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We still loved the flavor and some friends agreed. I also grew up with miracle whip used in most recipes, but I love real mayo, so now i compromise and use half of each in salads. The flavor of M. Thank you. That answers my my question. This is pretty close to the potato salad I grew up on! My Mom put peas in it instead of the celery. Never used vinegar, gonna try it now! The pickle juice is a staple in my salad as well. I also use it in coleslaw instwad of vinegar with some chopped up Dills. I always use half Miracle Whip, half mayo in my potato salad.

Mind-Blowing Vegan Potato Salad

Your grandma must know my grandma, we have the same recipe for potote salad, except I refrigerator my pototes over night. And make it the next day. This is identical to the recipe my mother made when I was growing up 68 years ago and YES you must use MW to get the flavor. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. Does the MW give it a sweet flavor? Hey Martha, thanks for the question. Miracle Whip is a bit sweeter than mayo for sure, but not overly so in my humble opinon. We add the onions to the potatoes and put in the refrigerator over night then finish making it the next day.

I agree. Using half mayonnaise and half miracle whip is the way to go. Heidi Your recipe is awesome! You have so much class in handling the very few negative comments. Those people ought to be ashamed and not bother to comment at all. Especially given your time and effort in sharing such delicious recipes. This recipe is definitely a keeper in my kitchen! Thank you for sharing! Did you seriously just read this to comment that your daughter makes better potato salad? What are ya, 12?


You must be a real pleasure. Nothing hateful about it! I always thought my mom made the best potato salad in the world. I was so surprised at church one day when everyone was discussing potato salad— I had no idea people felt so strongly about it! I think the bottom line is that people like what they grew up with.

Your comment is so pertinent to the both positive and negative responses before, and after this, and to many things in life in general; people usually tend to have strong feelings of liking, or disliking, whatever they grew up with. I have also seen that, in many cases, a childhood distaste for something turns into a great appreciation of that same thing, with the reflections of adulthood, and more well-rounded taste-buds. To bring this back on topic, to potato salad: my mother only sporadically makes it; our family is from England, and over there, as with most British food, potatoes are usually prepared in the most bland way possible, as I see it.

Recently, my mother happened to make a very simple potato and egg salad mix for my young daughter. It was so good, that I am now investigating recipes for this, which is how I arrived at this site. This recipe looks, and sounds great, and I am boiling eggs and potatoes right now! Sorry for the long commentary, but thanks! My mom passed away many years ago and with her went her potato salad recipe, which was just in her head. My sister and I have both tried to duplicate her salad that everybody loved and could never copy. My mom also swore by using MW. Thank you for sharing!! Hi Maurine, Your comment made me cry!!

I truly hope this potato salad brings me back to the good old days and my beloved Mom. Maurine and Heidi, I am so glad that this recipe was able to take you back to memories of your mom and her yummy potato salad! Thanks so much! There is so much out there that is not healthy for you. Try half sour cream and mayo combination in your potato and macaroni salads, so wonderful. The sour cream enhances the flavors and creamy texture. I use Bestfoods light mayo regular works and Tillamook sour cream.

Why do we have to get personal about a recipe? Good luck! There can be gluten in some mayos and miracle whip style dressings. Best to read the label If you have sensitivities to gluten. Bookmarking this and gonna make some this week. I think we need to have a Best Potato Salad showdown! Ours are pretty similar though — yukon golds, lots of eggs, mayo, green onions. Hers was the best, right down to the Miracle Whip. Thanks so much for sharing!

Celery seed is a small seed. No sodium. Adding celery salt will increase the sodium contact dramatically. It adds very little celery seasoning. Not interchangeable. Secondly, I would not salt the water when boiling potatoes for potato salad. It changes the texture, and when testing the potatoes for doneness, they always feel undercooked. I stick to a recipe I got from an old delicatessen owner 30 years ago. Cut potatoes into quarters or smaller no need to be picky , then boil potates for about 7 minutes, I use Russet. Carefully fold the mixture into the drained potatoes and let it sit.

The mixture will be a pale yellow and absorb into the potatoes. If you want more mayo, add it now. Sprinkle the paprika on top. My family likes it cold or room temperature and it tastes even better the next day. Just want to give you a tip on boiling the potatoes. I take 4 or 5 fist size red potatoes MY grandma used red potatoes , rinse them off and lay them in a row on plastic wrap. Role them up and put them in my microwave for 4 minutes on high. Since microwaves vary I start with 4 minutes. I use a kitchen towel over my finger to test for doneness.

If they are still hard give them another minute or so but be careful to not over cook. When done take them out of the microwave and let them cool in the plastic wrap. When cool they will be easy to peel. Why would anyone write what she did rewriting your entire recipe. Did she use potatoes? Russets are mealy potatoes and do not hold their shape after cooking.

Better for mashed or baked. A true potato salad needs a waxy potato. Salting the water seasons the potatoes. The vinegar does soften the potatoes some so you have to be gentle mixing the ingredients. One of the pluses of the potatoes being so soft was using less miracle whip or mayo makes for less calories. And as an aside, not a direct response to you Julie I, people really need to lighten up about potato salad. I notice no one used sugar in the potato salad.

I always sneak about a teaspoon full in my salad. The taste gets them every time. I always use sugar in my potato salad and I like the potatoes cut very small. My aunt used left over mashed potatoes. This awesome recipe, so well-written, is just about identical to my own, but I add one more step. MANY years ago I attended a picnic and enjoyed some potato salad that was even tastier than my own. I asked the cook to please share their secret. He was an OLD merchant marine cook, and gave me this tip: Before mixing all the ingredients together, slice open a couple of garlic cloves and rub down the sides of a metal mixing bowl.

Proceed to mix all the ingredients together in this bowl, wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. The garlic permeates the salad without actually becoming a part of it. Perfection, thanks to this tip from the merchant marines! Oh Nancy! I love that idea. Thank you merchant marines indeed! You needed to say that? Wow — I hope that you never post a recipe and have such mean comments posted on your site. Potato salad is a very personal thing and almost without fail, the one your mom made is the one that will be real to you.

My family is from North Carolina, and we do use a bit of sweet relish, a bit of sweet onion no green onion as it takes over the dish , and a bit of celery. We also add eggs, though 5 makes it more of an egg salad than potato salad! Mayo and a bit of yellow mustard, and of course, the celery seeds. I think it is so personal to each of us because our potato salad is one of the few dishes that takes us home to our childhood, if only for a moment! I agree it takes me back to my childhood in North Carolina. Mine is identical but we use Dukes mayo.

I agree that potato salad is generally a personal thing. Yours sounds great. We are from Louisiana and I add the following to what sounds like yours. When i boil my potatoes i add 1 tsp of liquid crab boil instead of salt. Times instead of pickles I use mild banana peppers. After crawfish boils I save about 1 to 2 cups of peeled crawfish to my basic potatoe salad. Us in the South love it. Give it a try. Thanks for your recipe. I grew up with miracle whip but my family prefers mayo so I go with the majority in my house. Such a simple way to make some delicious potato salad.

The Best Potato Salad Recipe

Being a vegan I am never tired of salads Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. This potato salad looks so creamy. I love the chunks of hard-boiled egg. This really does look like the best. Believe it or not! I have never made a potato salad before! Its one of those things that are super simple but you are somehow afraid to screw them up big time! Heidi, thank you so much for posting this! This is the closest recipe to my own perfect potato salad. Instead of vinegar I pour in a few dashes of Claussen Dill Pickle juice only to loosen up what could be a very stiff potato salad.

I also add finely diced bell pepper green in addition to pimentos for color. Sweet relish in moderation unless you want to use sandwich spread along with mayo instead of one readers sugar addition.

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Bon Apetit! I also add diced red and green bell peppers. A super addition is also a tsp. I garnish the top of the salad with thinly sliced radishes…so pretty. I really liked this recipe. Added my twist and tweaked just a little. This is def. I will b revisiting this one often. Thanks for sharing :. Same as my moms, minus the vinager and celery seed. We do use a cuke too, and regular onions. I have since moved to mayo and I too add extra eggs.

Everybody loves this PS! I think I will try the celery seed.

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  • How to Make the Best Potato Salad.

Looks delicious! My mom always added green olives w pimento chopped finely. I have never made potato salad at home, but would like to try your recipe. Miracle Whip is a salad dressing similar to mayonnaise, but sweeter in taste, and sold in the condiment aisle of US groceries. Celery seeds are dried and can be found in the spice section. This recipe is similar to my own that I have been making for eons, I am I have always used Miracle Whip.

I add the vinegar to the miracle whip with a little sugar as well. I also use chopped radishes in the salad for crunch and colour. I use a little dill weed sometimes and when I use pickle it is always dill. Just a couple of ideas someone may be interested in trying. Be daring and try different things sometimes you surprise yourself. That is awesome advice. And at 83, you should know! So happy to count you as a reader! Your potato salad recipe and add chopped black and green olives with pimentos and crunchy bacon yum.

Thanks for this recipe. I just came looking for something new to try.

Perfect Potluck Potato Salad Recipe

It was suppose to be about your potato salad right? Lol thanks again! I forgot about the radishes. My mom made hers different. Sometimes shed add tomatoes too or peas. Sometimes ham and definitely black olives. I make that way too. This is like my Moms potato salad only difference is that she used 1 egg for each potato, so 6 potatoes 6 eggs, so yummy. This is the one thing I never learned to make from my Mother.

Love your recipe sounds yummy! Question can I just peel potatoes before boiling? I had to text my mom who is out of the country for the answer and she says, no! And since this is her recipe, I go by what she says :. Question i was looking to make potato salad this Saturday for a 30th birthday need to make about lbs of it how much u think i should do of each?

I love vinegar in potato salads, and I went looking for a new recipe…this is my new favorite and will be my go-to for a classic style salad from now on. Definitely dress the potatoes when warm. Thanks for sharing! The greatest ever! Love the taste. The idea with vinegar is awesome! Allrecipes has a paleo recipe that looks great. I had never made potato salad before until yesterday when my family and I were craving it and I found this recipe. My whole family loved it!

I also use more eggs. Otherwise my recipe is similar to yours.

Potato Salad Tips

Mine is similar. I use miracle whip but also sour cream, vinegar,celery salt, pickle juice, mustard, pepper, and relish. I also add to the potatoes, eggs, celery, green pepper, green onios, radishes and cucumber. Garnish with eggs, pepper rings and paprika. I have a friend whose parents are from Germany. If you have any other tips on the perfect one, let me know!

We are expecting people at the least. My husband is very picky about potato salad…. I have made several unsuccessful attempts so I decided to give this one a try since it seems very similar and let me tell you my husband loved this recipe! I am not a huge potato salad fan in general and I loved it too.

I made it pretty much exact except only used 1 tsp. I was afraid 3 tbsp. I used mayo and added some chopped sweet gherkin pickles. It was great and ever better the next day! This is pretty much my recipe for potato salad and pretty much the only way I will eat potato salad. In my opinion, the key is the potatoes and how they are cooked.

My go to potato is red but I also like the Yukon golds. You have got to cook them unpeeled and on a low simmer until tender. Russets are great for baked and mashed but not for potato salad. Have always added the celery seed and vinegar too. Used to use finely diced yellow onion but have recently began using green onion. Its a milder onion and sometimes the yellow onion flavor is a bit much.

Aunt Penny's Classic Potato Salad Recipe - Simply Scratch

However, and I really hate saying this, nobody else cares for it. Miracle whip all the way!!!!!!!! My mother passed over 5 years ago. She always made the potato salad for picnics. When, she passed I started making them. Mustard O. Boil potatoes and eggs. I put my eggs in the pot with my potatoes the last 15 minutes while boiling the potatoes Let everything chill. I usually make this the night before. I drain everything, and refrigerate potatoes and eggs. Peeling the potatoes cold is easier for me. Cut up potatoes to your liking. I never use anything but Hellmans, closest thing to homemade mayo.

Your potatoe salad is similar to mine. I have to use Best Foods or Hellmans Mayonaise. These are the same it just depends on which side of the Mississippi River you live. I use less sour cream but I do use green onions chopped very fine using part of the green. I may or may not use celery but always celery salt. Sometimes I add Italian dressing mix. Just the dry package, no oil and I use a little of the pickle juice. My husband hates mustard so I only use to color not taste. For every 5 lbs of boiled red potatoes, i use 12 boiled eggs saving 2 to decorate the top.

I mix the seasonings and wet items together then add to the chpped potatoes, eggs, onion and pickles. I have used baby dills but like kosher dills better. Thank you for sharing your recipe! Could you tell me approximately how many pounds of potatoes you use? Hold out some and then add more to your desired taste. If you feel like the salad is too dry, you can also add more dressing. Thank you for asking! YUM also, all of the salads that are so popular in summer time. Try it, you might just like it. Shredding the onion prevents the crunch which I also dislike in potato salad but give a good flavor.

Sounds a lot like mine. I chop the egg white and partly mash most of the yellows with a fork. Wisk the Hellmans, mashed egg yellow and small squirt of spicy brown mustard together for the dressing. Yes, the quantities are American. Thank you for visiting our site! This is wonderful. You can also use canned potatoes as well and it is less work to cook and peel. I love potato salad with egg, but the sour cream makes it sound even more delicious, thank you for sharing…. My family recipe from PA uses powdered onion and celery, my moms preference, no sour cream but vinegar. Miracle whip, vinegar and sugar are mixed together to get the flavor wanted, then added to the rest of the salad.

There are so many unique ways to make potato salad and tweak the ingredients and flavors to our preferences, and what the kids will eat, right? Thank you for sharing your family recipe! Our family also prefers a plain, non crunchy salad. I make a homemade mayonnaise though instead of the regular mayo etc. Try your recipe like it is but add Beau Monde seasoning. And use Dukes mayonnaise. Use Dukes and you will never go back.

No stirring. I make mine similar to yours, though, in every other way. I agree ,up North we added radrishes before they became hot also a little sweet red peppers if I had them. Jamie I copied this many years ago when you had your show. My family just loves the Potato Salad. Thank You so very much. I think the baby pickles taste different. Sounds great, but we like just a little finely chopped celery, carrot, onion and some frozen green peas for good measure.

I was told to use 1 egg for every 2 potatoes and then 2 extra to slice for the top as a decoration. I use Best Foods only, there is a difference in the taste of mayos, but do add a Tablespoon of Miracle Whip for flavor, and 1 heaping teaspoon each of Dill and Sweet Pickle relish. Also a genorous squirt of plain old yellow mustard.

I then finely grate about 1 Tablespoon or a little more of sweet yellow onion into the salad and stir well. I find that grating the onion gives you a wonderful taste without being way too oniony and harsh. Just has to be the sweet yellow, like a Vidalia or Georgia Gold. Thanks so much for the comment and tips! Too many eggs for me and my family but otherwise close to my own.

I use dill pickle relish and celery. Cooked together perfectly! Yum, this sounds great! That way you keep the nutrition in the potatoes. Sounds yummy. I will definitely grate onions, use celery salt and fresh dill. Thanks for recipe. I also like dukes msyo. Especially when some of the potatoes are not completely cooked through! Being a Texas guy, I like some mustard in the salad, rather than mayo, and even some olives. Not into crunchy. I like mine smooth. I make my potato salad almost the same way but I do not use sour cream.

And I really, really like potato salad. I could eat just potato salad for my meal and skip everything else. This recipe looks very good. Beat 2 eggs in a pan add 1 c. Bring just to a boil, stirring often it scorches easily because of the sugar. Remove from heat and allow to cool it thickens as it cools. Can be stored covered in the fridge for several weeks, an old jar works well for this. I have always put diced celery in my potato salad, and I always have several celery sticks left over, so I slice and freeze for numerous recipes.

Sounds really good! This is my kind of potato salad. Almost like how mom used to make, right down to the pickle. In fact today I bought potatoes, eggs, and pickles. I also squirt a little mustard in. And substitute celery for the carrots. I saw a recipe online the other day that had tomatoes in the potato salad. And they were eating it for breakfast. That is a new one on me too Cheryl.

I have never had tomatoes in potato salad but it might be good. I just made this for dinner tonight and girl I am here to tell you this is the absolute BEST potato salad I have eaten since my mother passed away 15 years ago. Why I never thought of that I will never know. I cant wait to try your other recipes.