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Immediately,A swarm of agents jumped out from behind trees and rocks to startle her before they were assured that nothing was awry. On the course, Obama is very much about golf.

Commander-In-Chief (the 44th President): I Merged Into We, and We Became One...

He plays every shot by the rules, according to observers of his game, without benefit of the serial mulligans that his Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton, took so liberally during his rounds. At Vineyard, which can stretch to 7, yards, Obama plays from the 6,yard white tees. A natural left-hander, Obama by all accounts would play To a lows handicap — if he carried a GHIN index — someone who can break on a good day. His power can be found in his playing partners.

On the Vineyard, Vernon Jordan, a high-powered D. If the president sought an escape from the pressures of the White House, he seems to have succeeded, according to one caddie in the group.

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Bob Garrison, assistant caddie master at Vineyard, looped in the presidential foursome all three days, though not for Obama. Upon a return trip in , Obama conceded his frustration about his bunker play, whereupon Mulak endeavored to help him hit down and through the ball. There were no lessons this summer, just close observation of his swing.

Open in the Washington area, and each had a presidential seal in its own right. Harding, keener to socialize and gamble at golf than to play, was on hand to present the trophy to winner Jim Barnes. If Obama plans to attend the Open, the U. Golf Association has yet to get the heads-up. Regardless, no Executive Order is necessary to appreciate the role that golf plays in the Obama Administration.

Though better known on the campaign trail for his basketball prowess, Obama has scratched his golf itch while in the White House. Little wonder, then, that some political observers have speculated on the ideal place for Obama to reconcile his political differences with another Capitol Hill golf nut, incoming House Majority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican.

Boehner would have to give Obama several shots per side. At the defining yard, par-4 17th, Els parred after hitting a brilliant yard 5-iron approach to within 15 feet of a back-left pin on a green jutting into a pond. Montgomerie then pushed his approach onto the bank of a right greenside bunker, chipped to 5 feet and, after waiting almost five minutes for play and noise to stop at the nearby 18th, missed the putt. In the group behind, Lehman bogeyed after missing greens with 7-iron approaches, the latter finding water..

Roberts said when the ball was in the air, Montgomerie had the wide-eyed look of someone who had seen a ghost. I went for the shot, and it worked out. We played a lot of golf. I knew when he was a little bit shaken. And he was a little shaken there. Kennedy : A bona fide single-digit handicapper, despite a balky back. Roosevelt : Arguably the strongest golfer among those who became president, but he was afflicted with polio at age 39 in and never played again. He is alone among presidents in having designed his own course, a nine-hole layout in for the resort in Warm Springs, Ga.

Eisenhower : Avid, and with a rare degree of self-confidence that enabled the fledgling golf industry to benefit from his informal role as a statesman for the game. Handicap ranged from 15 to Ford : Became a better golfer after his truncated term as president, thanks to extensive lessons and frequent Appearances in charity events and PGA Tour pro-ams.

Bush : There's a long family history of involvement George Herbert Walker, the future president's maternal grandfather, was president of the USGA in and namesake of the trophy that he donated for the biennial matches between the U. Not a skilled player, the 41st president compensated with fast play. Nixon : Began playas a congressman in ; became an to handicapper.

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