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Such a large pack size was unsustainable, though. By the pack had broken up, with only 11 members remaining. Former members created three new packs — the Geode Creek, Agate Creek and Buffalo Fork — while others seemed to aimlessly bounce from one pack to another.

Also in , a male member of the pack was caught in a coyote trap in Mason, Utah, air miles south of the Lamar Valley. After being released back into Wyoming, the wolf walked all the way back to Yellowstone to join the Druids. In , the Druid Pack provided another first when researchers and Landis recorded a 6-hour-long, ritual song and dance that ended with a new wolf joining the pack as the breeding male.

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The rites had never been recorded in the wild. With few members, the pack was pushed by other wolves to the fringes of its traditional range.

At the time, the pack seemed poised to die off, but rebounded the next year and reclaimed much of its territory. By Brett French Billings Gazette.

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During their reign, it is estimated that easily more than , visitors have seen the pack. The Druids were a pack of firsts.

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If you are an author or publisher, you may not start a topic about your own book; instead please click here to learn how to get your book or ebook reviewed. Though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. The genre for this book is Paranormal Romance. Emelia Hudson is the owner of the bar Knight Owl.

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After receiving notice that her building had been bought by Wilder Financial, she tries to get in touch with the company's CEO Drake Wilder. After many failed attempts and no replies, she decides to get a job within the company for two reasons. One is so she can find Drake and ask him how he bought the building as she has a deed to the same place and second, she needs the money as the Knight Owl is not doing well financially.

Emelia attends the costume party that the company hosts hearing that Mr.

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Wilder would be there so she could speak with him. After hearing that he would not be attending, she goes into his private wine cellar and drinks his personal wine stock as a way to get some sort of revenge. A man she assumes is just another worker comes down and asks what she's doing there to which she replies she's drinking the boss's personal wine and that he's a evil businessman. Unbeknownst to her, she is actually speaking to Drake Wilder himself. They share the wine and talk, soon feeling a pull towards each other and electric currents run through them when they touch.

According to what he heard, Drake believes that Emelia may be his Luminary but thinks that perhaps he's imagining it or that the wine is clouding his judgment so he leave her in the cellar. The next day, Drake has her transferred to his personal staff as his secretary to see if the connection between them will still be there without the alcohol effects.