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His work tells a narrative of a smart, reflective, determined person. I was moved.

Mobile Menders ends 2018 with some outstanding numbers

Ray Materson is a nationally renowned, self-taught artist who found inspiration in a pair of socks while in prison. During the first year of his year sentence for drug-related offenses, Ray was angry at the world.

Dark Souls 2 DLC - Finding the Magical Repair Tree

In a moment of inspired clarity, Ray traded some cigarettes for a pair of socks, secured a sewing needle from a prison guard and started stitching his way to redemption. His creative ability is all the more amazing when you realize that most of his miniature masterpieces measure less than 2. Learn more about their history and the good work they do in the Twin Cities here: monitorsaintpaul. Imagine if you received a pair of pants, but they were too long or a pair of shorts that were missing a button.

Now imagine if you were fighting homelessness and these were your only pair of pants or shorts and you had no idea how to get these repaired.

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What if you are trying to get back on your feet and in a recovery program, you have a job interview but the only pair of nice pants you have are ripped. A single mom with two kids trying to start over after leaving an abusive situation. Your kids have received donated clothes but they are too long.

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This is where Mobile Menders come in. Having a pair of pants and a shirt that fits increases your self esteem.

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We will work with the guest to show them how to turn it into something that can be used again. Sewing mends the soul Imagine if you received a pair of pants, but they were too long or a pair of shorts that were missing a button.

Apply to be a Mending the Soul Facilitator at BCC/HCC/WCC

During production, we sourced archival media taken during WWII and located those exact spots to mirror them through photography and video. By blending these archival and modern scenes, we are able to express how the passage of time has physically changed these places, yet left their character untouched. We produced a minute short of Mending the Line that is traveling with the International Fly Fishing Film Tour IF4 and have now turned our attention to crafting the feature-length version that will be released this spring.

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In the meantime, check out the trailer. We asked the Mountainfilm Commitment Grant winners to report upon their projects.

Mending The Soul

This blog marks the second in the series. Read the first blog about The Rider and The Wolf. Mountainfilm has a rich history, beginning in