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Globally, their usage is increasing among large enterprises and SMBs alike. From the collection to processing and evaluation to distribution- such data centers can effectively serve the objectives for a plethora of corporate data. This enormous growth is largely attributed to the exponential growth in the Asia Pacific region in the recent years. This region is poised to show the consistent growth over the years because of emergence of startups and industrial boom in the countries like India and China.

Apart from these macro aspects, some micro factors are also responsible for the emergence of green data centers globally. The BFSI sector and other industrial sectors have recorded a tremendous growth in data over the recent years. This rapid growth in data leads enterprises to find a sustainable and virtual data center. Virtual data centers are capable of offering the futuristic data storage facility irrespective of business model and size.

The green or sustainable data centers reduce the energy consumption and exert less impact on environment as compared to the traditional ones.

How Green Data Center Benefits Modern Business and Environment

This implementation contributes a lot in reducing the carbon footprints and adverse effect on our environment. The virtual data center has increased efficiency in energy consumption. Virtualization enables the IT staff to monitor and control the equipment from a remote location. It enables the data center management to keep the optimum temperature along with a minimal lighting. Even the minor increase in the temperature can reduce the energy cost significantly, and the virtual data center enables the operators to maintain the temperature for consuming less energy.

After some time, as the need increases, the data center allocates additional space automatically. Vaquero, L. Google Scholar. Buyya, R.

El Virtual Data Center 4.0 de Telefónica

In: Elsevier Science, vol. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Pettey, C.


Jung, G. Zhu, X. In: 5 th International Conference on Autonomic Computing, pp. Elmroth, E. Beloglazov, Buyya, R. When a designing a server room or data center , you need to have a cooling plan that is cost effective and able to accommodate changes in cooling best practices using energy-efficient standards. Best techniques for cooling blade servers This article tells you how to cool blade servers from the ground up.

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Compare various techniques, such as mixing hot air and cool air versus concentrating cool air using computational fluid dynamics and in-row cooling. Engineers also explain how infrastructure design is crucial to the process and the benefits of using water cooling. Data center virtualization and management Managing clients' data centers while preparing for virtualization technology is something many solutions providers are trying to handle. Take a look at what these experts have to say about achieving an efficient, green and virtualized data center while staying within clients' budgets.

Become an expert in the best practices for data center management and on the various data center virtualization and management tools available. It's a great way to win new business.

Using virtualization to achieve green data centers This interview with Toby J. Velte, data center expert and author of Green IT: Reduce Your Information System's Environmental Impact While Adding to the Bottom Line , gives you a better understanding of how virtualization comes into play when you're trying to design and maintain a green data center. Take a look at the benefits of virtualization as well as some possible obstacles.

Also, see how cloud computing is involved in green data center virtualization. Top four server virtualization enhancements for efficiency gains Virtualizing your clients' servers doesn't need to be an expensive undertaking. There are four key server virtualization enhancements you can make that can save money, drive efficiency and reduce waste.

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Using assessment tools such as Tek-Tool's Profiler for VMware or Akorri's Balance Point is essential at the beginning stages of a data center virtualization project. VMware is stressing its VMotion and vLockstep technology for providing true fault tolerance without the expense of specialty fault-tolerant systems or the complexity of software clustering.

Microsoft System Center handles data center management You can look to Microsoft System Center for data center management best practices. Some challenges that come along with data center management are presented as well as the features and highlights of System Center.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Data Centers

These features include managing tools, such as System Center Configuration Manager , which can offer assistance in deployment and software distribution. More data center virtualization and energy-efficiency resources. Increase energy efficiency with virtualization Data center knowledge: Data centers, design, power, cooling Saving energy in data centers Data center virtualization blog Cisco and partners to accelerate data center virtualization. Please check the box if you want to proceed.

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