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One area where medical professionals should tread lightly is in the diagnosis and treatment of children who have gender identity issues. A study aimed to gather input from pediatric endocrinologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and ethicists—both those in favor and those opposed to early treatment—to further the ethical debate. The results showed no consensus on many basic topics of childhood gender dysphoria and insufficient research to support any recommendations for childhood treatments, including the currently published guidelines that recommend suppressing puberty with drugs until age 16, after which cross-sex hormones may be given.

Without sufficient research and consensus on treatment of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and knowing that over half have coexisting disorders, any invasive treatment, even if recommended by the current guidelines, is simply an experiment.

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Transgender individuals need psychotherapy, not access to cross-sex restrooms, showers and dressing areas. Blaming society for the ills of transgender persons will not improve their diagnosis and treatment. Reckless disregard for the mental disorders in favor of enforcing preferred pronouns is madness. It's time to show compassion by telling the truth and stop pretending they are born that way. True compassion is acknowledging the mental disorders and providing effective, sound treatment in an effort to slow the staggering number of suicides, before rushing to perform irreversible surgeries.

Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker. Through his website, SexChangeRegret. However, she thinks that the experimental nature of the program was detrimental to its longevity. By the mids, fewer patients were being operated on, and many changes were made to the surgery and psychiatry departments, according to Schmidt, who was also a founder of the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit SBCU at the time.

The new department members were not as supportive of the surgeries. McHugh says that more research has to be conducted before a surgery with such a high risk should be performed, especially because he does not think the surgery is necessary. This is not pathology.

Hopkins Hospital: a history of sex reassignment

Beyer, however, cites a study from that shows that However, she thinks that shutting down the surgeries at Hopkins actually helped more people gain access to them, because now the surgeries are privatized. Twenty major medical institutions offered sex reassignment surgery at the time that Hopkins shut its program down, according to a AP article.

Sex Change Operation

Though the surgeries at Hopkins ended in , the University continued to study sexual and gender behavior. Today, the SBCU provides consultations for members of the transgender community interested in sex reassignment surgery, provides patients with hormones and refers patients to specialists for surgery. Schmidt does ongoing work to provide the Hopkins population with transgender services, and says he would like for Hopkins to start performing sex reassignment surgeries again. But Chris Kraft, the current co-director of the SBCU, says that this is not feasible today, as no academic institution provides these surgeries since not enough people request them.

If we had surgeons who could provide the same quality services as the other surgeons in the country, then it would make sense to provide these services.

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  7. At ages 16 and 26, the patient was living socially as a woman and denied any uncertainty about being a female. During childhood, the patient recalled that she self-identified as a "tomboy" and enjoyed stereotypically masculine toys and games; however, the patient also recalled that her favorite playmates were usually girls and that her best friend was always a girl.

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    When seen at age 16, the patient had been admitted to the hospital for vaginoplasty. At that time, she wished to proceed with the further repair of her genitalia to make them suitable for sexual intercourse with males. At age 26, the patient returned to the hospital for further vaginoplasty. Regarding the patient's sexual orientation, she was attracted predominantly to women in fantasy, but had had sexual experiences with both women and men. At the time of the second surgery, she was in a relationship with a man and wished to be able to have intercourse.

    The patient's self-described sexual identity was "bisexual.

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    Within a few months of the surgery, the patient and her male partner separated for reasons other than the patient's physical problems. The patient subsequently began living with a new partner, a woman, in a lesbian relationship. The psychosexual development of our patient was bot the other patient was married to a woman.