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This is in contrast to leaders. And, if you are in leadership for any length of time, there will probably come a time where you will need to lead other leaders. Leading other leaders is, in many ways, different than leading doers.

2. Standards:

Leaders expect you to interact with them differently. Leaders need resources. This includes money, equipment, and people. Nothing will frustrate a leader faster than firing them up with a compelling vision and then not equipping them with resources to accomplish the vision. Leaders need the vision. From that, they will then inspire the team they lead, but it needs to be aligned with your vision. Micro-management does not work for leaders.

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It's a fluid concept, one that evolves alongside society and changing ideologies. However, diversity itself is a solid pillar of good governance and leadership. And in healthcare, a diverse leadership — or lack thereof — has lasting effects on care delivery. Make better decisions faster: 7-step checklist To effectively shepherd their organizations into the future, leaders must be expert goal-setters.

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But to actually drive action, they must also be powerful decision-makers. At the executive level, the ability to make the right decisions fast is a critical skill. To close the executive gender gap, should women act more like men at work? Women make up more than half of the workforce, yet just five percent of CEOs are women. Consider the impact of your thoughts on those around you.

You will have an impact, one way or another. There is no better way to have your thoughts integrated with the rest of your inner world than to be a relational thinker. Another aspect of successful thinking is your orientation to reality.

Leader Skill Shake-Up

To be an effective leader, you need to think about what is going on, not what you would like to be going on. Reality happens, and it always wins. You must take the bad news with the good news, even if it reflects poorly on you. This is the only way you will ever make transformational changes in yourself and in the people you work with. Another mark of leaders who think well and successfully is that they are able to live in conceptual tension.

They can listen to, and think about, ideas that are diametrically opposed. They have enough space in their minds to consider and analyze both sides while they are moving toward a decision. This is not an easy task.

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  • Because of the pressure and speed of leadership today, we simplify things to that level and move on. It becomes a zero-sum game: A wins and B loses. While that is often the right way to go, it is not always. Thinking leaders must resist the impulse to immediately discard an idea that is antithetical to one they like.

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    If they can live with the tension for a while, they are apt to come up with even better solutions. Related to holding opposing thoughts in tension is the ability to change and adapt when the facts dictate it. Clear thinking means submitting your mind to any new reality. Leaders who think will need the ability to admit when they are wrong or should change direction.

    Leaders practice empathy

    Those who insist that the original plan is the only plan are often at risk. You instill doubt in people with that stance, and you instill trust in people when you adapt to new realities. Give your mind a little time to see if there is a win-win.