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Aveyond 2: Mathias's Quest

Professor Drake: Professor Louise 2p! Gretel: Hyung Korea. Tilda: Olivia 2p! Agatha: Yao China. Simini: Kiku Japan.

Sultan: Sultan Sadik Turkey. Firoz: Heracles Greece. Sabriyya: Daisy Nyo! Rasmen: Ricardo Cuba. Gulliver: Mao Wang 2p! Phoebe: Feliks Poland.

Eamon: Vash Switzerland. Aidan: Toris Lithuania. Gwendolyn: Francine Nyo! Doyle: Michelle Seychelles. Wicked Witch: Melanie the Wicked Witch 2p! Villager: Matthew Canada. Citizen: Maguerite Nyo! Citizen: Amelia Nyo! Raquel: Sophia Nyo! Mordock: Julchen Nyo!


Prince Uthar: Prince Ludwig Germany. King Teor: King Torvald Germania.

Thief: Gilda 2p! Herbert: Kasem Thailand. Irene: Lien Vietnam. Linia: Lilli Liechtenstein. Melv: Kyle Australia. Obert: Eduard Estonia. Haliburt: Roderich Austria. Bedella: Feli Chibi!

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Eddie: Heiliges Holy Roman Empire. Walkthrough and Cheats: link. Note: The walkthrough is for the original game Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest. Orb Goodie: No need to install because its already included in the mod. If you install it again the scripts on a particular map will change Party Goodie: No need to install because its already included in the mod. If you install it again the scripts on a particular map will change.

The Best Underground Hip-Hop Spotify Playlists

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Development Status: The mod is now complete but it will continue to update a little to fix some mistakes in the dialogue. The answer is an absolutely monstrous, song playlist that belies the stereotype of DJ Mustard as a one-trick pony of a producer while providing a daunting 5-hour backing track for what may end up feeling like a truly endless turn-up. This is the list to whip out to not only prove those new school haters incorrect but hopefully convert them into believers in the continued relevance of multisyllabic rhyme schemes and coolly worded punchlines.

There are plenty of well-known names here, like Nipsey Hussle and ASAP Rocky , two deft rhymers whose skills may be overlooked by fans who incorrectly assume that their modern beats prelude an old-school, bars-first mentality, but there are also plenty of sneaky, under-the-radar inclusions like Nick Grant, Lute , and Rapper Big Pooh formerly of Little Brother.

Dragon Cloak Red/Black

While chillanimebeats above is perfect for practicing your raps, this list works even better as a measuring stick to see where you stack up among the absolute best in the craft. This playlist was originally curated as a companion to a Vox video deconstructing the lyrical elements of some of the best rhymes in hip-hop. As such, it includes traks that dazzle with displays of tongue-twisting sibilance, disorienting breath control, and dizzyingly dextrous diction.

The is for the intellectuals, the rap nerds, the Genius annotators, and fans of liberal use of literary devices alongside experimental, versatile production spanning three decades of rap. Love live Jay Dee.

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