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Powell's Books. Reviewed by Margaret Ohmes Posted May 16, After the death of her husband left her a penniless widow, Lady Faye Rivellaux came to live with Lord Torr Lorvais and his wife, Lady Elayne, and their daughter, Angeline. But death and ill-fortune continue to plague Faye. At Lady Elayne's deathbed, Faye promised her best friend to take care of her daughter, and now Angeline has been kidnapped. The note delivered to Faye is explicit -- no one is to know of the ransom demand and the price is silver, which Faye certainly does not possess.

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She does, however, have a priceless golden goblet, a treasure found by Angeline while playing by the river on an outing with her mother and Faye. The women agreed to keep the gold a secret, but Faye knows it is the only thing she has of value that will guarantee Angeline's safe return. To work with the kidnappers is unthinkable, but Faye will do what she must to save the little girl she loves as her own.

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Brant Meslarches is repulsed by the mission he's been given by Lord Torr, but because of a blood oath and a secret Brant is desperate that Torr keep, he carries out the plan. Brant is to meet Lady Faye, demand the silver ransom, which both men know she cannot pay, and send her weeping and frightened to Torr for help. But Faye faces up to the situation with uncommon bravery and instead of silver, she offers up a fortune in gold.

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  • Brant is staggered by the sight. The cup reminds him of his late brother Royce and his all-consuming quest to find the lost treasure of a king named Arthur.

    It reminds him too of the secret Torr holds over him. Brant is torn by conflict.

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    His oath to Torr must not be broken, and yet he cannot turn away from helping the beautiful Faye find Angeline, whom he learns is a mere child. But neither can he forget that he was the one responsible for ending his brother's dream of finding Arthur's treasure and will never be at peace until he finds it. This new novel by the up-and-coming Catherine Kean has many of the same qualities of her earlier books -- an opening designed to hook the reader into the story, a vibrant hero and heroine, and even a charming little dog that more than once rivals the hero for heroism.

    But that can't-put-down quality doesn't quite reach all the pages and some chapters lack the urgency and seductive magic that characterize this author's normal writing style. It's still, however, a book worth the read and a nice addition to a growing collection of successful titles. Facing the tall, brooding rider by the stormy lakeshore, Lady Faye Rivellaux clings to her goal--to rescue the kidnapped child she vowed to protect.

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    At all costs, she must win back the little girl she loves as her own. When the stranger demands a ransom she can never pay, Faye offers him instead her one last hope — a gold cup. Nassy Fesharaki - I am lost in which I like most I-Like-Rhymes - The poem has not been left out -- It is here. We would be happy to see your own analysis in the comments section if you wish to submit it. Andrew Hide - A villanelle Is a form which became very popular in the s and was used widely and effectively by Dowson like this one and Wilde oldpoetry.

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    LadyUnique - this is beautiful to read! I would really like to know, cus this is great and i would like to understand it fully! I loved the description of things u made like this one i loved taht verse : I took her whiteness virginal And from her cheek two roses rare: I took her dainty eyes as well. Andrew Hide - I've never read this piece before, I've always liked the villanelle when wrote well It is a form which can soon fall apart under the careless pen.


    But this poem is exceptional, not only is the poem well formed with a wonferful flow, Dowson very cleverly utalises the punctuation to full effect here. The subject is very good, and maybe a tad humourous, to take the parts most cherished, in a woman and weave them into a poem, this poem.

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    He attended Queens College, Oxford, but left in without taking a degree. Dowson's life was tragic. In his father died, and his mother committed suicide six months later. Dowson himself was consumptive, alcoholic, and debt-ridden.