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And after this he built himself a tower with his own hands, in the valley of the acacia; it was full of all good things, that he might provide for himself a home. One day as he walked out of his house, he met the Nine Gods who knew of his innocence and goodness. Ra said to the god Khunumu, "Look, make a woman for Bata that he may not remain alone. And Khunumu made for Bata a wife to dwell with him. She was indeed more beautiful than any other woman in the whole land. She was like a goddess as the essence of every god was in her and Bata loved her very much.

The seven Hathors came to see her: they said with one mouth, " She will die a sharp death. And Bata loved her very exceedingly, and she dwelt in his house; he passed his time in hunting the beasts of the desert and brought and laid them before her. He said, "Go not outside, lest the sea seizes you; for I cannot rescue you from it, for I am a person like you; my soul is placed on the head of the flower of the acacia; and if another find it, I must fight with him.

Now after saying these things Bata went hunting in his daily manner. And the young girl went to walk under the acacia which was by the side of her house.

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Then the sea saw her and cast its waves up after her. She ran from before it. She entered her house. And the sea called unto the acacia, saying, "Oh, would that I could seize her! The smell of the lock of hair entered into the clothes of Pharaoh; and they were angry with the fullers of Pharaoh, saying, "The smell of ointment is in the clothes of Pharaoh. And the chief fuller of Pharaoh walked by the bank, and his heart was very evil within him after the daily quarrel with him.

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He stood still, he stood upon the sand opposite to the lock of hair, which was in the water, and he made a servant go into the water and bring it to him; and there was found in it a smell, exceedingly sweet. He took it to Pharaoh, and they brought the scribes and the wise men, and they said unto Pharaoh, "This lock of hair belongs to a daughter of Ra Harakhti: the essence of every god is in her, and it is a tribute to thee from another land.

Let messengers go to every strange land to seek her: and as for the messenger who shall go to the valley of the acacia, let many men go with him to bring her. And many days after these things the people who were sent to strange lands came to report to the king: but those that went to the valley of the Acacia did not return, for Bata had killed them, but he let one of them return to give a report to the king. His majesty sent many men and soldiers, as well as horsemen to hold Bata, and to bring her back.

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And there was a woman amongst them, and to her had been given in her hand beautiful ornaments of a woman. And this time the girl came back with her, and they rejoiced over her in the whole land. And his majesty loved her exceedingly and raised her to a high estate, and he spoke to her saying that she should tell him concerning her husband. And she said, "Let the acacia be cut down, and let one chop it up. And when the next day came, and the earth was lightened, the acacia was cut down.

And Anpu, the elder brother of Bata, entered his house, and washed his hands; and a person gave him a cup of beer, and it became troubled, and another one gave him another of wine, and the smell of it was evil. Then he took his staff, and his sandals, and likewise his clothes, with his weapons of war; and he went forth to the valley of the acacia. He entered the tower of his younger brother, and he found him lying upon his mat; he was dead. And he wept when he saw his younger brother truly was lying dead.

Two Brothers - Hanni El Khatib

And he went out to seek the soul of his younger brother under the acacia tree, under which his younger brother lay in the evening. He spent three years in seeking for it but found it not. And when he began looking in the fourth year, he desired in his heart to return into Egypt; he said in his heart, "I will go tomorrow morning". Now when the land lightened, and the next day appeared, he was walking under the acacia; he was spending his time in seeking the flower. And he returned in the evening and labored at seeking it again. Then he, at last, found a seed.

He returned with it. Look, this was the soul of his younger brother. He brought a cup of cold water, and he threw the seed into it: and he sat down, as he usually did. Now when the night came his soul of his brother sucked up the water; Bata then shuddered in all his limbs, and he looked on his elder brother; his soul was in the cup. Then Anpu took the cup of cold water, in which the soul of his younger brother was; Bata drank it, his soul stood again in its proper place, and he became as he had been.

They embraced each other, and they spoke together.

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  4. And Bata said to his elder brother, "Behold I am to become as a great bull, which bears every good mark; no one knows its history, and you must sit upon my back. When the sun arises I shall be in the place where my wife is, that I may return answer to her; and you must take me to the place where the king is. For all good things shall be done for you; for one shall load you with silver and gold, because you bring me to Pharaoh, for I become a great marvel, and they shall rejoice for me in all the land.

    And you shalt go to your village. And when the land was lightened, and the next day appeared, Bata took the form of the bull, like he had told his elder brother. And Anpu sat upon his back until the dawn. Together they came to the place where the king was, and they made his majesty to know of him; he saw him, and he was exceeding joyful with him. The king made for him great offerings, saying, "This is a great wonder which has come to pass. They presented unto him silver and gold for his elder brother, who went and stayed in his village.

    They gave to the bull many men and many things, and Pharaoh loved him exceedingly above all that is in this land. And after many days after these things, the bull entered the purified place; he stood in the place where the princess was; he began to speak with her, saying, "Behold, I am alive again. I perceived when you told them that they should destroy the acacia of Pharaoh, which was my abode, that I would die.


    I am alive again, I am as an ox. And he went out from the purified place. And his majesty was sitting, making a good day with her: she was at the table of his majesty, and the king was exceeding pleased with her. And she said to his majesty, " Swear to me by God, saying, 'Whatever you shalt say, I will obey it for your sake.

    And the king was exceeding sad at her words, the heart of Pharaoh grieved greatly. And after the land was lightened, and the next day appeared, they proclaimed a great feast with offerings to the ox.

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    And the king sent one of the chief butchers of his majesty, to cause the ox to be sacrificed. And when he was sacrificed, as he was upon the shoulders of the people, he shook his neck, and he threw two drops of blood over against the two doors of his majesty. The one fell upon the one side, on the great door of Pharaoh, and the other upon the other door. They grew as two great Persea trees, and each of them was excellent.

    And one went to tell unto his majesty, " Two great Persea trees have grown, as a great marvel of his majesty, in the night by the side of the great gate of his majesty. And when the days were multiplied after these things, his majesty was adorned with the blue crown, with garlands of flowers on his neck, and he was upon the chariot of pale gold, and he went out from the palace to behold the Persea trees: the princess also was going out with horses behind his majesty.

    Tale of Two Brothers

    And as his majesty sat beneath one of the Persea trees, it spoke to his wife: "Oh thou deceitful one, I am Bata, I am alive, though I have been evilly entreated. I knew who caused the acacia to be cut down by Pharaoh at my dwelling. I then became an ox, and you caused me to be killed. And many days after these things the princess stood at the table of Pharaoh, and the king was pleased with her. And she said to his majesty, "Swear to me by God, saying, 'That which the princess shall say to me I will obey it for her.

    And she commanded, " Let these two Persea trees be cut down, and let them be made into goodly planks. But a chip flew up, and it entered into the mouth of the princess; she swallowed it, and after many days she bore a son. And one went to tell his majesty, "There is born to you a son. And the king sat making a merry day, as they were about the naming of him, and his majesty loved him exceedingly at that moment, and the king raised him to be the royal son of Kush.

    Now after the days had multiplied after these things, his majesty made him heir of all the land. And many days after that, when he had fulfilled many years as heir, his majesty flew up to heaven. And the heir said, "Let my great nobles of his majesty be brought before me, that I may make them know all that has happened to me. They brought to him his elder brother; he made him a hereditary prince in all his land.

    He was thirty years king of Egypt, and he died, and his elder brother stood in his place on the day of burial. Excellently finished in peace, for the ka of the scribe of the treasury Kagalu, of the treasury of Pharaoh, and for the scribe Hora, and the scribe Meremapt. Written by the scribe Nena, the owner of this roll.