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Shocking in a clever, poignant way, this story is about a pitiful young guy who falls in love from afar with a beautiful, wealthy, young and vivacious girl with russet red hair. A seemingly chance run-in with Short Stories. Sexy, sweet, and short, this collection of erotic romance is a box of Valentine conversation hearts, filled with fun surprises and unusual twists. With over 30 authors in the anthology and stories from Sommer All's Fair A brave nobleman who'd successfully fought Napoleon's toughest soldiers, Raphael Dalton was no stranger to treachery and warfare.

Yet nothing this modest hero has experienced can prepare him for Zuri finds herself in the hands of a Zargonnii warrior after she and her shipmates are extracted from a strange world. Hunted by the heinous Tonan and sought after by the deadly Gorgano, Zuri is mortified when Bestselling author Scott Kenemore is back with a hilarious, over-the-top, and bloodthirsty send-up of the political season. Science Fiction.

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At their last reunion, they all accepted a challenge: look up your first love. Find out what happened to him, what kind of man he became. So her billionaire father Oscar sends her to New York to discover her biological roots. Zoe's still raw from the knowlegde that she's not a real Balfour Zoe Armitage was on the lookout for her perfect husband. He had to be stable, sincere… anyone but thrill-seeking, smooth-talking Gabriel Flynn!

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Sure, they'd shared steamy Guests are whisked away to Great Britain for two weeks of luxury adventure, history and plenty of naughty possibilities! Whether it's an illicit tower tryst, a romantic boat ride To ensure peace and stability in his country Zarif must now marry, so when Ella returns begging Everything Julia Goodwin had ever wanted was right here in the quiet little town of Plenty. At least, that was what she thought, until wrong-side-of-the-tracks rebel Zane O'Sullivan came home - and rocked her No woman walks away from Zane Westmoreland… until Channing Hastings, who does just that, and it leaves the rancher reeling.

Zachary Alexander was accustomed to beautiful women at his luxury winter resort, but the stunning Claire Durocher took his breath away! Was she looking for a temporary lover? Zach was tempted to oblige her… No one knows how to sin quite like Zachary Black, Duke of Hawksmere. Alone and pregnant with twins is not how Laura Holland wants to spend her holidays. So she seeks out the only person who's never let her down: old college friend David Presley.

After breaking his Many of these books are available After an accident leaves Celeste Monroe to raise her baby nephew, all she wants is to provide one-year old Parker with a happy life. She hopes taking a job caring for an injured Sam Helping children in her hometown is a dream fulfilled for single mother Brianna Benson.

When Janice Reid and her younger sister, Brooke, moved into their ancestral home, threatening letters and ominous phone calls made it obvious they were not welcome in Stanton, West Virginia. But Janice had always Sarah Westerveld had been waiting years to hear those words from her estranged father. But now that he had finally summoned her home at holiday time, his fragile health rendered him When Matt Cavanaugh returns to his Allegany County hometown, he's not as rough around the edges as he used to be. The former marine is a successful contractor, a man who now believes in the Lord and old-fashioned After three years in Mule Hollow's women's shelter, single mother Lynn Perry is finally spending the holidays in her own house.

And then the town's matchmakers send over a hunky cowboy to hang Christmas lights… When Lincoln Swift finds a two-month-old infant on his doorstep, it's panic time!

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Still, he takes the child in, believing she's his missing in action brother's. Shawn O'Riley is shocked to find a baby girl abandoned at his church on Christmas Eve. He's a pastor and a cowboy—not a daddy! Haunted by family tragedy, he's not sure he can risk his A gold-rush town is no place for a single mother. But widow Lana Bristow won't abandon the only home her son has ever known.

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Hometown girl Bethany Marlow moves back to Treasure Creek to open a wedding planning shop for all the new brides. But when her former boss asks her to help lead a wilderness tour before she sets up shop, she With men, Manhattan From the moment Rudy Vaccaro saw her, he was a goner. Never mind that his twelve-year-old daughter hated the house on sight. So could Newly single lawyer Mike wanted only one thing — to be the best dad ever.

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And if that meant he needed to lead a life of celibacy, he could handle that. Until he met new next-door neighbour When firefighter Lana Dempsey finally tackles fellow firefighter Sean O'Neill in the…showers, it's a five-alarm blaze. Tallulah Silver is tough. She has to be-because she's the Choctaw tribe's only female shadow hunter, and because she doesn't know how else to survive the loss that almost destroyed her. Payton Rodgers has devoted his life Nothing can stop a shape-shifter fulfilling his legacy Libby was only looking to escape when she took her little sister and fled the malevolent cult they once called family.

She didn't expect the mysterious shape-shifter who A desire that defies death When Dr Braden Streib travels to the remote land of Teslinko to investigate how werewolf princess Alisa can remain human for so long without going mad, he is caught in a battle between the royal family and an extremist In a town where everyone wears a mask, who can you trust?

As a crime beat reporter, Barrie Gryffald's work is risky enough when she's investigating mortal homicides. But when a teenage shifter and an infamous Hollywood mogul are both found dead on Even if that means kidnapping the enemy.

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Well-trained tracker Trinity Caldwell can take him back Or so it seems - until their professional relationship gives way to one hot, impassioned night When Jack Garrett inherits a vineyard with his fiery ex-wife, he has only one agenda: visit Brenna, make her a deal and leave. But one glimpse of beautiful Brenna and they're back where they started - in bed! The Boss's DemandDesperate to keep her new job, Sara assures her boss Elan he can fire her if she steps out of line.

But the oil industry is dangerous and accidents can happen - like the one that leaves her pregnant with his child and determined to Rescued by the Brooding TycoonWidow Harriet Connor is content with her life - she doesn't need some upstart ruining it all! Yet, saving Darius Falcon from a capsized boat, she realises that there's more to the brooding tycoon - and that, just Only it's her life on the line when the jilted bride becomes a target.

Reunion at Cardwell RanchThe last of his clan to come home to Big Sky, Montana, Laramie Cardwell wasn't planning to spend the holidays chasing an elusive cat burglar. Now he'll move mountains to capture the mystery woman whose kiss smoulders Scarlett Easton may have just been a child then, but the fear it spread throughout the reservation haunts her to this day.

Jim Kennedy ran off to Marrying Laurel may be the only way to protect their child from a killer.

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But can She's in Honduras to rescue her sister from human traffickers - not to fall in love with a sexy SEAL! Encounter with a Commanding Officer - Charlotte HawkesArmy trauma doctor, Major Felicity Delaunay, likes the rules and regulations that give structure to her life. But the arrival of maverick hot-shot Colonel Ash Stirling is about to turn her world What's more, he discovers his high school sweetheart, Grace Haines, is his children's social worker.

Will this first-time father With one convenient proposal, he could have the Southern beauty in his bed and her birthright in his hands. If only Bella would say yes How will the avowed bachelor react when he discovers Stella's When her brothers bet she'll be dateless at a charity auction, she turns to a makeover - and way-too-sexy best friend Chase McCormack A passionate proposal World renowned polo player Diego Acosta has sets his sights on seducing full of life wedding planner Maxie Parish when she invades his beautiful private island. But will Maxie want more than an affair? Callie Labeau has been From Defiance to DesireDrakon Lyonedes has it all: power, wealth, sex appeal!

Then beautiful Gemini confronts him over his business plan; Gemini intrigues Drakon. She's a virgin and he deals in sizzling, scorching passion. Whose will-power will Brooding BillionairesCristo RavelliCristo Ravelli must silence any scandal about his father's illegitimate children! Belle Brophy, the children's guardian's only concern is giving them security. So when this gorgeous Italian offers marriage, she Seduced by the SultanCatrin Thomas's life was perfectly normal until she was swept into a steamy affair with a desert sultan. When heartbroken Catrin then defies him, sexy, all-powerful Murat is determined to reclaim her, but she will not be Memories of their forbidden pleasure prove impossible to forget-especially when he Except it's only for six months and the money will Deeply scarred by the accident that claimed his wife, Adam isolated himself in his forbidding In bed with her nemesis When Jasmine Connolly's third engagement is broken off, she decides to make her man jealous by enlisting the help of her enemy - playboy Jake Ravensdale!

Jasmine might never have forgiven him for his rejection years ago, A surprise holiday souvenir Billionaire businessman Daniel De Angelis's plan is simple: a few undercover days at sea to reveal the weaknesses of the ship he plans to acquire. Instead he discovers a vulnerability of his own - gorgeous art Now, il mio angelo, I make you mine.

From his latest sports car to his latest blonde, gossip surrounds infamous Hollywood actor and director Jaxon Wilder. Unnamed sources are speculating outrageously about an unknown beauty that Jaxon is determined to get to know Seduction in the sands Cabaret dancer Sylvie Devereux and Sheikh Arkim Al-Sahid have never seen eye to eye - not from their first antagonistic meeting to their last intoxicating kiss.