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It was only a little thing, but it made her stand taller, walk bolder and smile a little more than usual. She needed to protect it: to rebel to often would be to trample the embers, it would no longer be special. But it was no longer enough. She had stopped counting the months since her last date, let alone her last fling. She wondered what had happened to her. She used to take risks. She used to be spontaneous. She was embarrassed that she had traded it all in for a T-shirt bra and a competitive wage. Today, though, she did feel special, and she would make it happen whatever the cost.

And then there was Mark. Mark was new, Sara had interviewed him for the job and had found herself uncomfortable during it when she realized she was flirting with him. At 27 he was five years her junior, smart, clean, arrogant and intelligent. Ever since the interview there had been something intangible between them, an awkwardness that belied attraction. The mature thing would have been to ignore it, maybe even joke about it, and let it extend no further than a misguided kiss at an office party. But Sara wanted a break from maturity and Mark was going to provide it.

She glanced at Mark from her desk. He was sorting through papers at his own desk. She brought up her instant messenger and began to type. Sara watched. Mark read the message and his brow ruffled a little in confused alarm.

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His eyes shot across the office and met hers. He registered to mischievous smile on her face. Sara says : two of us should stay behind to make sure everyone gets out safely. I just promoted you to assistant fire officer. Are you up to the task? The next morning he asked if my office had a gym. I told him 'no' and, needless to say, never saw him again. He led me upstairs under the pretenses of showing off the space, but what was a casual walk-through turned into an abrupt rendezvous. No space was sacred The whole time I kept expecting one of his old colleagues to walk in though he swore there were no security cameras , so we ended up leaving to find a more private place.

But we were just friends. Then she asked me if I wanted to 'relax' with her for a bit. She made it sound like a business arrangement. We closed the door to a rarely-used office and went down on each other up against the wall. We hooked up one more time after that, but decided to be luxurious and checked into a hotel instead. We had just had drinks and decided we were on again as we were walking by my office.

I told her I had to get something inside, then closed the door of my office behind me and we went at it on my desk…and then in my desk chair. I assume from our play earlier that you agree to a sexual element. I will not always assume this is the case, and I will seek permission to use you sexually. Though you are clearly in control of the situation, I do wish to feel as though I have complete control.

If you are not happy, then please use the safe words as I will discipline disobedience and will not treat it as lack of consent unless safe words are used. I will always use a condom to penetrate you. You are to behave submissively at all times while you are in my home. Sit and stand only when given leave to do so. If you are rude, or you answer me back, then you will be punished. We are not a couple. I have no expectations from you other than your commitment to visit me each Wednesday.

You may see whom you wish, and you are not to impede upon my personal life in any way. I may ask you to stay behind after work on occasions to punish you for your conduct in work, you are free to refuse this or renegotiate if it is not a Wednesday. I will pay you what you would typically earn from your bar work each week.

Please inform me of your average earnings by the return of email. As I stated, I will pay for a further month if you wish to end the arrangement, provided you have met me on at least two occasions.

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Our meetings will commence on Wednesday. You are to be at my address at 7 p. I will arrange a car service to collect you and return you home afterwards. I will go easy on you this Wednesday as I have spanked you today. Finally, I hope you enjoy our arrangement, and please remember that you can end it at any time and use the safe words. She felt more reassured than she had by meeting him in person. She gave him her average earnings for her bar work, though she exaggerated her tips.

He is using me so I may as well use him. He lived in a large three-storey townhouse. A townhouse in London? His business is more successful than I thought. I should have exaggerated my tips even more. My mother left it to me—she passed away last year. I have not had the chance to redecorate yet. The attic held a metal-framed bed that had wrist and ankle restraints fitted. There was also a desk, a bench, and various odd-shaped chairs that had restraints attached, and a metal frame that looked to be used for restraining a person who stood.

Layla obeyed, she raised her skirt, lowered her knickers, and turned around to bend over a little to show him her bare behind. He ran his hand over her skin. Mr Larson ordered her to strip before restraining her in the metal frame. She stood with her hands restrained above her and her legs spread apart. Mr Larson walked towards a wooden chest that sat at the foot of the bed. He opened a drawer and removed a whip with a leather handle and lots of long, leather tassels.

It whipped along her back and shoulders. She gasped as he hit her breasts and stomach and pulled against the restraints. The flogger bit her thighs and slapped against her pussy, drenching her. Mr Larson approached her and stood close in front of her. She kept her eyes low as he ran his hand slowly along her stomach towards her breasts. He ran his fingers along her breasts and pulled at her nipples.

She moaned as he leaned forward to take one into his mouth.

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He licked and sucked on them alternately before he removed some clamps from his trouser pocket. Layla groaned as he attached the clamps to her swollen nipples. They were pleasantly painful. He moved his hands between her legs, his fingers felt delicious rubbing against her soaking clit. She was so turned on she felt she could climax from a few strokes. He removed his fingers from her sex and put them into her mouth. He smiled as he made her suck her come from them. Mr Larson released her from the restraints and ordered her to kneel.

Layla obeyed, and he restrained her wrists behind her back. He then unfastened his trousers and began to fuck her mouth. He grasped her hair in his hands and pounded his massive length into her mouth. She sucked him hard, and she soon felt his hot come running down her throat. She swallowed as he pulled his cock from her lips. He released her restraints.

Mr Larson left the attic, and Layla stood and started to get dressed. She removed the nipple clamps. Once dressed she left the attic, taking the clamps with her, and descended down the stairs to the first floor and then the ground floor. Mr Larson was waiting in the hallway. Mr Larson did not speak to Layla the next day.

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He was already working in his office when she arrived for work. He passed by her desk when he left for lunch and did not acknowledge her, and on Friday he was out of the office all day.

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Layla was happy to get out of the office for the weekend and was overjoyed, despite the awkwardness of her arrangement with Mr Larson, to have a weekend without work. She had considered going out, but the thought of spending a whole Saturday day and night at home was too tempting. She dragged her quilt to the sofa and spent the day watching a marathon of chick flicks. In the evening she opened a bottle of wine and ordered a pizza. She spent Sunday sleeping in before crawling back to the sofa to enjoy another movie marathon and leftover pizza. The next Wednesday, Mr Larson gave Layla a hard beating, since her bruising and soreness had faded.

She moaned loudly as she became aroused, but Mr Larson made no attempt to pleasure her this time. He paddled her hard and used a strap like he had used on her first spanking. The first time he had used it, she had cried, but now she moaned. It still bit her skin, but she found the sensation thrilling. When he had finished, Mr Larson made her perform oral sex on him before shooing her out of his house. She loved to feel used while he played with her, but as soon as it was done she wanted…what?

Some acknowledgement that she meant something to him? She sighed. Layla was home by nine—earlier than last week, though she was pleased because it meant she had a few hours to relax before she had to go to sleep. After two months of meeting Mr Larson, Layla still left his house frustrated. She had given up expecting him to have sex with her.

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He only ever seemed to want oral, and she was finding her mind drifting during the spanking. It did not hurt so much anymore, nor did she find it as pleasurable. If anything, she was bored. It was predictable and the same every week. Occasionally Mr Larson would finger her, but he usually just spanked her and accepted a blow job. He was so detached from her that the spanking alone was no longer enough to excite her.

Still, the money came in handy, and coupled with the savings made from not eating out every evening and her exaggerated tips, she was managing to pay more off her loans. It was a Friday afternoon in the office, and Layla was finishing up work on a few accounts before the weekend. Her telephone buzzed to notify her of an internal call, and she was surprised to see it was Mr Larson calling her. She sat across from him in the same seat she had taken when he told her she would have to be spanked if she wanted to save her job. We are going to a fine dining restaurant. Do you have something appropriate to wear?

He looked very handsome, but did he really expect her to spend that kind of money on an outfit for one dinner? He sneered. She sat back in a huff. Mr and Mrs Foster were already seated at the table. Layla smiled. She had never been so thrilled to see someone wearing the same dress as her. Layla beamed and resisted the urge to gloat at Mr Larson. Layla beamed happily. She had been feeling self-conscious about her dress, but now, realising Mr Larson was simply a snob, she relaxed.

Mr Larson ordered their wine—Layla let him as she did not have a clue, but she was not going to let him order her food. Before he could speak, Layla addressed the waiter and ordered her meal in perfect French. Mr Larson bristled at her side but said nothing. If you ever get tired of working for him, then you have a place within my company. And may I call you Layla? I am glad I met you. I have implemented those tips you suggested throughout my company, and it has saved us a fortune. Most of our stock will be sourced in the UK soon, and we have created more jobs.

Layla had an enjoyable evening.

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  • Mike and Sarah also invited Layla and Mr Larson to a golfing picnic the following weekend, and Mr Larson had agreed they would go. Mr Larson drove her back to her flat. He said nothing during the journey, and Layla said nothing to him. She was still annoyed about the things he had said to her. Her irritation flared as more time passed, and he still had offered no apology. Should I say something? He did not even wait to check that she had got inside her building.

    He probably thinks his car will end up on bricks if he hangs around this common, working-class neighbourhood too long. Mr Larson was true to his word and paid money into her bank account. He had also emailed her personal account. Thank you for attending the dinner last night and for making a good impression on Mr and Mrs Foster. I have paid the money into your bank as promised. Mr Larson led them from his car to the picnic area and carried a hamper with him. He met several people he knew. And who do we have here?

    You got those contracts because of me. What sort of woman does what you do to pay off a pittance of debt? You bullied me into our arrangement. Before she could reply, the Fosters called to them. Mr Larson brightened, and Layla smothered her anger. She managed to avoid speaking to him for the rest of the day. Mr Larson appeared happy that he managed to sign a few more contracts with the Fosters to increase supplies to more of his branches.

    Mike had Layla speak in German with one of his associates. Mike invited Layla to attend a meeting to translate for some of his clients. The journey home started as silently as the journey there, though this time, Layla bubbled with rage. She was still angry with Mr Larson for what he had said. He had done nothing but put her down recently, and now he using his own arrangement against her. I wonder if Aaron will take me back. He huffed. He is upset about a break-up with his wife, and I want you to…you know…show him a good time.

    If you have a shred of decency, you will know why. Perhaps I should go with your friend. Maybe he could satisfy me and not leave me frustrated, disappointed, and frozen on his doorstep. Do you want to know why I never fuck you? I want the minimum from you, and when I am done, I want you out of my sight. Layla got out of the car and, leaving the door open, began to walk down the road. Mr Larson slammed the door and sped away. She was grateful for her decision to buy flat sandals.

    She rubbed the tears from her eyes and checked her phone. No reception. She was considering flagging a lorry and trying to hitch a ride when the blue Audi sped past her.

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    • Mr Larson turned around and pulled alongside her with his hazard lights flashing. His expression softened. Let me take you home and then you can hate me. I thought I could handle it, and it would be no big deal. I thought I could be cold and just do what I wanted and not let my feelings get in the way. I feel embarrassed that I have put you in this position, and I have resented you for agreeing.

      It made me despise you. I despise myself, but I wanted it to be all your fault. I feel sleazy and perverted, and it makes me sick. I feel ashamed that I have done that to you. I grew up on a council estate, and my parents built their business from nothing at the time when e-commerce was starting to boom. They helped me start my business. I was jealous that you made one of the biggest deals in my company in your lunch hour, and that you could show up at a fancy restaurant in a twenty-pound dress, not knowing which fork was which, and they not only offered contracts but offered you a job.

      I was reluctant at first because I knew you would pay off your debts, and I would have nothing to keep you in the arrangement with. These contracts could be the start of something great for you. Mr Larson booked one room, and after a lovely meal and a few drinks he dragged Layla into the room.

      She stood before him with her eyes to the floor as he pulled her towards him to kiss her mouth. She gasped as he kissed her hard and crushed her body tightly against his. He grasped a fistful of hair and pulled her head back to expose her throat. He placed gentle hot kisses at her throat before nibbling at her ear. I deserve to be punished. Layla smiled coyly and walked away from him.

      She picked up one of her sandals, the TV remote, a rolled-up copy of Surrey Life, and a bamboo cane from a potted plant on the balcony. She strode towards Mr Larson and knelt before him with her eyes towards the floor and offered him the items for her punishment. Do you want me to use these things on you?

      Mr Larson smiled hungrily and pulled her over his knee. After warming her skin with his hand he began to beat her with the sandal. Layla moaned as her bottom burned. Mr Larson had reddened her skin before he used the remote to make short, sharp bites across her cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Layla felt ecstatic as the blood rushed to the surface of her skin and flushed it red.

      She obeyed, and Mr Larson removed her clothing. He pulled hard at her nipples and made them erect and swollen. He nodded, and she retrieved the nipple clamps she had taken from his attic and forgotten about. Mr Larson smiled, taking them from her. She groaned at the exquisite pain that bit her nipples and felt her pussy juice begin to trickle down her thigh. Mr Larson noticed her glistening thighs and reached his fingers to touch her. Layla bit her lip at the pressure of his fingers against her swollen clit.

      Layla gasped as his lips met hers. She was soaking, and he feasted on her juices and licked every drop. He ran his tongue inside her and flicked it against the bud of her clit. Layla groaned and tried to close her legs. Mr Larson used his strength to pin them apart and began to suck on her. Mr Larson caught her come on his tongue as it ran into his mouth. He climbed up her body and plunged his tongue into her mouth and made her taste her come. Layla licked at his tongue to savour every delicious drop.

      He commanded her to put her feet on the floor, and she obeyed. Mr Larson picked up the magazine and began to hit her with it. It was a pleasing sensation and much less painful than the sandal and remote control. He hit her ass, thighs, back and shoulders before ordering her to lie on her back again so he could beat her between her legs. Layla roamed her hands towards her breasts and tugged at her clamped nipples. She had adjusted to the sensation and no longer felt the delectable pain. Mr Larson smiled. I want you to count the hard strokes. If you miss, then I will start again. Do you understand, Miss Farrow?

      She felt her anxiety and excitement burn. She knew this would hurt, but she knew she needed to yield to him. She needed to submit to him and allow him to punish her. She could not explain why, but she felt so satisfied under his command. She wanted him to be fulfilled when she submitted herself to him and accepted his dominance and his discipline.

      Mr Larson began to use the cane to make light strokes around her back, shoulders and thighs and finally on her bottom. They felt wonderful, though she braced herself and the first hard stroke bit her skin. He hit her lightly again around the bottom, the cane stinging where it touched the tender spots where the cane had sharply found her skin.

      Mr Larson dropped the cane and rubbed his hands on her bottom. It was so sore, but she loved the sensation of him touching her. He stripped his clothes and knelt in front of her. It was the first time she had seen him naked, and he was magnificent. Mr Larson removed a condom from his wallet and rolled it onto his cock. He lowered himself towards her and pushed inside her. She groaned as his enormous length filled her and stroked slowly in and out of her. He smiled, and his cock began to pound her. He lowered himself over her and began to fuck her harder.

      He squeezed at the clamps on her nipples, increasing the sensation, and bit at her neck.