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Because leaders love to talk, and as they gain more authority they think they have less reason to listen. Leaders by their very nature tend to be removed from the frontlines of battle. To win, they must constantly listen to those who are in the trenches and rely on that information to make wise decisions. Now the book was also a personal search: a yearning to know what lies beyond, where his loved one had just gone. There is no greater hope. It is now our privilege to share that hope with as many as we can. A businessman cheats yet wins a large contract, and the guy who parties all the time is robust and healthy — while you or your loved ones struggle with finances or medical issues.

When we spend time with God and see things from His point of view, it changes our perspective completely. As the saying goes, what difference does it make if you win the battle but lose the war? Hurricane Katrina taught us that. Ethical principles are not flexible. A little white lie is still a lie. Each time you break a moral principle you create a crack in the wall of your character and when times get tough it becomes harder to act with integrity — not easier.

Unlike my nickname, I love the names of God that describe His magnificent characteristics. God is so wonderfully multifaceted that He has many names that communicate His capabilities and character. To name just a few, He is; Elohim, the God above all gods. Jehovah Rapha, our healer God. Jehovah Shalom, our God of peace.

Jehovah Shamma, our God who is present. Jehovah Yahweh, our loving, covenant — keeping God. Help us to remember them in our times of need and distress. Thank You for the assurance that You are faithful to Your name. And as a result you get stressed out.

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Take a moment and read the following three verses, then think carefully about what they mean. I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls. In faith. When you do that, God will respond and bless you every time. Why did You let that happen? Do not get sad or angry when people take everything away from you. Get glad! Do not rebuke the situation; just hang on to see what the end will be.

Whatever trap you think you are in right now, rejoice! It is just another opportunity to see God come through for you. I refuse to worry about it any longer. Show Yourself strong, Lord! But followers of Christ have an assurance that brings comfort to our weary hearts. What a friend we have in Jesus! Bill Crowder. Do not let your hearts be troubled and … afraid. Join Erikson Tada discovered a supernatural peace when an accident confined her to a wheelchair, and Corie Ten Boom found it in a Nazi death camp.

Missionary Elizabeth Elliot found it ministering to the Indian tribe who massacred her husband. Peace … not in resignation. Acceptance is surrender to God. Resignation lies down quietly in an empty universe. Acceptance rises up to meet the God who fills that universe with purpose and destiny.

Many people have not considered where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing even as little as one year from now. Not having a vision of where you are going in your life is like going on vacation by walking out your door, suitcase in hand, getting in your car and driving no place in particular. Most of us would not even consider such a foolish thing, yet we spend more time and energy planning our one and two-week vacations than we do our lives.

Creating a vision for your future is a fun and empowering exercise that will encourage you to expand your sense of what is possible and show you pictures of a bright, abundant future. Pictures which you will then begin to create for yourself. Jim Donovan In Gen Joseph dreamt of greatness. There were challenges, but the divine vision came to pass. Have I not sent you? He took up weightlifting since it was at that time, an American sport. Having read about a weightlifter who won Mr.

Universe title and went to America to star as Hercules in a movie, Schwarzenegger decided this would be his way to accomplish his dream as well. Universe contest and everyone applauding. That became his vision. He affirmed that he would win The Mr. Universe title and get into the movies in America. At the time, he was fourteen years old, with his vision held strongly in his mind, he began training to become a world class weightlifter.

When he was twenty years of age, he became the youngest person in history to be crowned Mr. Three years later he was cast in his first movie, Hercules in New York. The rest, as they say, is history. Saul the persecutor became Paul the persecuted. It was a transformation, a determination and a vision realized. Recently, I met a man at the graduation ceremony for a non-profit agency that helps people change their lives.

Two years prior to that night, he was homeless and addicted to drugs. It was then that he made a life altering decision. He decided to seek the help that was available and enrolled in the self-sufficiency programme offered by the agency, the Bucks County Opportunity Council. I could feel his pain as he told about his struggle to first, get off drugs, and then to get a job and a place to live.

He told about the obstacles and challenges he had to overcome to make it through the programme, not an easy task for anyone. I had tears in my eyes when he told the audience that night about his new job, wife and baby girl. In just two short years, this man went from living at the bottom of society to beginning the life of his dreams. He did it by having a vision and by taking the steps necessary to have the life he wanted. The following year, the man told how he was now about to purchase a home for him and his family.

Jim Donovan Are you in a similar situation? You will surely testify. And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. It is pretty well accepted that attract that which we think about consistently. Whatever you focus your attention on day in day out, will eventually come to pass. This is a law, like gravity. By having a clear vision of your future and having identified what you want in your life, you will have created a tool to put yourself in that energy or vibration of attracting that which you want.

You will use your vision statement as a powerful affirmation and read it whenever you want to put yourself into the energy of attraction. The balancing act. One of the keys to an exciting, fulfilling and incredible life is balance. Make certain that you include several different areas of your life in your vision. It is important to consider several key areas of your life in order to create a life that is well rounded.

As you progress, you will find that you have a tendency to concentrate in one or two specific areas at a time. In order to have a truly joyous and successful life, it is important to be growing in each of the key areas. When we turn from our sins, He forgives and strengthens us to start over. How liberating to exchange a false spiritual reputation for the true life — giving character that comes from knowing Christ our Lord — David McCasland.

Here, God compared some special gifts of uncommon value to love. Speaking in the tongues of men and angels seems to mean the ability to speak in heavenly tongues and at the same time interprets it in the language of men. If one should have the gift of prophesy, understand all mysteries and have all knowledge, even if the person should have enough faith to do great miracles, without love, such a person amounts to nothing in the eyes of God.

This means that love is the golden rule by which whatever gifts we exhibit and whatever services we offer to God are measured. Therefore, love is the ultimate commandment. Do you know that faith requires the oil of love to operate effectively? And how does the idea of fulfilling the law through love compare to doing the works of the law?

Love worketh no ill to his neigbour; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. Jacob served seven years for Rachel, because of the love he had for her. Gen No price is too much to pay for the one you love. Jacob served a total of 14 years waiting for Rachel. The one who loves you will not compel you to sleep with him before you are married. Obedience is the natural result of love. You will never want to disobey or rebel against the authority of someone you truly love. All the vices — adultery, murder, stealing, false witness, covetousness, and others are not compatible with love.

Mk When ye stand praying, forgive, if you have ought against any that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. Deut Because they met you not with bread and with water in the way, when ye came forth out of Egypt; and because they hired against thee Balaam the son of Beor of Pethor of Mesopotamia, to curse thee. They hired against thee Balaam…curse thee But the Lord would not hearken unto Balaam. Let thy words be few. Matt When ye pray, use not vain repetitions. Matt God told Joshua to stop praying and get up E. Matt When thou prayest, enter into thy closet… in secret Mk He…departed into a solitary place, and there prayed Mk He sent them away, he departed to a mountain to pray.

Lk He withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed. B United prayer. Matt Where two or three are gathered together in my name. Acts These all people continued with one accord in prayer… in an upper room. Acts And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

It repenteth me that I have set up Saul to be king; for he is turned back from following me, and hath not performed my commandments. And it grieved Samuel; and he cried unto the Lord all night. Matt And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour?

Acts Peter was kept in prison… prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him. The blood of Jesus whispers peace within… Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown? In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct. Lk Men ought always to pray Lk Watch ye therefore, and pray always 1 Thess Pray without ceasing. Eph Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints B Pray in time of special need.

Ps Call upon me in the day of trouble. They cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saveth. Heb Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may… find …help in time of need Jas Is any among you afflicted? Ps ,6 He who has clean hands and a pure heart…who seek Your face. Ps O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee Ps I rose before the dawning of the morning; and cried.

Prov Those that seek me early, shall find me. Mk In the morning, rising up before day, he…. Ps Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud. And He shall hear my voice. Daniel Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went home. And in his upper room, with his windows open toward. Jerusalem, he knelt down on his knees three times that day, and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as was his custom, since early days.

E Prayer in the night. And in the night His song shall be with me. A prayer to the God of my life.

Ps When I … meditate on thee in the night watches. Isa With my soul have I desired thee in the night. Lk Jesus continued all night in Prayer to God. Acts At midnight Paul and Silas prayed; and sang praises. But how can we keep from worrying when our lives are so uncertain, so filled with problems and needs? The apostle Peter offered this encouragement to the followers of Jesus who had been forcibly scattered across Asia during the first century. That weighs my spirit down and sometimes robs my nights of rest.

GPS: God Positioning Spirit: Personal Navigator from Despair to Destiny

Lift the heaviness from my heart as I lean into You. Self-control is one of the nine fruits of the Spirit listed in the Bible Gal It calls for bringing every aspect of your life under the mastery of the Holy Spirit. It calls for getting a grip on your desires. So pray for self-control and practice it on a daily basis. It can happen to any of us. What can you do? Before you yield to temptation you usually go through certain stages.

By neglecting prayer and Bible reading you become indifferent to God, insensitive to danger and find yourself drawn like a moth to a flame. And the more you silence the voice of conscience, the stronger your carnal appetites become. Then you surround yourself with people who do the same things, or are at least willing to look the other way. Jesus said; Pray… that you may not enter into temptation Mk AMP Pray for strength before temptation comes 2 Reach for help When Jehoshaphat came up against an enemy too big to handle alone, he prayed. We have no power against this great multitude…nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.

Jehoshaphat knew he was no match for the Enemy, and he knew where to turn for help. But Joseph refused. How could I do such a wicket thing? It would be a great sin against God. One day, however, no one else was around when he went to do his work. So he ran. Not because he was weak but because he was wise. What sources of temptation do you need to remove from your life in order to live victoriously?

Temptation comes from our own desires. These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is swallowed to grow, it gives birth to death. Failure to identity and target your weakness strengthens it. Ignoring your areas of vulnerability makes defeat inevitable. Satan has assigned certain people to feed your weaknesses. Be discerning. Your weakness will be drawn to any friendship that accepts it, enjoy it and feeds on it. And it can emerge at anytime, including your later years. So how do you overcome your weakness?

Through willpower? Action without vision is a nightmare — Japanese Proverb. You will find the following exercise to be an inspiring and liberating experience that will leave you excited about your life and eager to get moving toward your dreams. That is its purpose, along with providing you with a tool that you can use to align your energy with what you want in your life, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood of you having it.

Once you become energetically matched to what it is you want, you begin to draw it to you according to what is known as the law of attraction. What is your relationship to your Creator? Do you spend time each day in prayer and meditation? Are you living a spiritual life? What is your connection to your community? Where do you give back? Self-development — What have you done to enrich your mind? Have you added to your education? Did you obtain a degree or learn a new skill? Have you studied a new language? What are you doing regularly to expand your mind?

Do you make a habit of reading uplifting, inspirational material each day?

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Doing this for just fifteen minutes a day will help you keep a positive attitude and will contribute more to your success than any other action you can take. Health and Fitness — How is your health? Are you becoming more fit. What are you doing to nurture your self regularly? Do you exercise? What about sports and leisure activities? Do you have regular medical checkups? Are you taking extraordinary care of your body? Family and Relationships — What about your relationships do you have a great relationship with your spouse and loved ones?

What about friends? Have you developed meaningful relationships with people who support you and have your best interest in mind? What is your work day like? What are the feelings you experience in your chosen work? How great is it? Have you begun your own business? How has it grown? What are you doing each day? Where are you contributing to society?

Remember the idea of a big vision, one that will excite you just thinking about living it. Social and Material — What are you doing socially? Where are you vacationing? What are you doing? What do you own? Have you added an incredible media center to your home? A new computer; New furniture? A great wardrobe? What have you been able to buy for your family?

Money and Investments — How much money are you earning? What have you invested in? How much are you saving each month? What are you using your money for? Are you tithing regularly? As the late Norman Vincent Peale considered to be one of the pioneers of the modern self-help movement. You now have an inspiring, motivating rich vision of how you want your life to be in five years.

First you shake the trunk, then you shake the limb, then you shake the branch, then you shake the twing, then you look under every leaf. You can read the same Bible verse a dozen times and get a dozen different insights. Build better relationships? Succeed in your career?

Conquer anxiety and find peace? Break a bad habit? Be healed from the emotional wounds of your past? Then meditate on, ponder, think about, practice mentally, and verbalize the word of God. Lewis describes the kind of people we have trouble getting along with. Selfishness, anger, jealousy, or other quirks often sabotage our relationship with them. Lewis then turns the tables on us by pointing out that these frustrations are what God has to endure with each of us every day.

All the hopes and plans of others have again and again shipwrecked on your character just as your hopes and plans have shipwrecked on theirs. Instead, he or she is able to endure, exhibiting grace in spite of upsetting behaviour. Are there difficult people in your life? Ask God to show His love through you — Dennis Fisher. They were inseparable friends. One day, they noticed a gold ring lying next to them and conspired to take it. The thumb said it would be wrong to steal the ring, but the four fingers called him a self-righteous coward and refused to be his friend.

That was just fine with the thumb; he wanted nothing to do with their mischief. This is why, the legend goes, the thumb still stands separate from the other fingers. The Lord, in His grace, spared him and his family. We have every reason to bring Him Honour and stand strong for Him in our daily lives. He is always near, even abiding in us, so we never really stand alone. His ears are open to our cry.

The reason for naming this sin is that it spoils the unity that Christ desires for His followers Jn Those who sow discord may not initially set out to create divisions. It begins with the transformation of the heart. And just as in the book of Acts, three things are about to happen when the Holy Spirit begins are about to happen when the Holy Spirit begins to work in all His wonderful power. Preaching to the assembled crowd on that day with a boldness birthed of the Spirit, Peter was uncompromising in his message. In Acts 2, three thousand people came to the Saviour in a single day.

Just think of it! The effect on Jerusalem was electric. All eyes were on the leaders of the mighty movement. So he, leaping up, stood and walked and entered the temple with them — walking, heaping and praising God. So healing followed evangelism. For by His stripes and His shed blood, we are healed. You express hopelessness, belittle your own abilities, refuse to take any risk, say no to personal growth opportunities, complain about the unfairness of life, and say that nothing you do will make a difference in a particular circumstance. Do you recognize any of these attitudes in yourself?

An action repeated becomes an attitude realized. That means with practice, you can develop an overcoming attitude. Give someone you respect the permission to point out when you are being negative. Since you become like the company you keep, look for people who fortify your faith and not feed your fears. Teach me to trust You in times of trouble. Remind me of Your presence and of the fact that You hold me in Your loving arms. Now having said that, I have to agree with something I heard Zig Ziglar say once to a group of people. After the audience stopped laughing, he went on to make crucial point: Money will buy a bed but not sleep; books but not brains; food but not appetite; finery but not beauty; a house but not a home; medicine but not health; luxuries but not culture; amusements but not happiness; religion but not salvation.

With contentment, you can experience joy in the most desolate areas on earth. Riches will not bring happiness. My life controlled by power divine. Rendall has a penetrating insight on the promises in Mal These promises point to a material return as one kind of blessing from the Lord. Obviously some will prosper more than others, owing to gifts, place of responsibility, or opportunity. But at the bottom of it all is a promise of all believers that they will be honoured even at a material level in such a way that, whether it be more or less than others, it is more than it would have been had they not been faithful in Christian stewardship.

There are countless testimonies that could be brought forward that tell of financial hardship, debt and distress, until tithing was begun. Not that such people became millionaires or drove Rolls —Royces, but they lived without the terror of constant financial adversity. But not only do we experience the adventure of having our own needs met, we get to experience the blessing of responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit to meet the needs of others.

Jesus told His weary, burdened followers. When we are tired and troubled, Jesus invites us to discover the peace of meekly trusting Him — David McCasland. Why should He love me so? As a father, I cannot even begin to fathom the pain that our wonderful heavenly Father endured by allowing His Son to die the terrible death of Calvary. There is no greater thing that the Father could do to demonstrate His love for us than send His Son to die in our place and for our sins. As much as He grieved at the suffering inflicted upon Jesus, the thought of men and women spending eternity in hell grieved Him even more.

No greater gift has ever been given nor has such love been equaled in all of history. Yet if the Father sacrificed so much to make away for us to partake of eternal life with Him, does it make sense that a God of such love would stop there in waiting to bless children? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

As part of the service, the church staff members washed the feet of some of the church volunteers. As I watched, I wondered which was more humbling in our day — to wash yours. Both those who were serving and those being served were presenting distinct pictures of humility. When Jesus and His disciples were gathered for the last Supper Jn But Simon Peter resisted, saying.

Washing their feet was not a mere ritual. He wanted his listeners to continue putting money in the stock market during all the ups and downs of the economy because historically a good return will eventually occur. God wants us to invest wisely in our spiritual future as well. The apostle Peter tells us to be diligent about character development 2 Pet After we trust in Christ for salvation, we are to invest these qualities into our character; faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love.

Investing money in retirement funds can be profitable but investing in our spiritual lives offers the best kind of return for our future. Nearly is a tall wooden cross that was placed there many years ago. For their physical safety, people run to the area where the cross is located. In a similar way, all of us used a place of spiritual safety. Have you run to the Cross — Anne Cetas. As a result, he was released from the military. So, at age 19, he had to use a cane to get around for a while; and because of the severity of the injury he endured 2 years of recovery, rest, and rehab. Finally, Mark was able to set aside the knee braces he had worn since the accident.

Although he still experiences residual pain, the long slow healing process has brought him back to full use of his leg. Physical healing is often much slower than we anticipate. This is true of spiritual healing as well. The consequences of unwise choices or the burdens or wounds that endure for a lifetime. But for the child of God, there is hope. Although full restoration is not always experienced in this life, the promise of healing is sure.

The God of our salvation Ps God wants to bless His children. As a father, I love to give gifts to my children and provide for them. And nothing brings me greater joy than to see the twinkle in their eyes as they unwrap a gift or to hear them giggle with delight as I give them some thing they have desired. If a mere human being like me can find such joy through giving gifts to my children, just imagine how much joy our heavenly Father receives when He bestows good gifts upon us. Truly, our loving heavenly Father longs to bless His children-if for no other reason than for the pure joy of knowing the pleasure we receive when He provides for us.

How easy it can be to miss this very simple principle. God loves you and wants the very best for you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? But even the very hair of your head are all numbered. Some loose change, right? And God cares what happens to it even more than you do.

He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail —even numbering the hairs on your head! He eventually borrowed the money to get the items she wanted. When they place their order they are actually transferred to another site to handle the actual payment processing. However, you can have complete control over the design of that payment processing page. The hosted checkout page can look exactly like the rest of your website, so it appears to be fully integrated. Your site will never have to actually store, process, or transmit credit card information.

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You are Lord of our families. You are Lord, and we declare that, and we decree that. And Father, those who will not come in alignment, we ask that you would remove what needs to be pulled down, and You will align and You will establish Your Kingdom on the earth; fresh and strong. Whatever it needs to do, Lord God, let Your Kingdom come.

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Lord, start it with those that are here. Start it in our families. We ask Father God, that it will be like a mushroom that will grow, and a consuming fire. We ask that the consuming fire of a loving God would overtake this nation; that the hearts of the fathers, and the children, and the leadership, would be turned back to our God. Bring back their identity. Bring back, Father God, Your dignity over these precious saints. Lord, even that mass murderer, Father, we claim that You will use what is evil for good now.

Send Your love into those broken families. Send Your love, Father God, over the hearts of the wounded saints. Lord, just send Your love over this nation. Lord, release Your angels on assignment over this nation. Father, start to bring healing back over our land. Heal Your broken people Lord. Heal the Pastors, heal the churches; heal those, Father God, who are crying unto the Lord. Restore your people Lord, restore Your people. Call forth the midwives, call forth the men of muscle in the spirit. Call forth Your generals from the caves. Be counted.

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Go into the spirit and serve your Living God. We come against any kind of education that would undermine the word of God. And we call it down and we exalt the Word of God over our nation. Forgive us Lord, for all of our sins, for we stand and we cover our nation in the blood of Jesus tonight.

And we apply the blood over every household and over the finances of the saints. Father, they are weary of being robbed. We are holy. We are called. We are set apart. And we say, our God is for us, and if He is for us, nothing can be against us. But we release the principle of multiplication in here; that You will take whatever we bring You, whether it be a small piece of manna, or whether it be one fish, and You would touch it tonight and You would multiply it. Father, we ask that whatever needs to be multiplied, whether it be strength, whether it be faith, whether it be courage, whether it be answer of hope.

Father, we ask that there would be integrity, with overseen; that all of the finances that are being abused and used for self-proclamation, we claim they will come back for the Holy Spirit to use. Holy Spirit, begin to move strong over the saints. Holy Spirit, bring forth renewal, revival. Heal Your land and heal Your people, that the King of Kings alone receive all glory, all honor and all praise, in the precious name of Jesus. May 10, ] This is the time to where you will be able to commit your times into My hands; to where I can take your times and crown them with My glory and make them My times.

So be not afraid, for you will hear a new sound, for I am putting trumpet after trumpet after trumpet in the hands of My saints and of My angels. And they will burst forth into the heavenlies and you will see the demonic run with confusion and fear. For I am bringing down the assignment that has been released over your nation, and the agreement that was brought forth, tongue after tongue after tongue, in secret and from the platform. But you will come to understand, the breath of God causes those to fall back and fall down and fall away.

But it also can cause those to rise up, to rise up into the spirit and do great and mighty works by My Spirit. It will shrivel. For My own will begin to cry out, but this time it will not be in travail, but it will be an awesomeness of the mighty work of the Lord your God. For it may rain down, but I promise you this, when the rain comes down, the glory comes up.

Understand, they will mix together, and you will see a double portion of My Spirit—the raining down of My glory, and the raining up of the cries of the saints. And there will be a rebirthing, even in this nation. And understand, I am causing My own to learn to soar. But I want you to come, and present your body, and present your heart, and present your ear to hear and to listen, so that when it comes to the hour of recognition, you will recognize My voice from that of a stranger. And when you come into this knowing, comfort and strength will be a part of this.

And when you come into this realization, the voices of others will become faded in the distance because you will be straining to hear man, but you will be at peace and recognition of who I am, for you will come to know that I am the God of peace, and that I am the God who comes above and over all.

Understand, I am scooping you; I am scooping your wills, your dreams, your visions, your needs, your wants, your plans, your purposes, your destinies. I am scooping it all into My Kingdom. What will stand, will be left by My Spirit, and what will be taken away, would be only that, that would cause you to stumble into another kingdom.

For I am lifting up My own, into My own hand, to guard them, to shelter them, to protect them, to hide them in the rock of My goodness. So you are not to be concerned about the rain that comes, or even the winds that blow, for you will have been trained to recognize the still small voice in the cleft of the rock. And with the scooping of My hand, and the scooping of My heart, they will become more than overcomers through the testimony and the blood of My Lamb.

And because He laid down His life for me, He has taken up my life and has scooped me into the heavenlies where I am seated in heavenly places in Him. For He is training me to become an overseer, to see all that He would do, that His name would be lifted up and glorified. Participate in worship. Participate in presenting your body as a living sacrifice. I see every need that is in here tonight—spoken and unspoken.

Be not concerned about finances where there is a lack. Be not concerned about reports, for not all information has been downloaded from heaven. And in turn, you will become stronger and stronger and stronger. And in turn, you will turn around and see others that are stumbling, and you will be able to reach over and nudge them by the anointing of My Presence, and place healing and identity upon them.

For there was an appointed time in the Upper Room, there was an appointed place in the Upper Room, and there were people who came to keep their appointment with the Lord their God. And then I arrived—not as they expected Me, for they expected Me to come as they remembered Me, but instead I came through My Spirit, through a great, great, mighty, rushing wind. And I marked them with the fire of My Spirit, so they could look about and see who had become a part of My family and of My household. Learn to trust. Learn to listen well. What Lord? Come away with Me, My Bride.

Let Me whisper into your ear edification. Let Me tell you how I see you and how I value you. Do not listen to what man would say, for they would restrict even their own thinking about themselves. But understand: My Spirit comes with a spirit of revelation, to make known to you how great you are in Christ Jesus. Embrace My Spirit and let Him embrace you. Cover My Spirit: with love and respect and longing. And let Him come and cover you and bring revelation after revelation of who I am and who you are in Me.

And as He teaches you, you will come to long for a deeper understanding, because He will put within you the grace, the grace to go deeper in deep. They will cry and cry and cry, deep out to deep. They will wail for nation: of what to pray for, and in what direction I would call My own to walk, for My own. The world talks and throws the word, peace, back and forth. And yet the very essence of the word, peace, is being at rest, and yet there is such unrest. I want a people that are holy, that are set aside, that will not be contaminated by unrest; that will not be driven with fear and doubt and anxiety.

But I want a people who will understand, I, your Carpenter, would create a ship for you to fall asleep in—safe, in the harbor of a loving God. For I am calling a people who will not draw identity from this or from that, but yet will know that they were created for My pleasure, for My fellowship, for My friendship. Spirit-to-spirit, heart-to-heart, hand-in-hand, knowing that the One who holds your hand is more than a conqueror. And He invites you to come in and excel in excellence, and knowing that no weapon that is even being formed at this very moment can prosper against you, for I have hidden you in the palm of My hand.

For understand, I am able to change all circumstances in the twinkle of an eye, for when I rose from the grave, all was shaken. All that was evil now had become conquered by the possibility of good. You will not be tossed to and fro like a child that is overly tired, but you will walk, mature, strong, strengthened. Know that who the Son truly has set free is free, but now I give you a choice. Will you come? Will you dwell with Me? Will you stay free in the goodness of your God?

Let Me take all that troubles you, for the burdens you carry are not of My kingdom. For I long to give you My yoke that will bring an ease into your life and renew the joy of your salvation. Let My Blood touch that which afflicts you and that that would try to change you and draw you out of My Presence. For the enemy would ploy, and would use tactic after tactic, to tire you.

He would take exhaustion and place it upon you, and push peace and joy, your very strength, out and away from you. Be at ease in My Presence and let My Presence be at ease within you. But listen to the sound of the angels as they worship Me and lift Me up, and lift you up and bid you to come before My Throne of Grace. You will see such a Healing Revival, that you will see those who have been declared hopeless, have a visitation of the quickening of My Spirit.

I quicken life, but the enemy would try to bring hopelessness and death and discouragement and destruction. For there will be foundations that will be rebuilt, but this time it will be built on grace, mercy, goodness, truth. But the standard of My Spirit will come back over your nation, and when He comes back over, He, Himself, will lift up that standard against the enemy.

Invite My Spirit, fresh. Invite Him to flow out of you; that you could be a link, arm-in-arm, heart and heart, that standard in agreement, in My Spirit, with My Spirit, through My Spirit. Let Him lift up the standard, for I did not die that death would reign. I died that death would be conquered. Commit everything into My hand. Let go of the old that I may bring in the new.

Come forth, into My Presence, and let My resurrection bring forth what it was sent to do. You can do all things through Me, who longs and wants to strengthen you. Let My Spirit be the strengthener. Lay down your weapons of the flesh, and of the soul, and of the ways of man and religion. Pick up My word that is alive and active. Devour My word, so when you speak it forth, it comes forth with power, authority and might. Embrace My word and embrace Me, and in turn, let Us devour you and make you whole. But I would request of you that you would give Me your time.

For whatever you place in My hand, I will command My hand to bring favor and the goodness of God to you and over you. For I too feel the pain of a broken heart. I understand rejection, abandonment, isolation, but I do, I promise, I make all things new. But remember, I am not of this world, nor is your spirit man, for in each and every one of you dwell of the fullness of God.

Do you not understand you carry My kingdom? Let it not be confused with commission, for I commission My own. I call them to come away, to be a part of My kingdom, to be refilled and renewed. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and in due time He will lift you up. Neither are you, but you are My representatives, and I care for My own. I guard, I support, I nurture. I do not use and abuse and reject; that is not My nature. I accept My own, for I have plans for good, not for harm, but commit your ways into My hand, and let My hand change all for My own glory.

Give Me time. My will always ends up with life giving. And when you choose life—covenant with death, of dreams, visions, all that would beset your feet and hold you back in discouragement will be broken off, because death has no part of life. And I am called the Resurrection One; I defeated death and the grave. And when you come into Me, there is not death to be found, but only life; eternal life; now and eternity. I want you to choose to turn your back on death. And I want you to set your face life flint, determined to take life, live life, rise above circumstances that would cause you to want to die.

Take life, for I would wrestle death and leave that under your feet. You are life bearers. And you are light bearers. But understand, where there is death, my life brings conquering victory. But you must choose to bring life. You must choose to live life. Do not let life live you, but in turn, you choose to live life, for I have come that you may live now and forever. And let life reign, rule and make decisions. Plan to live life to the fullest. But look at the life and the resurrection and accept the life I offer. For in Me you can be found to be alive.

Choose to become fully alive—to live, to breathe, to move, to experience freedom, truth, liberty in My Spirit, abundant life in My Spirit, for you are My life of the world. And we ask that the work of the resurrection will come down on each and every one of us, and in our families, and over our life. Our Redeemer Lives, and so shall we. Lord, we want to taste Your presence and taste Your goodness in the land of the living. Lord, we want to know Your goodness. We worship You. Just worship Him. We worship You, Redeemer. We worship You, the Resurrected One. Jesus, we worship You.

We worship You Lord. We worship you. We thank You Lord. We give you glory. All honor, all glory, to the cross, to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We give You all glory, all praise. We worship You Jesus. Come away from the crowd. Close the doors to noise and distraction, and let My glory fall, for you are the glory and the lifter.

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And if I am one who will lift your head with My own glory, how will man see My glory unless they see My reflection on your face? For have I not called you with a grave responsibility—to carry the glory of the Lord to a dying world? The hope deferred that has made them sick, will cause them to become still, so that laughter can enter in and they can be healed. Know Me as one who gave you My highest. And I planted within you deep, My highest, so that what you have presented back to Me will be pure, holy, and high.

And never, ever, ever, come to a place in your life, where you despise the beginning of the work of My Spirit, but be willing to lay down all that would cause distraction and grieve Him. And come apart to that Upper Room for a divine appointment; for a divine encounter, so that when He sends you out into the streets you will come forth bold, but you will also carry a message within you that will burn within you.

Christ has risen. Christ will come again. Go back to the resurrection power of the gospel. Pull away from programs and distractions, for soulishness merely cries out to soulishness, but deep calls to deep, and it recognizes deep. And when deep cries to deep, it is because I, the Lord your God, am about to do a deep work upon this earth. And I am calling My people aside. It holds the keys to hell, death and the grave.

And I will never, ever, yield that to anyone, for I laid down My life, and I would invite each of you tonight to pick up the life in Me. Spread My gospel. Tell My dying world that I am alive. Know that I am God. Let us reason together, and you will come to fulfillment, to purpose, to destiny. Come and present your bodies, that we can find pleasure, heart within heart. And when you realize this, you will long to withdraw to that intimate closet.

And then you will come forth with boldness, filled, spilling over with the gospel, with the power of My Spirit. And there will be those who will carry answers of glorious prayers. There will be those who will carry the good reports of the Lord. They will descend to and fro. Learn to soar high in the heavenlies. Christ, the Risen One, the Resurrected Lord! Come, My people, come. In stillness you will have revelation after revelation of whom you sing to, for I will reveal Myself to you.

As I tore that curtain, it was forever, for My own to have access to Me. I have locked Myself within your spirit, now let My Spirit be free to worship Me. Be free. I have come to qualify you and give you My secrets—secrets to the kingdom; secrets to come to the chamber; to come to know the secrets of the King. Know that My blood is alive today as it was on Calvary—pure, holy. Every sin consumed, washed away, and remembered no more; new identities, new resurrection power.

I long to seal you away, and steal you away, from all temptation and contamination that would put upon you a shunning spirit; to where you would want to shun away and turn away from Me with shame. I have not come to shame you, but I have come to claim you as My own, fresh, new. Was it not torn that you can forever and always come boldly before the Throne of Grace, presenting your case? I am far, far, more eager to give you forgiveness, and cancel out all doubt and all fear. Let it not become self-absorbent, for it becomes the enemy of your faith and your soul, but embrace My Word—of who I say you are.

Know who I am so you can become who you are: a child of the King, one who I long to bestow favor on, one that I long to call My own into sweet fellowship. But present yourself to the King, and then wait for the whispers I would put in your spirit. Wait for the thoughts that I would put in your mind. Wait for the visitation that I would build My tent in your heart, for I would seal you tonight, fresh, strong, new. You are already on the road of eternity. Let My Spirit become your guide; understand, old things pass away.

Know that even death is merely the beginning of life; your spirits are already eternal. Fellowship with Me: Spirit-to-spirit, heart-to-heart. Let My love fill you. Partake of the living sacrifice of the cross, and let the working of the cross work out in you salvation, Christ Jesus in you, the hope of glory. For I have not come to despise you, to belittle you, to humiliate you. I have come to enjoy My creation; to fellowship with Me heart-to-heart, hand-to-hand, consumed with one love.

For I seek the highest for you and I invite you to seek the highest in Me. For in Me all things begin and end, for I am called the Alpha and the Omega. Let Me train you and raise you up into fellowship. For truly I would place over you tonight My banner of love, which is perfect, unconditional, but placed there because love is love. Know that love. Make that your aim, for that was My aim when I targeted you, to love you, to be for you. Let Me embrace you. Embrace Me; together, one-in-one, renewal, established, alignment, heart-to-heart, family-to-family.

January 5, I see the Lord and He is laying hands on your head right now. Learn to hold your head level with My glory. The glory that the Father gave Me, I gave to you. Did I not call it down? Did I not say I was of another kingdom? Did I not say that My Kingdom is not of this world? No matter what the world says, no matter what the eyes of man say—even when they are filled with fear in their eyes and tremble in their heart. Know that I am not moved, but that I am a steadfast God, ever loving. My face is toward you for favor.

The new vision, the new plan, the new anointing, the new way. Understand I have plans for you; plans for success. But first you must bring your agreement to My Kingdom, for orders only come to those who belong to a kingdom. Do not take your orders from this world, for you are no more of this world than I was. Yes, you are in it, but are you not sealed with My Spirit? You are sealed. You are eternally sealed. For it is merely words that you do not understand. For I fight, Spirit to spirit.

But in the Spirit, there is freedom, there is victory, there are answers. Stand apart and yet stand within—apart from the world, but within My glory. And I promise you, expectation will give birth: to the vision, to the plan, to the anointing. I would give you understanding of a heart tonight. With an understanding heart you will grasp the truth. And the truth will not only set you free, and My people who are longing for truth, but will become a way of life. I understand the storm, and I am in that boat with you, in that storm.

And I will show you how to navigate the waters. I will show you how to turn with the waters, when the waters even try to overtake you. I will show you how to walk on the waters, even when you see the wind of adversity in your face. And I will speak when it is time for the wind to be calm. And I will speak when it is time for the waves to roar and give you power, to propel you on to the next level of My glory, for I would invite you to come into another level of glory.

Let not the past consume you, but let now, and what is before you, become your passion. For tonight, I would take and I would capture, confusion and pain and disillusionment and discouragement and depression and doubt. And I would put it out of the ship. And I would command that it would be filled with faith. And I would have you rest. Rest in faith, for I would come and I would curse the unbelief that would try to shackle you, as a prisoner of the ship, rather than to come alongside of Me and listen for instructions. And I would ask that you would begin to listen in more stillness of Me.

Write down the vision so it will not perish. Write down the remembrance of My Presence so that you can go back, and return and know that My Presence not only goes before you, and behind you and around you, but My Presence is upon you, to lift you up and to present you. For though you may be blind, and though, even at times you have been blindsided, understand, I see. And tonight I will give you eyes to see, for I will command darkness to become light. I will command the fogginess of your thinking to cease, so that clarity will be given, and direction will be set before you, for I do not author or dwell in confusion, but I abide as the Commander of peace.

And My peace I give to you. Receive it. Rest in it. Partake in it. And let My peace consume all that would cause you to tremble. Let My glory flow. When you lay hands, expect the glory of God to flow through your hands, for you have given Me your temples, and My glory has filled your temples. Let My glory arise and let your enemies be scattered. Let My glory send you ahead. My Presence and My glory are one. Where the King of Glory is, there His glory is. In My Presence is glory; glory unspeakable. Understand, I want you to serve: in Me, through Me, with Me.

Settle the issues of whose glory it is, for I want to raise you and train you to facilitate My glory, so that you, My glory carriers, will be scattered throughout the earth. May it be only in prayer, but may it also be in presence. But be not concerned that My glory goes where I am. Let My glory rise upon you so that I can lift you above circumstances that would rob My glory away from you and replace it with fear and trembling. But understand, the glory of the Lord lifts you up, sets you in high places, above all that would be under your feet. But you must choose: do you serve glory, or do you serve fear?

Do not look for the glory from man, woman, or circumstance, but look to Me, the glorified, risen Lord, and let My glory reign, and let My glory decide and divide. Let My glory be your guide, for I am calling you to go to a holy, higher ground, glory-to-glory, one voice in one accord. Let the Lord God be glorified throughout the earth. What burdens are you carrying?

For I have told you in My Word to cast all your cares upon Me. For understand, I truly do care for you, and all that concerns you, concerns Me. For you will come to know Me as a busybody—that I am busy in My body, restoring, renewing, releasing, establishing, aligning, preparing, assigning. For remember, at the foot of the cross when I was taken down, it looked like hope; it looked like all that had been promised was over. It looked like it was done; it was finished. It looked like there was no tomorrow; there was no plan, there was no answer.

And yet I promise you, there was a holy seed that touched the ground. There was a pure blood that touched the ground. There was a holy sweat that touched the ground. There was a holy water that touched the ground. For wherever you are, you bring My holiness. Understand who you are in Me. And as you understand who you are in Me, your eyes will become open, and your understanding and your revelation of who I am in you will bring back hope, for I will take blinders off of those who cannot see.

I have not broken covenant, nor will I shy away from establishing My covenant, through you and with Me. He believes that he has seeds that will grow. My seed will dig his seed with My holy hands, with blood. And wherever he is planning death, I will deposit the life of the resurrection. And in My holiness you will find answers, you will find strength, for I have sealed you unto Myself. So be not concerned, let not the seal or the stamp of another even become a shadow, but let the sunlight of My Presence outshine all darkness. Because you are in Me, and your light shall become brighter and brighter.

And I am turning that wick up, higher, and higher, and higher; that others will read My people. And you will be those that will spread the seeds, as well as others that are hiding in caves and in sanctuaries, in mountaintops and even in tombs. And neither is yours too short, to reach up, to pull down answers. Bring Me all that concerns you, for it also concerns Me. Lord, we come tonight, and we lay down at the foot of the cross all that concerns us; Father, those things that concern us, known and unknown.

We just come and we present ourselves at the cross. And Lord, we thank You for Your Word. We thank You that You said, You have begun a good work in us, and that You will bring it to completion. We ask for this, Father, in the name of our Lord, our Savior, Jesus. For it was the veil of righteousness that I put upon My Bride, so that My Bride could come to and fro, always in favor; as Esther requesting of the king.

And then the favor must come with the word. And then the timing and the unction will come. And then the right place at the right time, for such a time as this, will rightly come.