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Their action filled experimental show was packed in and will no doubt be a popular event this year.

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After a marathon at the design district folks can head over to Feast Gallery at 7 p. Jessica DeBari , owner of DeBari Home , is an artist, custom finisher, designer, and general believer in the philosophy of aesthetics.

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I had about five ideas, and only one seemed perfect to me. The idea for The Inverse came to me twenty years ago.

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I wanted something where people were part of the construction of the image—where there was no hierarchy between the flesh of the body, the flesh of the rope, and the flesh of the architecture. I had already worked on a piece where a man tried to pull a landscape into a building and another where a woman slept with her hair tied to a wall.

Each idea has the same conceptual structure. The heist theme was applied to the overall project and the individual dances.

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Though necessary spontaneity and reactivity are essential aspects of live performance, they served as the backbone of these choreographers' work by piquing curiosity, driving creative process and shaping artistic identity. The heist theme propelled each choreographer in very different ways. The project explored self-diversification, autonomy, resourcefulness and empowerment of the individual by exposing me the performer to chosen influences my collaborating choreographers. I then stranded myself alone onstage 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance.