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My Account Log In. Cart 0. Captain Notepad. Sort By Position Name Price. Item : WallCalendar. Company Info. He used to advise people to create a separate list of Next Actions that they could only do when they were next to a phone.

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Optimized for stress-free productivity and ready to get things done. I had been writing to-dos on scraps of paper, and crossing items off, and rewriting them the next morning.

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I told my boss that I wanted to read this productivity book, and then I went to the Borders across the street from my office and bought it. The entire thing fit into my brain like a melody; instantly memorable, each piece flowing into the next. I opened a spreadsheet and started cataloging every unfinished task, adding new rows underneath cells to break the Open Loops into individual Next Actions.

I went into the supply closet to find something that could serve as a Dedicated Inbox for pieces of paper and other physical items that needed to be processed into tasks and actions.

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I asked my boss if the office would let me buy 43 folders and a hanging file in which to store them. I proselytized. I got my coworkers to read the book, and I even convinced a few of them to sit in on an online webinar featuring David Allen himself. He accidentally shared a screen that included some of his more personal Next Actions. It was weird.

I asked HR if going to one of the big GTD seminars, the kind they held in hotel ballrooms, would count as professional development. But I got a lot of things done. View Details. Add whatever you want to your custom printed notepads!

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Use your own logos, pictures and messaging. Find great templates for real estate brokers, insurance agents, dentists and doctors' offices, contractors and small business owners. Captain Notepad will work with you to ensure your notepads reflect your branding message. We pride ourselves in providing quality customized notepads to clients large and small.

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