Manual Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden

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A fairy garden is a perfect style for those who remember the magic of childhood and the fantasy worlds described in fairy tales. I remember the fascinating stories about the fairies that my mom read to me. The story tells of a girl who was so tiny, she slept in a walnut-shell cradle.

After many experiences, Thumbelina marries a tiny fairy prince and was given wings to fly by his side. The famous pixie, Tinker Bell, was also beloved. Probably the most renowned is the wee sprite, the Tooth Fairy, who magically removed my tooth and left a quarter under my pillow while I slept. These magical memories can inspire your very own fairy garden.

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A fairy garden is limited only by your imagination. The popularity of this whimsical garden may be attributed to the ease of care and to the design itself, which provides an outlet for creativity. The first step in creating a fairy garden is to think small in the selection of a container.

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This could be a flower pot, dish, bird bath or tea cup. Make sure everything looks like it belongs. The use of dwarf plants, miniature cottages or castles, little fences and arbours, and tiny-winged fairies create an attractive display. What is your garden personality? The type of plants and the accessories selected will create a theme for your miniature fantasy land.

For example, pastel colours such as pink, pebble paths, ponds, and white picket fences and arbours portray a light-hearted fairy land found in storybooks. In contrast, you might utilize dark colours of deep purple, gargoyles, gnomes, and a gothic castle to produce a more edgy garden world. Once a theme is determined, consulting with garden centres and nurseries is helpful in determining the correct plants to use for the landscaping. The sun and water requirements determine the choice of flowers and foliage.

Keep in mind the elements of design such as scale, proportion, and colour pattern.

19 Enchanting DIY Fairy Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

Accessories and contrasting colours create texture. Some plants are irresistible to fairies. For example, thyme and moss provide a soft place for fairies to rest. The fragrant herb rosemary has always been regarded as having mysterious powers. A Sicilian legend tells of baby fairies sleeping in the rosemary flowers as the lowest petals of the flowers are ideal cradles.

Foxglove, also known as fairy thimbles, fairy caps or fairy petticoats is a wonderful addition.

How to Make a Fairy Garden Step by Step Tutorial | Rhythms of Play

Tiny blue forget-me-nots are suitable for partial shade areas. Pansies and primroses add vibrant colour and the fairy rose and pink hollyhocks are enchanting in the miniature world. Having gotten one, let your fairy garden ideas and imagination run wild with tiny figurines of furniture like a chair or tiny mushrooms to accent the rest of the tea cup. Make an enchanting prototype for your backyard area with a mini-garden display such as this one.

A tiny outdoor backyard shed centralizes the basic design for this home or outdoor piece. A tiny greenhouse and accompanying umbrella-style clothes hanger lend to the authenticity of this design. One of the cutest fairy garden ideas is this unique camp setting with a tiny RV waiting for you to step inside. Be sure to pack your lunch in the two tiny picnic baskets, and take along your portable swing for the youngsters. Accenting your camp setting with natural succulents will add to the allure of your little RV campsite.

Miniature flowers, pieces of twig and pine cone shingle tiles will help decorate this mesmerizing scene. Whatever you do, remember to add plenty of color to your Rockies display—you know, fairies love flowers. A beautiful piece of accessory in any home style, this springtime in the Rockies goes well either outdoors under an awning or inside a back porch area. If you run out of roofing materials, then try using pieces of dead leaves glued on the roof top. Actually, any natural material will do the trick.

Well, if New York City needs one, then so do you. An easy to make and easy to display presentation, this little miniature garden is waiting for a visit from fairies and visitors alike. This fairy garden design is not typically the best piece to use in a design filled with exquisite Victorian home decor. What can you decorate with?

Well, just about with anything; moreover, nothing has to really match. What can you call this home design? How about a weirdly strange magical junk yard? Well, wish no longer as you can create your very own beautiful, fairy garden design. A variation on our number 6 in fairy garden ideas, this one is even easier to put together as you simply gather a metal rim container from some device or metal wash pan, plant a tiny palm tree and string out the beach lights across a piece of thread or dental floss.

An old, toy van or yellow school bus adds the finishing touches as you get your porch ready for an all day fun-packed trip to the beach. Put in tiny, shimmering, turquoise marbles, and you have a beautiful ocean front design for your DIY fairy garden presentation. Creative, alluring and totally mesmerizing, this creation for your fairy garden is something you can use during all the seasons of the year. Once Christmas time arrives, simply substitute the tiny blue flowers for striking red Poinsettias, and put some cotton on top of your roof for some faux snow. During spring and summer, leave the landscape as originally shown, and let your imagination do the rest.

Fill your miniature fairy garden with pebbles, larger size stones or coffee beans if you have any handy. This arrangement of your magical fairy garden can be easily presented at your local garden show or church bazaar. The best part of all is that it lends itself as a perfect gift item. This miniature fantasy garden concept goes well in almost any place you display it. With a tiny flair of a Japanese garden setting, a blossoming fruit tree and Spanish clay pots alongside a wooden park bench, you can see how this creative design touches all of the bases regardless of your home style and design.

Sketch out the layout of your garden with a stick, or draw it out on a piece of paper. Pick a tiny tree as a focus point for your garden.

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