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Stake them early and carefully Depending on how high your raised beds are, the subsoil underneath may not be very forgiving. And speaking of new plants, your seedlings may be so small that it seems silly to put a cage around them right away.

grow healthy tomatoes: staking and pruning - A Way To Garden

Once the plants start to grow, you risk inadvertently snapping off a limb or damaging the plant. Never water from above As packed full of plants as your raised beds may be, avoid taking the garden hose and simply spraying everything, hoping the roots get wet. To save time and water, consider installing an irrigation system like this one that will deliver water directly to the base of your plants. Pinch, pinch, pinch! Get rid of those suckers the new growth that comes up between a stem and a branch as soon as possible.

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Simply pinch them out with your fingers. It also helps the plant focus more on the fruit.

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Rotate your tomato crops Raised beds make crop rotation easy because you can keep track of where everything is from year to year. The first is because different plants take up different nutrients from the soil. Also, some pests and diseases can overwinter in the soil. For example, Colorado potato beetles, which enjoy the foliage of nightshade veggies, like to linger around until spring and lie in wait for your tender new plants.

You may find yourself pulling up wee tomato seedlings in the spring! Find more tips for growing edibles in raised beds in my book, Raised Bed Revolution. Hi Kim, I think four would probably suffice, maybe five if you place one in the middle. It will give you space for the tomato cages and space for them to grow. Happy gardening!

Thank you! Too labour intensive and not fun. Last year, I did 1 plant per square foot and had a great harvest off of 8 tomato plants. The key as you said is heavy pruning, watering at the base and solid staking.

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  5. Here’s what you’ll need to make three tiered tomato cage Christmas trees:.

Choose tomatoes with a wide range of DTMs say a 50, a 60, a 70 and some 85 to 90s and love apples will always be in season in your garden. Oh, and if you have already planted your tomatoes and now note that all of the DTMs are 75 or greater, consider picking up a or dayer to start your season off sooner!

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Tomato When, how and what tomatoes to plant. Tomato-planting time has arrived! But what tomato varieties should you select for your garden? And how do you care for them to ensure juicy, red tomatoes all summer long?

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Garden Editor Mike McGrath has your complete tomato primer. Plant your tamatas! Recommended Latest Southern California reels from magnitude 7. Montgomery Co. Prince George's County. Cone Zone: Weekend-long diversion for Dulles-bound drivers Traffic. Play a quick game of solitaire or Sudoku.