Manual The Four Pillars of Triathlon:Vital Mental Conditioning for Endurance Athletes

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Stryd Facebook Community. Athlete support: Sports training, repetitive movements and postures can lead to muscular imbalances and performance inefficiency, even injury. A functional approach looks at coordinated muscle contractions and recruitment patterns for effective, long-term movement management. These being:. Squats Intent: Assessment of hip, ankle and lumbar mobility and alignment.

Step down Intent: Insight to single limb strength, stability and balance important since running is a series of single limb stance. Intra-abdominal pressure regulation test Intent: Identify abdominal recruitment patterns abdominal coordination. Quadruped — hands and knee position Intent: Assess hip mobility and spinal stability with movement. Sitting hip flexion Intent: Simulate bike position with pedal stroke; assessment of spinal stability with hip movements. In addition, muscle length assessments will also be conducted.

An exercise program will be devised based on your screen results. Parts of the screen may be videotaped with your consent for learning within the session.

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It may also be included in the screen PDF write up. What to expect at the follow up session weeks after the initial screen : This session takes 30 minutes. This gives you time to work on your exercise program, note any improvements from the initial screen, and ask any questions regarding progress. Book a functional screen Email: liznguyenpt gmail.

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Fitted by Pedro ETPA athlete support: Fitted by Pedro supports you to get more out of your biggest triathlon investment next to your coaching— your bike!

Mental Skills for Endurance Athletes: 4 Mental Pathways to Success

So smile every time you think about your upcoming big race. Smile when you think about the volunteers, your competitors, the finish line, the flat tire you might get, and getting body marked and—everything.

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Extra credit—begin your smile from your eyes and let it recruit your lips. Authentic smiles always come from the eyes. Here are the specific instructions. Do this now: Inhale deeply. Repeat once more. Feel better? Of course you do. In the days before the race, breathe. In the moments before the race, just before you hit the water, take two or three deep inhales and exhales. It will settle you right down. Or give you excitement.

What would that actually look like and feel like? Make the movie go just as you want your race to go. They made a movie of Dr. Zhivago, so you can let the highlights be the movie. Want to feel more comfortable in open water? D3 Multisport. Written by Colorado triathlon coaches Will Murray and Craig Howie, The Four Pillars of Triathlon features 26 specific, step-by-step techniques for mental conditioning to enhance your triathlon performance and enjoyment.

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All important facets to create optimal emotional states on demand, end limiting behaviors, and enhance your ability to recover from workouts and setbacks. The motivation to pursue them. The discipline to stick to it. And recovery , to make the most of your training efforts. Now is a great time to start the New Year and new racing season with another valuable tool in your shed — The Four Pillars of Triathlon! Available on Amazon here. Not sure what to get your favorite triathlete for the holidays? The staff and ambassadors at have picked out their favorites, and hopefully these goodies will make it under the tree or the stocking of a lucky recipient!

Make sure you check out Triathlon. Its multi-colored, moving patterns hold the ultimate attention-grabbing power in even the heaviest traffic and most inclement weather conditions. Need a daytime running light for really, really long rides on country roads? Need a super bright flood light for nighttime bike commuting? Need to change the brightness of your light on the fly as the sun rises? Triathletes invest in their sport time, effort, emotion, and funds.

You invest in running and cycling shoes, a bike, swim goggles and a wetsuit for starters. Then you may shell out for a Garmin device, a lactic threshold test and a blood test to check for micronutrients and balanced physiology. Some athletes believe that their absolutely most important investment is in a smart, competent, experienced and supportive coach, who writes your training plan, provides race advice, works through your emerging issues, keeps you injury-free and has your back. Or, more truly, have doubts that you are worth the investment. This doubt can be temporary.

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You have one disappointing track session, but the next day your tempo run goes fine, and the doubt shrinks in the rearview mirror. But sometimes these doubts are more deep and stubborn. There are answers. The technique below requires work. You actually must do the steps, as though you were with your coach and she is expecting you to carry out the instructions.

To get ready to do the next steps, round up a pencil and paper not optional. Take your time. You may be striving for a healthy lifestyle and general fitness. If you have aspirations beyond this, such as finishing a longer distance race, achieving a personal record or qualifying for a championship race, having a clear, written goal statement is indispensable.

You already know the trick—write your goal statement e. Step 2. If no response, wait a few moments, then ask, quietly, the question again. Carefully listen, not so much to the answer, but to the voice providing the response. Is it your voice? Or a blend, a small chorus of different voices?

Notice carefully who does this sound like? When you have a clear sense of who is answering your question go to the next step. Step 4a.

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Wait for a response. If the response makes sense to you, great. Thank the voice each time you get a response. Go to Step 6. Step 4b. This could be a key workout session, a race, or even that masters swim that you have been putting off. See yourself, over there, performing exactly as you wish you would.

Start a color movie at the beginning and run it to the end of this event. Make this image run perfectly, as you are the director and you can have the image run exactly to your desires. Step 7. The way you make progress toward your goals is to stretch and pursue improvements. The way you pursue is to recognize the worth in the pursuit, and the worth in you. The way you do that is to act as if you are worth it, that you truly do deserve it, and then go do what a deserving person would do.

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Our fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. Who am I not? Original post on D3Multisport.