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The Ranch in Brandon, Mississippi has been providing addiction treatment to those in need since This facility offers a wide range of treatment options including medical detox , inpatient and outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, aftercare services, and specialized treatment services for complex situations such as pregnancy, chronic relapse, and medical conditions. Individuals who wish to participate in the residential treatment program will reside in group houses where their days are highly structured to encourage healing and growth.

Each day is filled with a variety of activities to ensure that the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of each patient are met. Mornings begin with making a healthy breakfast with housemates, meditation, Big Book or step group exercises, and recreational fitness like rope courses, rock climbing, or just time to spend in the gym with guidance from certified recreational therapists.

Afternoons begin with patients returning to the house to make lunch with their housemates and then attending a variety of one-hour group meetings and activities. Which groups patients attend will vary based on individual need but often cover topics like life story reflections, intimacy issues, professionals group, expressive therapy, spirituality, recovery goals, relapse prevention, anger management, and recreational therapy.

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The evening segment will once again start with patients making a healthy dinner with their housemates. Each evening, residents will attend step group meetings with the option to attend special meetings that focus on a certain step in the process. This highly structured program teaches individuals to overcome their addiction in a safe and supportive environment. Oxford Treatment Center in Etta, Mississippi is situated on acres of wooded, rolling hills providing the ideal environment for individuals to recover from addiction. This facility provides several amenities including the main lodge, medical services facility, patient cabins, fitness center, equestrian center, and outdoor pavilions all situated around a private lake.

While in treatment, men and women will reside in separate cabins to minimize distraction and promote a recovery that will last a lifetime. Residents will also enjoy three meals a day prepared by culinary staff. After completing the medical detoxification program, each patient will receive a personalized daily schedule and treatment plan created by the treatment team.

While each schedule is tailored to the individual, residents will participate in 4 to 6 hours each day of individual, group, and therapeutic recreation activities. Here, become part of a community with those around them and learn the skills necessary to overcome addiction and live a successful life of sobriety.

Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Biloxi, Mississippi is an addiction treatment facility where individuals will reside throughout the treatment process. Patients will have access to medical and mental care around the clock to ensure a safe recovery for everyone. Treatment at this facility typically lasts between 30 and 90 days, but depends on the needs of each individual and how severe their addiction is.

Upon admission to the program, each resident will undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the best treatment methods. Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offers a safe haven for those seeking a successful recovery.

Home of Grace in Vancleave, Mississippi is a Christ-centered residential recovery center for adults looking for a higher power to help them overcome their addiction. This facility offers a three-month program that consists of an orientation and two distinct phases. Each phase has a specific focus, established goals, and requirements for individuals to meet in order to move onto the next one. While in treatment, individuals will participate in group and individual counseling with highly trained and qualified addiction counselors, attend worship services and special ministry events, receive classroom instruction Biblical life application and recovery skills, and have the opportunity to receive their GED through the partnership with educational providers.

Home of Grace provides individuals with a chance to recover and build their spiritual relationships. Clearview Recovery Center in Moselle, Mississippi is a residential treatment facility for those seeking to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Patients who complete a medical detox may enter into the residential program for 30 to days depending on how severe their addiction is.

Residents are also assigned two masters-level clinicians, one for individual counseling and the other for group work, to help facilitate the treatment process. Clearview Recovery Center focuses mainly on the step recovery process found in tradition alcoholics and narcotics anonymous programs. The step program combined with addiction education is designed to help individuals understand their addiction and learn how to have a successful and fulfilling life without the use of drugs or alcohol. Recovery House in Columbus, Mississippi offers individuals struggling with addiction and day residential treatment program.

Recovery House is a place for individuals to escape the daily pressures and stress that lead to substance abuse and learn how to make addiction a part of their past. Sunflower Landing in Tutwiler, Mississippi is a long-term residential treatment facility for adolescents dealing with substance abuse or addiction.

This facility is located in a rural environment that allows individuals the opportunity to recover in a safe and supportive environment away from the hassles of everyday life. The treatment approach at Sunflower Landing focuses on healing the whole person through holistic recovery methods that heal the mind, body, and spirit of each individual.

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In order to heal the body, patients learn about the neurochemical roots of addiction and how to control it through diet, exercise, therapy, and medication if necessary. The mind is healed through cognitive behavioral therapy where patients learn how to overcome destructive thoughts. Finally, the spirit is addressed through a spiritually based step program.

By healing all aspects of addiction, each individual has the best possible chance for a successful recovery. The experienced staff at this facility combines medical, psychiatric, evidence-based therapies, and step philosophies to help patients begin their journey towards a long-lasting recovery. The multidisciplinary team made up of a clinical director, a board-certified psychiatrist is both adult psychiatry and addiction medicine, nurses, clinical therapists, counselors, a certified dietician, and recreational professionals, helps to ensure that everyone gets the care and treatment that they need for a successful recovery.

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Some dolphins and more than sea turtles have died so far this year. Moby Solangi , president and executive director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, calls the threat to marine life "unprecedented," and says the opening of the spillway is altering their habitat. It brings in lots of other pollutants into it that cause a significant change in the ecosystem.

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On what happens when these animals come in contact with this freshwater. We use dolphins as good biological indicators of the environment.

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They're just like a black box of an airplane. When they start being affected, you know, that's something in the entire ecosystem has changed. There's been a total loss of the oyster fishery.

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The oysters are the habitat for the blue crabs and so there's a chain reaction. The salinity, which is normally between 10 and 15 parts per thousand is now running at zero to five parts per thousand, mostly towards zero. Now the jury is out on the turtles, but them being reptiles, they have scales on their body and you don't see visible effects, but because their diet may be changing, we may be seeing some physiological changes.

We are going to be doing necropsy and pathologies and toxicologies to connect the dots. On if the problem will clear up once the floodwaters recede. My question to you is how many people are driving cars? And so what we are seeing now is that the Bonnet Carre would be opened up every five or 10 years. Now in the last four years, it has opened three times and then this year — unprecedented in its year history — it has opened twice. It's going to continue for a long period of time.