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Traveling companions. She's a widow, struggling to rebuild around the hole in the center of her life. He's at loose ends after retiring from a successful business and a string of unsuccessful marriages.

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All they have in common are empty days to fill and an urge to tour the open road, but as they travel their feelings grow. What happens when they reach the end of the road?

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Price: Free! Words: 16, Published: July 21, Can a stranger, detouring through town, help her find joy once again? Words: 67, Published: February 19, Now a woman of independent means and still beautiful, Rebecca has it all. Words: 65, Published: October 26, A magical sleigh ride, a fairytale proposal, and Donna is engaged. However, few people make it to their forties without baggage, and Donna is no exception.

Between her daughter's surprise announcement and trying to get her business off the ground, it's an uphill climb from "Will you marry me? Words: 42, Published: August 24, A year ago, Donna lost a special man. Now his daughter, Kristen, needs her help.

Kristen is getting married, but upsetting information casts doubt on her intended groom.

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Donna arrives in Flagstaff to find a fiasco of missing money and messy books. Can she save the wedding with her own heart intact?

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Words: 11, Published: May 23, But her experience there helps her gain the wisdom she needs to make her own life-altering decision. A short story. A personal valet pours your complimentary Champagne upon boarding and serves sumptuous freshly-prepared appetizers. Your choice of premium alcoholic beverages is available for purchase. Coach features traditional Pullman-style seats, the historic seating arrangement that has characterized train travel from its inception.

Convenient snack bars offer an assortment of refreshments. All cars access open-air viewing cars equipped with shaded canopies. Being outdoors brings you face to face with the sounds and sights of the high desert that characterizes the Canyon.

Access to open-air viewing cars and narration are elite amenities which make the experience of our train unlike any other. Book Your Escape. Give the journey in a gift card.

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The Magical Christmas Journey. Aboard The Train. The train meets ADA requirements.