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I am currently working on my review of this novel and will post a link to it here. They are not allowed to date humans aka naturals unless the human has an official visa stating that she is legally approved to date within the Paranormal Alliance, which is the official governing body for most species of shape shifters except for the vampires and the werewolves, who refuse to join. This agency enables male supernaturals to find and socialize with eligible females. One would think that since were-females are so rare, the males would know the whereabouts of every single one of them.

Series: Midnight Liaisons

For example, a local wolf pack has only two females. Why would those females have to set up their dates through a dating service?

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This is just one of the weaknesses in the premise for the series. If the basic premise of the series wasn't so shaky and if the plot were not so full of improbabilities, this could have been a good series. Each heroine tells her story in the first person, and Sims handles that tricky voice fairly well.

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Although the characters are one-dimensional and stereotypical, they are likable enough. The women are feisty but fragile, and the men are alpha all the way.

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  5. If you are crazy about shifter fiction, you might enjoy this one, but only if you overlook the total lack of logic in the plots. Although the characters in this book are one-dimensional and sometimes act nonsensically, the weakest aspect of this book by far is the plot.

    Here are some unbelievable examples:. They're all shifters with super-sharp noses. Midnight Liaisons--Zum Biss Midnight Liaisons--Zur Liebe Midnight Liaisons--Zur Series Midnight Liaisons.


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    Research and analytics cookies These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. What happened to the other primordials??? Epecially if this was the last book. You should also read the novellas.


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