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Nov 10, Michael R. Nelson rated it it was ok. I do believe this is a partial transcript of the documentary film. As such, it is disjointed and incomplete. Skip this and go watch the film.

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Mar 04, Brian F Breault rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction-biography. This book is actually the printed narrative of a documentary about George Westinghouse. Watching the video provides a more cohesive look at the accomplishments of this great inventor. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. DVD extras include an audio commentary and bonus interviews. Highly recommended.

Westinghouse: The Life and Times of An American Icon

Four Stars" -Video Librarian "George Westinghouse is one of the almost forgotten technological leaders in American history. The electrification of the United States that we take for granted today was made possible by his engineering know-how and business acumen.

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This very well-done biography would be a worthwhile addition to any school library. Shane, Library Journal "Offers insight into the accomplishments and legacy of a creative giant who changed the face of industry. DC and changed the way America plugged in. Their latest documentary arrived last month and the quality is just as high. Any engineer, and anyone interested in electricity, railroads, or industrial history should have a copy.

Jim Hanna, Vice President of Engineering, Tran-Tec Corporation "Makes use of numerous historical photographs, as well as a good deal of fascinating historical footage. I encourage you to view this great video and find out more about the collaboration of George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla. The image on the left is the most famous Rosie. The woman was never named and the poster itself was never given a title by its creator, J. Howard Miller.

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The only pin she is wearing is for Westinghouse Electric Company. This poster was marketed towards all factory employees, not just women. Because it was not meant for wide distribution, it was displayed for two weeks and largely forgotten. When civilian industries began converting their factories to produce war goods, the National War Production Board was created. The main purpose of NWP was to assist private companies with the rapid militarization. People were being worked so hard during these years, they began to resist.

Workers organized unions to fight for better pay and working conditions. Workplace accidents became common because most women were never given proper safety gear. His posters and hundreds of others subtly indicated that you were unpatriotic if you did not conform to an ideal image. The most famous of all his posters was not intended for a wide audience.

At the end of the war, when victory looked imminent, the narrative changed. Women were told to give up their jobs once again.

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If a woman tried to keep her job she was fired or shamed into quitting. I had the opportunity to talk with my great-aunt Gladys about her experiences as a Rosie. She worked in a cotton mill from — When asked about her final days, she remembers feeling an obligation to leave the workplace, though she enjoyed her job and the freedom it gave her. All us women just stayed home one day.

However, she enjoyed working so much that when her youngest child enrolled in school, she rejoined the workforce voluntarily.

Her time in the cotton mill is remembered as a time of self-discovery and changed her life. She was a young bride at 17 when she went to work in the mill. After three years of working, she understood that she was able to do more than she would have expected. Earning her own income was liberating and she missed working when the war ended.

According to American Icons , this image conveys the female empowerment of the Feminist Movement The poster began appearing on merchandise and became more popular in the s. It hung on the walls of the factory to keep tensions low and maintain the status quo. Maintaining the status quo is antithetical to Feminism.

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It is easy to understand the motivation for choosing such an image. The woman is attractive, appearing strong and brave. She is resolved to fight and inspire those who also believe in her cause. Unfortunately, the cause she represents is not her own.