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In later years, pirate movies tended to be comedies, making fun of the romantic image of piracy.

Hollywood tended to adapt the real pirate characters from history and incorporated may inaccuracies along the way. It is interesting to note that Hollywood has not yet filmed a serious and historically accurate pirate story. Perhaps it will.

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Next: The Appeal of Piracy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pirates from Books to Film In , J. Spindlewood: Pip and the Twilight Seekers: Book 2.

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Every few years, a book comes along which is an absolute stand-out in its genre and this just such a one. A wonderfully varied collection of self penned and traditional sea stories. Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated and beautifully produced, this is a book to read and escape to other worlds, with illustrations to pore over and to treasure.

A wonderful book - don't miss it. If you like your pirates dark, dirty and devilish, then this swashbuckling collection of ten stories will shiver your timbers.

Stunningly illustrated. An exciting collection of swashbuckling tales. Stunningly illustrated and beautifully produced, this is a book to treasure. A 'treasure trove' Chris Mould went to art school at the age of sixteen. During this time, he did various jobs, from delivering papers to washing-up. Chris loves his work and writes and draws the kind of books that he would have liked to have on his shelf as a boy. Chris is married with two children and lives in Yorkshire. The World According to Anna. When you are gone all day long, the last thing you want to do is cook. The great thing about a slow cooker just throw all your ingredients in it, set the temp to low, and leave for the day.

Slow cookers are great for stews, one-pot meals and potluck dinners. Cooking an amazing meal for your family just got so much easier! Fresh hot water for tea on a nice night is extremely relaxing. An electric kettle is a great way to get boiling hot water in no time.

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Something as simple as repositioning your bed can create a more peaceful resting area and add the little differences that you need. No seriously. The clutter in your room is making a huge impact on your space. Stop leaving your clothes on the bed and either put them away or donate them.

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If you have a lot of furniture in your room, downsize. Furniture takes up a ton of space and do we really need more than a bed, dresser and nightstand? Most likely not. Sounds crazy right? Adding wallpaper to your dresser drawers turns a plain piece into a fun,and chic accent piece. Here is a step by step on how to amp up your role dresser! Throw pillows will easily transform your room into a lavish paradise. The great thing about pillows is that they come in all shapes and sizes which adds a ton on character to your space.

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Shelving Units

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