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Various flounders also housed here, look closely, because they are perfectly camouflaged in the sand. In addition to the main aquarium, there are additional exposures in the aquarium with smaller aquariums. In the Lisbon Oceanarium, there are only 2 types of jellyfish: Pacific nettle and spotted Australian jellyfish. Each species has its own aquarium. So, for the Pacific nettle a dark aquarium is created, where you can look at how thin tentacles of jellyfish, like threads, intertwine with each other, while they themselves slowly reduce their body in motion.

The spotted Australian jellyfish is not so fascinating because its body is similar in structure to ordinary jellyfish, but they have white dots on the cap. The aquarium is illuminated in such a way that the jellyfish turn into beautiful fluorescent fly-agarics floating in the water column. In the aquarium, you can get acquainted not only with aquatic representatives of the animal world but also with birds, for example, penguins.

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For them, arranged stone hills next to the water, where they can go for a swim. Around such islands, you can walk along wide bridges, or you can turn to a more secluded and romantic path and walk along a narrow corridor of plants. And here you will be greeted by clouds of fish of various sizes and colors, all kinds of eels, octopuses, sea horses, sea anemones, crabs, hedgehogs, birds, amphibians, and many many different living creatures. In the summer from to entrance until , in winter from to entrance until The most convenient way to get to the aquarium from any part of Lisbon is the metro.

There are many stations around the city, and the cost of one trip is usually 1. If you decide to use this method of transportation, then you need to get to the Oriente station, which is located on the red line of the metro. When you get out of the metro and climb the street, you will see the shopping center Vasca da Gama, you need to go around it on the right side, go down to the embankment and go along it to the right side. Soon you will see a remarkable building located on the water — this is the aquarium. A ticket for travel in the subway can be bought at any station in specialized machines.

You may request a copy of the personal information we hold about you by submitting a written request to support aeon. We will try and respond to your request as soon as reasonably practical. When you receive the information, if you think any of it is wrong or out of date, you can ask us to change or delete it for you. Skye C Cleary. Edited by Nigel Warburton. What could possibly be wrong with taking your child to an aquarium?

My Visit to the Aquarium by Aliki

It seems like an innocent enough pleasure. Most children love watching exotic fish swimming behind glass, seahorses, sharks, rays, jellyfish and turtles. A visit to the aquarium is a mixture of entertainment and education, and seems much less morally dubious than going to a zoo to see gorillas, and probably much better than playing point-and-shoot video games. True, recent publicity about the US theme park chain SeaWorld and the treatment of orcas makes it clear that some aquariums step over the line when it comes to the humane treatment of aquatic animals.

Georgia Aquarium Tour - Best In The Nation!

While the argument has been won for orcas, the moral situation for other marine animals remains murky. New dolphinariums are opening around the world — dozens in China, but also in the United States, Thailand and Kazakhstan, with plans for more in Poland, Cyprus and Turkey — though not all dolphinariums put their animals to work. Many of us were taken to such places as children and enjoyed the experience. Why not continue that practice?

A Visit to the Lisbon Aquarium

Aquariums can , of course, be centres for conservation and research. But there is a special issue when we take children to visit them. By taking children to these places, we are communicating to them indirectly that it is acceptable to confine non-human animals to small tanks that dramatically restrict their movement, and derive pleasure from gawking at them.

These aquarium-friendly toddler activities can up the fun and learning quotient at the same time. Underwater I Spy. The rainbow of colors on fish scales can help your child learn his reds from his blues. Fish Face.

3 Benefits of Visiting A Public Aquarium (And How to Find One)

Imitate it — a Mommy fish face is sure to be a giggle-producer — and ask your tot to follow your lead. Swing by the touch tank. Kids love getting their hands on anything they can, so naturally, touch tanks are a big hit. Select shows smartly. So get the info on the exhibit before you settle in. Troubleshooting Tips Be ready to retreat. Many modern aquariums have tanks over, under and all around you. If necessary, abort this toddler outing and try again in a couple of months. Avoid the big bang. Devise a gift-shop strategy.

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  • In an aquarium for children, all roads lead to the gift shop: You may literally have to walk through it to get to the aquarium exit. Decide beforehand what your gift policy will be.