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When you are competent after having worked so long even as a journalist you get complacent. But if you have to be brilliant, you have to give extra". First of course, was the physical aspect of it, where Kher preferred not to portray him as any other old man with shoulders drooping, like his character in Saaransh.

Promises broken, justice delayed

There were two different sides to this character, explained Kher. One is a person, husband, father, brother, grandfather. And the other is a torturer and killer of these four people. I wanted Justice Tyagi to be believable. So that was where it was difficult and I think as far as performance is concerned, one has managed to achieve it to some extent". He uses techniques from Chinese torture, tying them up with barbed wires, placing tiny bombs on their bodies.

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But his whole stance is that of a relaxed person. But Kher is himself a filmmaker and acting coach.

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  7. Karabus, a respected pediatric oncologist, practiced for many years at the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa where he led the oncology unit. There he cared for and saved the lives of many children with serious diseases.

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    Care that earned him the respect and affection of his patients and their families. There he treated a three year-old Yemeni girl with acute myeloid leukemia who unfortunately died.

    After his locum he returned to Cape Town and never heard anything further. He was not informed and did not know that in he was tried and convicted in absentia of manslaughter for the death of the child, and sentenced to prison.

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    August 18, Dr. Karabus was arrested in Dubai while in transit to South Africa from a family wedding in Canada. Following arrest the verdict was set aside but he was recharged with manslaughter and held in prison. After almost eight weeks and five court appearances, in each of which Dr. Karabus arrived in shackles, bail was granted October A panel of medical experts was appointed to consider the evidence.

    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – WMA – The World Medical Association

    There have been several subsequent hearings scheduled but postponed. One of the stumbling blocks has been the inability of the prosecution to produce the original records in the case. Records provided to the defense were incomplete. Missing were the crucial records during the week when Karabus was ministering and the child died.

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    5. Thursday, January 31, the case against Dr. Karabus was postponed for the 17 th time until February

      Justice delayed is Justice denied : South Africa