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Many more versions followed but no English translation appeared until The first complete English prose version appeared in There have been many more, in both prose and verse form. The Nibelungenlied as an epic, celebrates the achievements, adventures, and battles of several heroic figures. It also encompasses elements of the romance genre as well, and includes tales of knights, courtly behavior, and chivalry.

The Nibelungenlied draws on history, mythology, and legend fir its details. It encompasses themes such as heroism, feudalism, justice and revenge, honor, loyalty, deception, dreams, and the importance of keeping up appearances.

The meaning of the Nibelungenlied is difficult to determine. It does not have a clearly defined moral message for the reader. However, it raises important questions about the nature of loyalty, honor, and what constitutes tragedy. Synopsis of the epic:.

Das Nibelungenlied

The hero of the Nibelungenlied is Siegfried and its heroine is Kriemhild, the sister of Gunther, king of Burgundy. Siegfried hears about the surpassing beauty and many virtues of Kriemhild and embarks for Burgundy to win her for his bride. But in spite of his splendid achievements and his great fame, he fails at first even to get an audience with her. Gunther is attacked by his old enemies and Siegfried successfully drives them away.

Gunther agrees to give Kriemhild in marriage to Siegfried but makes it a condition that Siegfried help him win Brunhild, the queen of Isenland, for his wife. Siegfried readily agrees to this proposition. In Isenland every suitor of the queen has to undergo three tests of physical strength in the form of combats with her. If vanquished, the suitor would suffer a cruel death.

Queen Brunhild recognizes Siegfried and admires him for his reputed strength and courage and his great wealth which he had obtained when he killed a dragon by means of his sword named Balmung and bathed in its blood to render himself invulnerable to physical weapons. But she despises Gunther and his men because they seem inferior in wealth to her other suitors. The trials begin and Gunther wins only because of Siegfried, putting on his cloak of invisibility, performs all the actions for him.

Gunther wins Brunhild for his wife and a double wedding is performed in Burgundy. Gunther is married to Brunhild and Siegfried to Kriemhild. Amidst all the songs and ceremonies, Brunhild is unhappy and resentful and reproaches her husband for giving his sister to a mere vassal. In her indignation she ties Gunther up in her girdle and hangs him on a nail. Once deprived of these things, she would become an ordinary woman. Kriemhild now leaves her family and goes with her husband to his home.

Kriemhild has a son named Gunther and Brunhild also has a son who is named Siegfried. A few years pass, Brunhild complains to her husband that Siegfried does not come to Burgundy to pay homage to Gunther. The Burgundians decide to hold a great feast.

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Siegfried and Kriemhild are invited. During the festivities a violent quarrel arises between the queens about the merits of their husbands. Who is the villain in the story? Or Brunhild? What is a double wedding? A mass wedding? A military wedding? What is the difference among a girdle, a belt, and a sash?

Part Two: Kriemhild's Revenge

What is a rassal? A slave? Differentiate a hound and a poodle; a fox-terrier and a bull dog. Explain how Siegfried was killed. First reading by the teacher. Second reading by the students.

Who are the main characters of the story? Why Gunther allowed Siegfried to marry Brunhild? Do you think Siegfried really love Brunhild? Support your answer. Characterize Siegfried and Gunther. Ask the two groups to present their answers using the PowerPoint Presentation. Relate the story based on the present society.

Nibelungenlied Lesson Plans

Comments and Suggestions:. Instruct the students to discuss about the story and the revised version they made. Each group will write their reflections including their comments and suggestions. Make the story an independent film. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to; a. Presentation Ask the two groups to present their answers using the PowerPoint Presentation. Comments and Suggestions: Instruct the students to discuss about the story and the revised version they made. Assessment G. About Us.