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Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism

In this sensitive work of fictionalised auto-biography Kamla's voice is freed to give a richly inward picture of her life, from the vivid sensory impressions of early childhood to the developing sensibility of a young woman at the crossroads of diverse social, cultural and religious influences. Again the thunder rolled and the pounding began. The falling water bathed the shop and the gallery where I stood, and the kitchen and the open clothes-shed. An onion box, and old saucepan and two buckets in the yard were bathing.

Everything was bathing.

Butterfly In The Wind: Photography from Oahu, Hawaii printed on a variety of merchandise.

I looked around. There was no one.

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My thin feet were excited but I waited. I waited for the waterfalls and they came as I knew they would, galvanised from the roofs on to the spouting.

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Our roofs were many, standing at different heights, fringed with gutters and spouts. I took my clothes off and ran out to embrace the falling, dancing sprays. Now, after , that colour would have to be removed from the subcontinent of India. This was of great psychic importance to Indians in Trinidad. It should have been of equal importance to all non-white races in British colonial Trinidad; but sadly we were a people already divided amongst ourselves In India you will find very poor people.

Butterfly In The Wind

People without a formal education. The mass of Indians are poor, millions have died in famines while the British were there and no doubt it will take time before there is enough for all. Home Nature How do butterflies manage to fly in the wind? How do butterflies manage to fly in the wind? Want to be updated when there is Science Focus news? Our best wishes for a productive day. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences Sign in.

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