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Gingrich's observations were based on an article by Dinesh D'Souza, who claims to have found continuities between the President and his father. Here is the essence of D'Souza's argument:. So who was Barack Obama Sr.? He was a Luo tribesman who grew up in Kenya and studied at Harvard. He was a polygamist who had, over the course of his lifetime, four wives and eight children. One of his sons, Mark Obama, has accused him of abuse and wife-beating. He was also a regular drunk driver who got into numerous accidents, killing a man in one and causing his own legs to be amputated due to injury in another.

In he got drunk at a bar in Nairobi and drove into a tree, killing himself. An odd choice, certainly, as an inspirational hero. But to his son, the elder Obama represented a great and noble cause, the cause of anticolonialism. Obama Sr. Anticolonialism is the doctrine that rich countries of the West got rich by invading, occupying and looting poor countries of Asia, Africa and South America.

As one of Obama's acknowledged intellectual influences, Frantz Fanon, wrote in The Wretched of the Earth , "The well-being and progress of Europe have been built up with the sweat and the dead bodies of Negroes, Arabs, Indians and the yellow races. Why support oil drilling off the coast of Brazil but not in America? Obama believes that the West uses a disproportionate share of the world's energy resources, so he wants neocolonial America to have less and the former colonized countries to have more. More broadly, his proposal for carbon taxes has little to do with whether the planet is getting warmer or colder; it is simply a way to penalize, and therefore reduce, America's carbon consumption.

Both as a U. Senator and in his speech, as President, to the United Nations, Obama has proposed that the West massively subsidize energy production in the developing world. Let's take this step by step. Obama grew up in Indonesia. Like any child who did not know his father, he was curious to learn about him. The indictment seems to rest on this assumption alone.

DAN BALZ: He felt bad for a lot of the people who lost because he knew that in some ways, it was on his shoulders, that he had pushed them to take a very tough vote on the health care bill, and people had done that and it had cost them their seats. His election capped a revolution inside the Republican Party. In fact, his nomination was the hostile takeover of the Republican Party. He saw that the GOP had been breaking up, and he seized that. And he was very unhappy and sad about the loss.

There was a tremendous amount of energy when we first got here. God bless you, Speaker Boehner. DAN BALZ, The Washington Post : He is a career politician, Ohioan, hardscrabble upbringing, arrived in , was part of the gang that went after the Democrats over the bank scandals, rose to power, became a deal maker. I wanted to be speaker so I could lead an effort to deal with the serious issues that are facing our country. The star attraction in Baltimore was not John Boehner but his heir apparent and political rival, Eric Cantor.

These are things are too big to be done with just one party. They started to think these things could actually happen. NARRATOR: Cantor left Baltimore after telling the freshmen that one of their first jobs would be to get behind a tough new budget that would radically change the size and scope of the American government.

From a budget perspective and a number-crunching perspective, he gets it. He built a budget that was the best way to bring some of that fiscal sanity back in Washington. Would he compromise or stand his ground? They accidentally invited Paul Ryan and gave him a front row seat. And it was nasty. His response was that he felt the president had poisoned the well. It was about stopping Obama! It was about stopping the Democrats! Trump saw an opportunity. President, if you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding everything?

He is a citizen of Kenya! I want my country back! No, excuse me. It was the Archie Bunkers who were uncomfortable with an African-American president. Is he actually not born here? He was in New Hampshire for what looked like the beginning of a presidential campaign.

And people were saying if this can happen to him, the most powerful person in the world, what exactly can happen to us? What are the boundaries of what can happen to us?

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And you can see the humiliation being returned, you know, and Trump looking increasingly uncomfortable. So in the case of the president ridiculing him, I think this was intolerable for Donald Trump. Cantor proposes that they do something which had not been done before, which is to use the debt ceiling vote for maximum leverage and threaten to throw the country into default. They were ready for the fight.

We made trillions and trillions of dollars of commitments to try to hold things together not just in the United States but around the world. And that foundation rested on, in some sense, our ability to borrow. And that was what was at stake. This is TARP all over again! This is the same lie repeated over and over again, the same attempt to make you think your country is coming to a screeching halt and is ending!

President, this is about golf, not about anything else. We played well and we won. The speaker entered the White House through a side entrance. He knows how risky this is. Boehner would consent to the unthinkable for a Republican, raising tax revenues. We always believed that through tax reform, there were lower rates for everyone. So I felt comfortable putting revenue on the table as a way of trying to get the president to be serious about the spending problem that we have. A group of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate had their own outline of a plan, one that might even generate more tax revenue.

It was hard for the president to resist. President, we had an agreement. We had an agreement on Sunday. How do we get control of him? I tried to reach the speaker. Boehner put it quite succinctly. He said that the president was angry, and so angry and so hot, he was spewing coals. Can they say yes to anything? The White House moved the goalposts. Majority Leader: It was a realization that the environment had changed dramatically, that it was beyond personalities, that we had created a monster.

And this monster was virtually out of control and running the country in large measure. DAN BALZ: If you talked to people at the time, and in the aftermath of that, they say that period in August of was as low a point in his presidency as he had. He had spotted a year-old African-American high school student near his home. And I think that that is why Trayvon Martin becomes such a pivotal tension point on race and justice during the Obama years. He had learned to be cautious on the subject.

Are you going to say anything? Black America is traumatized by this. It never satisfies everybody. I can only imagine what these parents are going through.

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He understands the kind of fear that has, you know, typically pervaded, you know, the notions of black male-hood. In the context of Trayvon Martin, this really explodes. Barack Obama has failed America. He named the author of the Ryan budget his running mate. In Las Vegas, he would accept a controversial endorsement from the leader of the birther movement. Donald Trump is totally in his element. You can do it.

It was bizarre. In retrospect, I guess it represented some kind passing of the torch. This is one of them. Thank you, Donald. If I said there were fish in the sea, they said no! And he was prepared to do it. And it was a much tougher campaign. It was a grittier campaign. It was not a message of uplift in the same way, by any means, that the first campaign was. DAN BALZ: Paul Ryan on election day was talking to people about resigning from his House seat immediately to concentrate on being vice president-elect, believing that, you know, that was going to happen that night. Fox News can now project that President Obama will win the crucial battleground state of Ohio.

This was the entire ball game. They believed it was all but inevitable that they would win. The loss would have a profound effect on one particular Republican, Donald Trump. He got on his plane, turned around, went back to New York City, and he started tweeting. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided! Who else is going to run? It was clear to me then he was going to run.

What The Rise Of Kamala Harris Tells Us About The Democratic Party

And hopefully, we can sit down here and find some common ground to move forward. And it looked like some Republicans were rethinking their strategy of confrontation. Speaker John Boehner was once again the highest-ranking Republican. This caused ripples throughout the entire Republican caucus. Republicans were shocked. So they prepared a speech and went through 18 drafts, and it was tinkered with right there on the teleprompter up until the final moments. Elections have consequences, and he acknowledged that right away. I had been preparing for months for one of two scenarios, either the president was going to win or Romney was going to win.

We want you to lead not as a liberal or a conservative, but as president of the United States of America. Please hurry! We smell fire from the gunshots. You guys come in my room now. Get in here. It was unfathomable to imagine 20 children, 6 and 7-year-old 1st graders, being gunned down in that violent and destructive way, and then six adults who were there trying to help.

They had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. He chokes up. May God bless the memory of the victims, and in the words of scripture, heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. I think it surprised even his staff how determined he sounds in that moment. Put together something for me, Joe. These are babies, 5 and 6-year-old children.

And it looks like this bill might make it through. Vice Pres. Over 91 percent of the American people supported expanding background checks, 80 percent of the households that had an NRA member supported it. They always try to hide their agendas behind women and children, and most of all, victims. Gun control simply kills people. And for Senator Manchin to wave the bloody shirts of those children from Newtown is despicable. Over the 2nd Amendment? I despise these people! Inaction became the new priority. How can they do that? How can this be?

That was the mood. You know, I think he felt a strong sense of responsibility toward that. Thank you very much, everybody. And soon another crisis, another challenge to moving the country forward. Like always. The jury has decided. We must abide by those laws. Editor's Note: This scene has been updated with a new photograph of President Obama.

The change replaces an incorrectly edited photograph. Are you serious? Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago. That includes me. That happens to me. It was apparent that we had a friend, we being black people, in the White House. At this point, you know, speaking his mind is not going to make that any worse.

Cruz wanted to make his name known. That Sam-I-am. I do not like that Sam-I-am. That would be a mistake. And he was going to be the embodiment of the that grass roots anger. Cruz began to meet with them at this Mexican restaurant on Capitol Hill, Tortilla Coast, to urge them to stand up to the Republican establishment and essentially invite a government shutdown.

It was a lie. Losing elections? Oh my God, the stock market! In polls, most Americans blamed the Republicans. I mean, that was really one of the darkest days. We, you know, shut down. Unfortunately, they included things like the VA. They include things like clinical trials for pediatric cancer patients. These people will stop at nothing.

They heeded the public outcry and crossed the aisle to vote with Democrats to end the shutdown. And he had an issue, immigration reform.

Democratic Socialism is Still Socialism

It grew out of this document, known as the Republican autopsy, an analysis of what the party had to do in the wake of the loss to President Obama. You should follow the law of the land. And so that was the basic calculus. I was as shocked as anybody else. And it was a huge one in a very public way. A young black man, Michael Brown, was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

They just killed this nigger! They just killed this nigger. When do want it? What do we want? By nightfall, violence. You have a president who, as the chief spokesperson for the American government, is obligated by the nature of his position to defend the police officers, to defend the state, to argue for the protection of property. Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson. As brilliant as he had been with Trayvon Martin, he was contorted and tragically twisted when it came to Ferguson.

For months, the controversy simmered as a grand jury weighed whether to indict the police officer, Darren Wilson. As the announcement approached, authorities urged calm. Do you know how them bullets hit my son, what they did to his body as they hit his body? I canvassed for Barack Obama. It only laid bare the undercurrents of racism that still existed. The insurgents in Congress were increasingly powerful. By now, Republicans even had the Senate. It was our darkest moment. We found ourselves alone in the world. He sees the rising unrest on the right, and he sees an opportunity.

And some, I assume, are good people. And so they built this whole campaign message around trade and immigration. And so when Trump descended that stairwell, he had already pinpointed the issue that was going to define the race. How stupid are these politicians to allow this to happen! How stupid are they!

Thank you very much. And for tens of millions of Americans, that willingness to fight political correctness and not back down told them that he was the only candidate who would really blow things up in Washington. Give me at least four medic units, plus two supervisors. He was a white supremacist. The police found a journal. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black-on-white murders got ignored? Well, someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.

So vulnerable black people become the proxies for our president. He could no longer avoid this, that this was something that we as a nation must grapple with. Amazing grace. They were seamlessly brought together in a holistic expression of empathy and grief and determination to move the nation forward.

May God continue to shed his grace on the United State of America.

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He was attempting to be the thing he needed to be to black America that day. A devout Catholic, he waited to meet Pope Francis. They called themselves the Freedom Caucus, and their ranks quickly grew. Now the insurgents had their sights set on Speaker John Boehner. And it just becomes an even more ungovernable caucus for Boehner. As far as they were concerned, government was bad and doing anything government-related was bad. DAN BALZ: You know, there were, like, these pop-up rebellions happening all the time that were just, you know, further evidence of kind of the humiliation of the power structure, and in particular of John Boehner.

Any time a vote would have taken place, he would have been removed. Speaker, are you going to resign? Are you going to step down? So this morning, I informed by colleagues that I would resign from the speakership and resign from Congress at the end of October. And you know what? The right things will happen as a result.

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Freedom Caucus member Tim Huelskamp was one of them. But then next, here comes Donald Trump. They need to get used to it. That is what Donald Trump took advantage of. God bless you! Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. Riding a wave of anti-Washington, anti-elite fervor, Trump took on and defeated 16 Republican candidates. Ted Cruz is one of us. Ted Cruz is a conservative person who came to Washington, D.

But he believed the stakes were even bigger. To embrace Donald Trump is a direct repudiation of the universe that Barack Obama set in order. Obama was cool. Trump is hot. Obama was cerebral and laid back. Trump is rough and in your face. Obama is Mr. Trump is emotional.

He headed out of the White House and onto the campaign trail on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified to be president! He is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief! I think he believed that. You just cannot call it right now. If you saw the faces of the White House staff, they were crushed. All right? Now he turns over the White House to a new president promising his own change, and hands over a country not more unified but increasingly more divided. You'll receive access to exclusive information and early alerts about our documentaries and investigations.

I'm already subscribed. To many Democrats, he was their future. They gathered around him. We are in a defining moment in our history! Drill, baby, drill! At one point, they were down 70 percent. The motion is adopted. Our union can be perfected. Obama spoke first. What are we putting up with, America? Please be seated. Abortion is murder!

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Kill the bill! The final hold-out was the Democrat from Nebraska, former insurance executive Ben Nelson. McConnell, no. Menendez, aye. Murkowski, no. Nelson, Nebraska. HR is passed. No votes from Republicans. It has now been done. Complicated business, complicated. What is the connection? Everybody does. You get ready. There is no crisis! This is our Waterloo. He must be driven out of Washington! Line is being recorded. We are not a democracy! I keep hearing popping. Lautenberg, Mr. Leahy, Mr. Seuss books. All lives matter! Black Lives Matter! Does it ever end?

What they really are are imperial fiats. Clementa Pinckney found that grace! Cynthia Hurd found that grace!