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Eventually, I sent him an e-mail with twenty-four questions that, I hoped, might elicit more personal details:. Do you have a favorite novel? Do you like the sea? I don't actually spend much time on the coast; it's just chance that I happened to move here. What Chiang really wanted to talk about was science fiction. Chiang reframes questions before answering them, making fine philosophical distinctions. He talks more about concepts than he does about people.

Often, such computers are super-competent servants born in a lab and preprogrammed by engineers. Having done so, they are loath to sell their children, or copies of them, to the Silicon Valley startups that are eager to monetize them.

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They face, instead, the unexpected challenges of virtual parenthood: What do you do when the operating system on which your child runs becomes obsolete? How can you understand the needs and wants of a child so different from yourself? In an e-mail, I asked Chiang to tell me about his own parents.

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He has no children. Did they inspire the ones in his novella? Both of my parents were born in mainland China. Their families fled to Taiwan during the Communist Revolution. They went to college in Taiwan and came to the U. My mother is retired, but used to be a librarian. Alternatively, he may be being accurate. Contemplating his e-mail, I found myself thinking, in a Chiangian way, about the nature of ethics.

According to one theory, a system of ethics flows from the bottom up, emerging from the network of agreements we make in everyday life.

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That kind of thoroughness is unusual. It is, in itself, a labor of love. I'm probably best described as an occasional writer. I pointed out that some of his stories are about the pain of knowing too much, while others are about the long path to knowing, which permits of no shortcuts. Knowledge alone is flat and lifeless; it becomes meaningful through the accumulation of experience over time. At one point, it was believed that this was the language spoken by angels in Heaven, or the language spoken by Adam in Eden.

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Later on, there were attempts by philosophers to create a perfect language. He knits together the vocabularies of science and art, memory and prediction, literature and math, physics and emotion. Eventually, I sent him an e-mail with twenty-four questions that, I hoped, might elicit more personal details: Do you have a favorite novel? What was the last work of art that made you cry?

Writing to Wake the Soul: Opening the Sacred Conversation Within

Don't know. Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? Recommended Stories. Benner provides solid theological and developmental foundations for the practices he offers to support growth and deepening. It is filled with possibilities that evoke pondering and prayer. In a culture full of escape-this-world spiritualities on the one hand and narcissistic spiritualities on the other, David Benner says, 'absolutely not!

David's identification of things like toxic spirituality will provide welcome hope to the growing number of people in 'religious recovery' who are on the spiritual and human journey but are simply worn out with the narrow approaches so common today. He has a deep commitment to us as embodied beings and as such helps us attend to an embodied spirituality. He gets at tough concepts like desire, longing, and restlessness, and few have dealt with the issue of ego, its role, and its limits as well as he does in this book.

If you are ready to dig in, ready to really change and experience transformation, then by all means get this book.

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And then buy nine more copies to pass out to friends for a dialogue group! We need David Benner's stuff in our airspace. I am going to spread the word, and I hope you will too. Ron Martoia , author, speaker, and founder of velocityculture. David G. Benner PhD, York University; postdoctoral studies, Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis is an internationally known depth psychologist, author, spiritual guide, and personal transformation coach who lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Benner has authored or Continue reading about David G. Benner PhD.

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As a seasoned scholar, author, psychologist, and a spiritual director, Benner serves as an expert witness of what healthy and whole humans look like. The church has benefitted greatly from Benner's seeking.

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  3. The Meanderings of a Pen - A Collection of Short Stories.
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  5. Becoming Fully Alive and Deeply Human;
  6. He has contributed greatly to the psychospiritual a term he uses understanding of the person and paved a more formidable path of spiritual maturity. Especially helpful are the reflection questions at the end of each chapter that evoke the reader to deeply consider their current life and how it matches up with what they deeply long for. I highly recommend this work for those interested in their own personal integration of soul and spirit as well as those who desire to assist others in the same journey through their counseling practices, teaching, and spiritual direction.

    I found the sections on 'Spiritual Practices for the Human Journey' particularly helpful and at times inspiring. Soulful Spirituality is a book for the searcher and for the committed Christian. In uncomplicated language it helps clarify the journey to a gracious God in prayer. You don't have to be a so-called expert to find practical positive help here on the pilgrim way. About "Someone needed to write this book and I'm glad it was David Benner.

    Spirituality has an indispensable role to play in the expression of our humanity. However, spiritual practices can sometimes make us less, not more, authentically human.