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So, if you choose this dog breed , you gain is an adorable companion that can bark its heart out at a stranger. Weighing between 11 and 20 pounds, this canine can be easily mistaken for an American Eskimo, a Samoyed or a Pomeranian. However, it is distinct from all three and has its own unique traits, just like the island country that it originates from. Assuming that you live in an apartment and your family has children, which dog breed would you choose? Indeed it is a Japanese Spitz that would be the perfect choice.

Due to its small size, a Japanese Spitz can easily adapt to life in an apartment. It is friendly towards children and protective of the family. The good news is that with the exception of American Kennel Club, every other kennel club in the world could provide you with a reputable breeder. A Japanese Spitz will flourish around a family, even with small children and other dogs. However, it takes them some time to become friendly with strangers.

Trainability: The Japanese Spitz are very intelligent and learn relatively easily. They tend to nip and chew on things around the house, but early training can solve this issue. Off-leash training is not ideal for the Japanese Spitz. Adaptability: The Japanese Spitz can easily adapt to any environment, whether big or small.

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However, they tolerate cold weather much better than hot weather. Activity: The Spitz needs a moderate amount of activity. Following are some of the distinct features of this dog breed —. The very first member of this breed is believed to have surfaced in Japan in through the cross-breeding of the German Spitz. This first lot had arrived from China but gradually other members of this breed were brought in from different parts of the world as part of the cross-breeding program. The breeding program was manipulated to produce off-spring with desirable traits. After a lot of experimenting, the perfect gene map was identified.

The Japanese Spitz were imported to England, Sweden and other countries. Only the American Kennel Club have not recognized this breed. That being said, kennel clubs around the world vary in terms of the standard size of this dog breed, although this does not have any bearing on its growing popularity. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of the Japanese Spitz is its temperament. As long as you shower plenty of love, affection and attention on these dogs, they will be friendly and playful.

To ensure that they remain in good moods, take them out for a walk every day, preferably in open areas where it can run around freely. Expanding its vast reserves of energy on a daily basis is recommended for this canine to maintain an exuberant temperament. Every canine needs to be trained in socializing, and the Japanese Spitz is no exception to this rule. While you should allow them to bark at strangers, it is equally important to train them to calm down when reassured.

Lack of interference and training will cause a Japanese Spitz to keep barking at the strangers, warranted or not. Training Japanese Spitz dogs can be fun, because they responds favorably.

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Basically, this dog breed is intelligent enough to grasp what is being told and act in accordance with the command. Because this dog breed is inherently friendly, they are compatible with both children and other pets. They are not aggressive either, meaning that the kids need to be trained as to how to treat the dog. As long as its affection is duly acknowledged, a Japanese Spitz loves having company, whether they are children, cats, dogs or other small animals.

The Japanese Spitz is friendly and protective, thus proving to be a perfect companion for your kids. Given its warm-hearted personality, you can trust a Japanese Spitz to interact with your children. It is also safe because of their small size. So when you include this pooch into the family, your kids will have acquired a highly devoted and sportive playmate.

What you must do is to teach your child to be gentle and caring towards their canine companion. However, it is better not to take their friendly nature for granted.

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Always initiate their social training early on. Despite being friendly, there might be times when a Japanese Spitz does feel threatened or uncomfortable. When this happens, you should be prepared to step in and resolve the situation so that all parties are comfortable. Basic care is all that a Japanese Spitz requires. As part of a daily routine, you may want to consider brushing their teeth and examining their ears. A Japanese Spitz needs to be wormed every now and then when it is young, but the frequency becomes less as it grows older.

Likewise, its thick white fur is a safe haven for fleas and ticks, much to your dismay. Pick a product which you feel would be most suitable and use it as per instructions to keep your pooch free from these parasites. Part of caring also entails providing your Japanese Spitz with its daily dose of exercise. Regular physical exercise can do wonders for this dog breed. In addition to keeping them mentally stimulated, it curbs destructive behavior, like chasing, chewing, digging and so on.

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