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He felt their gaze like needles on his skin. A presence, cold and mist-like seemed to billow around him. The threads of thousands, no--millions of life-forces flickered and danced around him like rainbow-hued pin-wheels. He gasped, his heart beginning to pound.

What was happening? A roaring filled his ears like the crashing of waves on a rocky shore. His view of the garden flashed, every leaf, branch, and stone suddenly transparent like glass. A pale green light, soft and unfocused back-lit the spectral surroundings. The word suddenly rang through his body and mind, a resonance that made his bones tremble. The voice trailed off. A brilliant red flash lit up everything around Bannor, forcing him to shield his eyes.

There was a blare of raw noise that thrummed and went silent. Reeling from the barrage of sensory images, breathing hard, he fell against the trelliswork gripping it with trembling hands to keep himself from falling. Birds chirped. The breeze hummed. Off in the distance, a bell rang. Blinking, he looked around, taking forced breaths. Everything looked the same. Not a single thread of magic lingered in the air to suggest what he had just experienced.

What was that all about? He swallowed and shook his head. He gritted his teeth. Things were bad enough with the wedding and adapting to the new routine here in Malan. He certainly didn't need strange experiences like that to add to it! He pushed himself upright and stood wavering and unsteady. It took a few moments to be sure of his balance. Such miserable timing. He didn't need more grief. Drawing a breath, he calmed himself. He followed the sound of water gurgling over rocks that indicated the center of the garden. He bent low to duck under the arch of the arbor and brushed aside the vines.

Broad stone cobbles formed a wide hem around a pond fringed with ferns. A small stream bubbled through a tumble of mossy rocks and emptied into the further side. Bent frond trees leaned over this secluded spot, forming pockets of shadow against the sun. Birds flitted through the branches overhead, and stinger-bugs buzzed around the flowers sprinkled around the periphery. With a sigh, he headed for one of the nearby benches and thumped down on it.

He removed his satchel and put it on the stones beside him.

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Damn, maybe the stress was getting to him. Still, that hadn't seemed like a hallucination. What else could that be? It made no sense. Was some pantheon lord playing mind games with him? That seemed so far fetched. The Aesir were well satisfied to be rid of him. He looked up to the sun, feeling its warmth against his cheeks. He shook his head. He needed rest.

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He needed peace. Pulling his knees up, he put his hands behind his head. Just lying down on a hard rock slab felt good. He didn't sleep well in the beds the royals used. It was too comfortable. It left him with the irrational fear that he would sleep so deeply that he would fail to hear an enemy creeping up on him. Bannor let out a breath. He wished a bane on a life and experience that would leave him so knotted up inside that he couldn't even enjoy a fine bed.

A double bane on a wedding ceremony so elaborate that he had to sneak around and hide to have any time to himself. He thought about the lessons he had skipped out on. He was in for scolding for sure. It would be worth it, just to have a few moments peace amidst the chaos that was 'royal responsibility'. He pushed the unusual experience to the back of his mind. Listening to the birds chirping, the low sigh of the breeze, and the sway of branches he let himself drift off.

An indeterminate time later a jingling he recognized as tassel bells roused him. It didn't feel like he had napped long. Bannor frowned. He didn't think anyone knew that he hid out here. After all, he didn't have the key, and no-one would have the audacity to enter the queen's garden without permission. Fear of warding magicks kept most people from even entertaining the thought of entering something belonging to the queen without her permission.

Sometimes being the garmtur had its advantages. Not only could he see the wards, he could slip through them without disruption when he put his mind to it. He caught a whiff of star-petal perfume and knew who it was. She must be keeping closer watch on him than he thought. Summers of ranger training and experience and he would have sworn no-one saw him.

What did it take to get some privacy in this crazy house of elves? The person stopped over him and let out an exasperated breath. He was knew that sigh well. It was a good thing he loved the owner of it so much. Without taking his arm from over his face he could see her features clearly, silvery hair framing a narrow face with high cheekbones, glowing violet eyes narrowed in annoyance, small mouth set in a frown. She was big for an elf woman, or a human woman for that matter, almost able to look him in the eye when they stood together.

This trait was a lasting side-affect of the magic of the pantheon lords. Once slight of body, she now cut a figure of long sweeping curves. Her once flat stomach was now showing the barest hint of a bulge from the child, his child, that she carried inside her. She was wearing the tassel-bells that meant she had on some official court regalia. From the swishing sound, probably the lacy gold satin and silk blouse and skirt that she seemed to favor.

Lately, she'd taken to wearing white high-heeled boots that made her tower over all the other court people except for her father who was exceptionally tall as elves go. When she spoke, her voice sounded resigned and only a little annoyed. He drew a breath. Bannor couldn't see it, but he sensed her purse her lips and inwardly draw on some resolve. You were supposed to report to the Maestro at the first bell after the noon meal.

Bannor sighed. It's a waste of time. He heard her toe tapping on the flagging. She probably had her arms folded. That's hardly progress though. There are definitely some holes in the plot around her relationship with her husband. The whole part of the IRS checking out his non-profit didn't get finished in the way I thought it would, plus there were so many issues in his relationship with Julia that didn't get addressed.

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I couldn't quite understand why Julia stayed in her oppressed relationship. She was smarter and had the support of many people. It didn't make much sense to me, but her staying did help the story along, because you know there would be some climactic thing once Paul knew about her and the phone sex. I really liked Sam Butterfield's take on role playing and phone sex. It gave a different perspective to something that seems really sleazy. Overall Lip Service was an enjoyable read.

Not at all what I was expecting, but a good read, that kept me turning the pages. Sex sells. That's the angle book marketers are aiming for with the cherries on the cover, but Lip Service might be a double entendre. I found Julia Sterling's transformation from a confrontation-avoidant, taken-care-of upper class New York wife into a stronger, more assertive, and freer spirit to be the more compelling story. Having had a nervous breakdown in college, Julia married Paul, a psychiatrist and her father's junior colleague.

Their relationship reminds me of "The Yellow Wallpaper" unt Sex sells. Their relationship reminds me of "The Yellow Wallpaper" until Julia, now 38, takes on a book project at a prestigious progressive sex clinic which involves research as a phone sex therapist. Through this process—without Paul's knowledge— Julia's spirit and sexuality is reawakened. Some parts of this initially self-published novel are overwritten. One is first told, then shown through the dialogue, repeatedly. The phone conversations are not extremely stimulating, and the author chose to not describe Julia's masturbating after one session, leading me to the conclusion this story is more about Julia's inner transformation.

Although parts of the plot seem frivolous at times, in retrospect they do neatly fit together. Part 3 takes the story in another, somewhat unpredicted direction, but Lip Service falls strictly in the romance genre. In short, a nice read about someone making a change in her life, spiced up with a hint of phone sex.

Sep 17, Pam rated it really liked it. It wasn't a murder type story. It was just about a woman who lost her true self and hid behind her own masks.

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Married to a man who only cared about himself he was a psychiatrist just like her father and his image of who he wanted her to be: a maid and babysitter to his son and a representative to his own business needs and contacts. Then she's asked to write a book about one of her husbands charity donors sex institute. There she becomes involved in phone sex becoming what they title a phone sex therapist.

All the time, she's trying to figure out who she is or which one of her personalities is revealing itself while she engages in these phone fantasies with other men. But then she receives a disturbing phone call from a man who asks her to hurt him so he will stop hurting his step-daughter. Then she wants only to make sure the girl is helped from this monster of a man.

She's also establishing a different relationship with a male friend she's had since college before her mental breakdown. I wanted to scream at her so many times she was doing such stupid things. And then the way she let her husband treat her was horrendous. He always treated her as one of his patients instead of a wife. It did end nicely even though I would have liked to see a little more into her future life. Main character Julia Sterling is a married year-old woman living in Manhattan, working as a journalist.

To the public eye, she has a decent career and is loyal to her stepson, friends and husband of 14 years. Secretly, she is an accomplice to sexual refunctioning "Certain eastern cultures see sexuality not as a fall from grace but as a way to ascend to a state of grace, to a state of self-realization. Secretly, she is an accomplice to sexual refunctioning—helping people to realize their full sexual potential. Julia accepted an opportunity to co-author a book on sexual role-playing therapy. This out-of-the-ordinary writing job introduces her to the daring world of phone sex.

It stirs up passion and fantasies in Julia that were long-forgotten. The story takes place in and was originally self-published in In fact, M. Rose's Lip Service made history as the first self-published eBook. Atria Books chose the perfect time to re-release Lip Service, 13 years later at the peak of the erotic fiction Fifty Shades era.

This sexual coming-of-age pun intended book is ideal for book clubs and mature women. Rose's writing is descriptive and enticing. There is an unexpected twist and ending that will satisfy readers. Literary Marie of Precision Reviews I received a copy of Lip Service courtesy of NetGalley. Julia is the wife of Paul, a psychologist, that treats her more like a patient than his wife. Years before, when she left her carefully scheduled and sheltered routine for college, Julia had a bit too much fun and lost control of life, causing a nervous breakdown. That put her in therapy for 4 years, introducing her to Paul.

Since becoming Paul's wife and stepmother to his son Max, Julia has been the perfect wife and mother, never acting out I received a copy of Lip Service courtesy of NetGalley. Since becoming Paul's wife and stepmother to his son Max, Julia has been the perfect wife and mother, never acting out.

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Then one night at a fundraiser, she meets Sam, a sex therapist. She decides to collaborate on a book with him about his practice, as well as become a 'sex therapist' via phone sex, just so she can experience first hand what she will be writing about. Turns out Julia rather likes the phone fantasies, and it liberates her, waking her up to how sexless her marriage is and how stiffed she feels.

Lip Service was slightly erotic, but since reading Fifty Shades, I'm not sure anything else is going to make me blush. I enjoyed the mystery and love story in this book.

I read it in one sitting, so it obviously caught and held my attention. And I was relieved that Julia finally recovered her backbone and stood up to her husband about the way he doctored her. Aug 28, mari rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. I was expecting another Fifty Shades of Grey with this one but was really pleasantly surprised to have liked this story so much more.

This is more about making a passive woman, who has lost a part of herself, stronger. Yes, there is a bit of explicit sexual situations but they are there for a purpose, not just to fill up space.

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There is a good story here. Julia is married to a psychiatrist who treats her more like a patient rather than a wife.

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He keeps her medicated, tells her what to do and how I was expecting another Fifty Shades of Grey with this one but was really pleasantly surprised to have liked this story so much more. He keeps her medicated, tells her what to do and how to act to keep up his appearances. She is stifled from being herself. She gets the opportunity to write a book, for a sex therapist she meets at one of her husband's events, documenting his success with a new therapy-phone sex. She decides to get trained as a "therapist" for research and starts taking phone calls. Through these calls, she rediscovers a lost part of herself and realizes what is missing from her marriage-intimacy, love, respect and trust.

Not that she gets these from the calls, but the fact that she is doing them, enjoying it and beginning to come out of her shell all without the consent and knowledge of her husband. There is also a bit of suspense thrown in. Oct 20, Naomi rated it liked it. Rose fan. She has shown herself to be a master at writing within a diverse number of genres with a smoothness YET grittiness that leaves readers holding their breaths. On that note, this one didn't quite do it for me.

I could tell that this was a prequel to the Butterfield Institute series which currently has 3 books in it. I have read 2 of these books. Also, as I did research for this book, it looks like it was originally released in , which also explains why her writing appears to be SLIGHTLY more amateurish than her polished writing demonstrated in her more recent releases. Now, as stated previously, Ms.

Rose writes within several genres Second is really light horror and finally, erotic mystery, which is where this novel and those of The Butterfield Institute fall into. Reader beware.. These books have some gratuitous sexual spiciness in them. May 11, Babus Ahmed rated it liked it. In Lip Service we embark on a journey of self-awareness with Julia, which gets started when she agrees to work with Sam Butterfield of The Butterfield institute Nina's estranged husband, for regular MJ Rose readers on his radical approach to sex therapy.

Sam comes across to me as a creepy, foul mouthed Lothario who has had his hay day and isn't particularly nice even though he helps Julia discover herself. I think I may have enjoyed the book more if Sam was more likeable. However, with the absence of murder and no obvious glaring crime at the centre of this plot I felt disappointed, despite the existence of Jack who is Julia's college friend and confidante but wants to be a lot more.

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What can I say, there was no mystery here, no surprises but it was well written and explored the human psyche MJ Roses books always do. Aug 17, Kimberly rated it liked it. Review written for www. I found myself forcing myself to read this book and I think it has something to do with the time line. While was not all that long ago the era was so different. Phone sex was a huge thing before the internet and the references to some many now not so current subjects was Review written for www.

Phone sex was a huge thing before the internet and the references to some many now not so current subjects was distracting. I can see how maybe at the time this was erotic and sensual but not much anymore. The story has to do with Julia and her psychologist husband and the power he holds over her. In this day in age we would have claimed she was emotionally abused. This is the first book by M. Rose and she has gone on to write many books but I think re-releasing this book was not a wise decision.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Julia suffered a break down in college. She used sex and drugs to cover issues that she didn't want to face. Although, I'm not sure the book ever says what issues they were. Her father is a therapist and thought therapy was the best route for her. She met Paul, a student of her father's at a party and a relationship bloomed. Fast forward to her thirties. Julia is obviously unhappy and her relationship with Paul is non existent beyond her appearances at his work functions.

It's at one of these fu Julia suffered a break down in college. It's at one of these functions that she speaks with Sam and he offers her a job to write a book about his institute. At the institute Sam works with patients with sex therapy. Julia is intrigued by the idea. She overhears a session of phone sex therapy and decides a first hand account is just what she needs for her research. While Julia becomes a phone "therapist" she discovers a part of herself she has long hidden and realizes she's unhappy in her life.

She wants to feel beautiful, wanted, sexy. This books follows Julia on her path to self discovery. I enjoyed watching Julia bloom into her real self. I received this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion. However, once I started I couldn't put it down. Julia's aka Alice character really intrigued me, as she is stuck in this passionless marriage and she starts to discover who she really is and what she is capable of.

Paul, her husband, infuriated me! How he tried treating her like a patient the entirety of their marriage, and never really accepted her for who she was, instead forcing her to act as the perfect wife. The psychology behind everything was eye opening in a lot of ways, especially when Julia starts to understand everything and how she has gotten to where she is It is interesting how the M.

Rose explained things and in a way made you see the situations in a totally different way. In then end I still believe what I believe Overall I thought the story was really good Aug 25, Rw rated it it was ok. Julia turned to sex to help her thru a nervous breakdown in college I wish we were told why she had one and married a man to protect and coddle her.

I hoped as Julia became more self aware, she'd break the old patterns, but I guess old habits die hard. This is not a bad book, but it's an old one and you can feel it in many things that are now different, like sex over the phone, that has been replaced by sex over the internet, which is more available and gratis.

The characters were a little stereotyped in my opinion, specially Paul and his behavior towards his wife, that in some situation, and I'd agree with him, was really to stupid to live. Jack is a dream man come true and I'd have liked to see more of their relationship and I'm still thinki This is not a bad book, but it's an old one and you can feel it in many things that are now different, like sex over the phone, that has been replaced by sex over the internet, which is more available and gratis.

Jack is a dream man come true and I'd have liked to see more of their relationship and I'm still thinking where is Sam in all this mess. After the reading of this book I thought of buying myself some type of Orchids, let's wait and see how much time before they die, as all the plants in my care. Oct 26, J. Hamlet rated it liked it Shelves: thrillers-or-something-like-that.

This novel has a lot of ambitions. It's a psychological and erotic thriller, in a way, but the thriller aspects take awhile to really take off. The plot is good, and a lot of the secondary cast are well-sketched with solid dialogue. Even the main character, Julia, has an interesting journey through psychological and sexual healing that's compelling and believable. Dolls are also collected by adults, for their nostalgic value, beauty, historical importance or financial value. Dolls have traditionally been made as crude, rudimentary playthings as well as with elaborate, artful design.

Artist Hans Bellmer made surrealistic dolls that had interchangeable limbs in s and s Germany as opposition to the Nazi party's idolization of a perfect Aryan body. Lifelike or anatomically correct dolls are used by health professionals, medical schools and social workers to train doctors and nurses in various health procedures or investigate cases of sexual abuse of children.

Artists sometimes use jointed wooden mannequins in drawing the human figure. Many ordinary doll brands are also anatomically correct, although most types of dolls are degenitalized. Egli-Figuren are a type of doll that originated in Switzerland in for telling Bible stories. In Western society, a gender difference in the selection of toys has been observed and studied. Action figures that represent traditional masculine traits are popular with boys, who are more likely to choose toys that have some link to tools , transportation , garages , machines and military equipment.

Dolls for girls tend to represent feminine traits and come with such accessories as clothing , kitchen appliances, utensils , furniture and jewelry. Pediophobia is a fear of dolls or similar objects. Sigmund Freud further developed on these theories. A doll hospital is a workshop that specializes in the restoration or repair of dolls. Most of the clients are not children, but adults in their 50s and 60s. Many books deal with dolls tales, including Wilhelmina. Upton [69] and Raggedy Ann in the books by Johnny Gruelle , first published in The story, told through text and photographs, is about a doll named Edith and two teddy bears.

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