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The style of Chinese cuisine most prevalent in Western countries stems from the Cantonese tradition. Often, you can just point to pictures in a menu or models of the different dishes arranged in display cases.

Restaurants will often have multiple floors. The first floor will serve cheaper, cafeteria-style food. On the second floor, you can enjoy a multiple-course sit-down meal. The top floor is normally reserved for private groups and parties. The atmosphere in Chinese restaurants is usually very lively and loud. For useful tips on proper etiquette while dining, please see our article on Chinese Customs and Etiquette. Countless street stalls and night markets offer delicious local specialties. However, you should be careful about hygiene to avoid getting sick.

A good rule of thumb is to only buy food from the busiest stalls. For hygiene purposes, this emperor decreed that all water should be boiled before drinking. Tea is best enjoyed between meals with some dim sum, a collection of bite-sized dumplings and pastries. If possible, tea should be consumed in a quiet and peaceful place, such as a garden, where one can take a break from the busy and stressful day.

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Country Facts about China Relocating can be challenging. We make it easy! Start here! Guide Overview. Country Facts. Make it easy to enjoy the tender meat and the process of peeking as a real Cantonese. Guangdong people emphasize in keeping in good health, so they make rich kinds of soups with different types of meat, seafood, vegetables, herbs, dry food, stewed with soft fire in several hours, so the nutrition and flavor of the ingredients would come out.

Porridge or congee is not so simple in Guangdong. People there make full use of local eatable materials to make it into different flavors but also with rich nutrition. The rich flavors of fish, meat, peanuts, egg, etc. Local people cook the rice in the pot bowel and then add what they like on the rice to cook it all well, such as Chinese sausage and preserved meat, spare ribs, chicken, vegetables, etc. The tasty ingredients and aroma of rice make the chew very satisfying.

Cantonese Foods 2.0: Best Restaurants in Town to Sample the ‘New’ Taste of Hong Kong

Besides the above recommendations, there are far more delicious gourmets popular and complimented by local Cantonese and foreign visitors. Xiguan District is a top place to find good morning tea restaurants. To taste more delicious and authentic Cantonese food in Guangzhou, you can travel with us China Discovery, and our local guide and driver can take you to the best popular restaurants and shops to please your tongue and mind during your ultimate food discovery in this city with comfortable private car. Besides, if you have any questions or other travel idea of or beyond Guangzhou, please feel free to tell us , and our experienced travel expert will help you plan a satisfying Guangzhou trip or customize your own one sincerely!

Top 3 tours chosen by most customers to explore in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us. Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Address: Room , Unit 3, Building 4, No. Any questions, please email us at: info chinadiscovery. In the ultimate self sacrifice, the wife sold herself into slavery to raise more money to save her father in law. You can find Lo Po Bang in most bakeries in Hong Kong, however the quality varies enormously and some to be honest are unpalatable.

They sometimes have dried coconut on the outside and can be made from a variety of fillings including red bean paste, mango and durian. There are also more modern varieties with chocolate fillings. The English name for these is often written as Nuomici, which Mandarin, not Cantonese. Lo Mai Chi are similar to Japanese Mochi, but the glutinous rice is softer and more sticky.

Weird Foods to Eat in Hong Kong | Ultimate list of Bizarre Foods

It is similar to fairy floss. The process of making the candy is often used by street sellers to attract customers, as the art of making it is in itself eye-catching. Dragon beard candy has a history of more than years in China. In the past, royal chefs in China would give a performance on how to make dragon beard candy in front of guests and serve them afterwards.

Made primarily from maltose and sugar, after stretching the strands are rolled around peanuts, sesame seads, it has a stringy appearance with a rich sweet flavour and will melt on your tongue. The candy is best eaten freshly made and will quickly melt in warmer weather. Where to find Dragon Beard Candy?

Dragon beard candy is not easy to find. You might be lucky to stumble upon it at a night market or festival. You may have actually tried variations of this street snack in dim sum restaurants without even knowing it. Traditional three stuffed treasures comprises bitter melon, long green chili and eggplant. Each is stuffed with fish paste. When you buy this from a street vendor in Hong Kong, there are actually more than 3 varieties to choose from with other options including stuffed tofu, stuffed mushrooms and even sausages, The vendor will stick a piece of each chosen variety on a bamboo skewer and deep fry them.

Be wary of food safety if buying this on the street, as it may have been sitting out all day. To try three stuffed treasures, you need to go to a stall that makes them in the original way — deep fried in pork oil. Beef Offal Stew ngao tsap Slow cooked beef offal, boiled for hours in a master stock that may have been used for years. Fresh beef is also included in the soup. Our favourite part is the honeycomb tripe, but you will also find small intestines, large intestinese and lungs in this delicious delicacy.

In the past is was possible to find this being sold be street vendors in Hong Kong, but with an ever reducing number of street vendors, you are likely going to have to go to a restaurant for this street food. Where to try beef offal stew? Sui Kee 2, Gutzlaff Street, Central, Hong KongThis famous beef offal and beef brisket stew place has been around for more than 60 years. It has been passed down to three generations but owner Li said his only son is not as tough as he is and simply not interested in spending up to 15 hours in the stall. So, enjoy it while you can! Cooked with black fungus, mushrooms, shredded chicken meat, cured ham, this tasty and filling soup is a great snack to have.

In the past these were sometimes served by street vendors skewered on two bamboo sticks. Where to try boot zai go? The Eating Adventures team loves exploring Hong Kong to find the weirdest and tastiest food. Here is the our ultimate guide of 15 of the weirdest foods that you can find in Hong Kong. Turtle jelly, snake soup, chicken testicles, geoduck, horse sashimi and more! Are you considering a layover in Guangzhou or Shenzhen? Well now you may be able to visit enjoy a visa free transit for up to hours!

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Starting from 1st May , travellers from 53 countries can transit through Guangdong province, China to a third country or region without buying a Chinese via. You will probably find this most useful for China Southern layovers when flying into Guangzhou or Shenzhen international airports, but the rules are actually a bit more flexible than that. Hong Kong and Macau are considered as third territories. Where must you exit on a visa free transit in Guangdong, China?

Previously, foreigners from 45 countries were able to get a 72 hour visa free entry. However this was restricted to entering and exiting from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Upon arrival at the airport, go to Temporary Entry Permit Application counter. Fill in the application form. Present your passport which needs to have more than 3 month validity and a confirmed onward ticket to a third country or region. Please note that both flights must have no stopovers of any kind within Mainland China.

Where can I travel on a hour visa free entry and how long can I stay?

Forget Takeout—Even Beginner Cooks Can Make These Classics

The 6-day stay starts from midnight the day following the date of arrival. You are allowed to travel anywhere within Guangdong province this includes, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Qingyuan and many smaller cities. Chinese visa rules can change rapidly. Please check with your local Chinese consulate prior to travel. Don't travel without a visa just because we said you could! Explore the backstreets of Guangzhou and gain an appreciation for this fantastic city and its world famous chinese cuisine.

Tim's Kitchen - Traditional Cantonese Cuisine - Hong Kong

All our guides are fluent in Cantonese, the local dialect. If you are looking for inspiration for what to do on a stopover, check out our Guangzhou Travel Guide. Dont forget, you cannot access Google, Facebook and Whatsapp in China, so you might need to purchase a VPN connection prior to travel to get around this. We use Panda VPN.

Birds nest soup is one of the most expensive exotic delicacies that you can eat in Hong Kong. The nest itself is actually solidified saliva from male Swiflets. The nest are normally used to make a soup and are prized for their high nutritional value. Bird nest soup can either be sweet or savoury and should not be prepared with anything that has a strong flavour so as to appreciate the delicate flavour of the bird nest. When dissolved in water the birds nest has a gelatinous texture. The colour of the nest varies with quality, with the purest white nests being the most expensive.