street overlooking the ocean.

Scripps, Designer; A. Reif, Architect. Building began March Building meanwhile, was far more dramatic. A completed August 1st Occupied Sept Irving Gill drew up plans for enlarging the kitchen and adding a one-story, flat-roofed wing on the east side of the house, replacing a porch. She also allowed nursery owner and horticulturalist Kate O. Sessions to redesign the garden, adding lawns, hedges, shrubbery, and a grouping of fifteen Stone Pines Pinus pinea.

The name suggested family continuity, better times, and pride in her English origins. The latter threw herself into the social world of La Jolla, making numerous friends and plan- ning a wide variety of activities. Scripps , daughter of James E. In , she married Rex B. Ellen gradually stepped out of her intimate family circle and began to acquire a large set of female acquaintances. The village had a growing population of sum- mer and year-round residents, many of whom were unmarried women or widows.

Ellen particularly enjoyed the rustic, seaside character of early La Jolla. How we loved the sunshine that flooded the homes, glorious sunsets that empurpled the seas and bejeweled the hills, the white surf that lapped her feet, her own little mountain that crowned and fortressed her. How we loved her shell-strewn beaches, her unstable sand dunes, her legend-haunted caves, her rock-bound pools teeming with life and color, her wave-carved Cathedral Rock, even her dusty roads and grass grown foot paths which lured us to unexplored wonders of sea and land.

She appeared to Mary B.